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2019 Goals

Okay. I finally have some.

Clean out the basement bedroom. We need to organize it and purge/donate/sell what we don’t need. If we achieve this we will have managed to rid ourselves of the giant room of clutter and things in our house.

Finish my SPHR recertification. This isn’t due until 2020 but I only have 14 credits left and they’re all business ones so I need to get it done so I can relax and forget about it.

Finish our photo albums. I need to assemble what we have so far, and organize and order vacation photos from all of our pre-baby trips.

Try to lose four pounds. Yes this is a specific number and yes I am and am not serious. Basically my pre-baby J.Crew shorts are on the edge of fitting and I actually like the shorts. I have no actual plan to accomplish this goal and frankly if I have to order new shorts it is what it is.

Take care of my actual garden. When I was looking at photos of our 2018 landscaping project and the Back 400, I forgot how much work we did! This year I actually need to plant a working garden for our jam/berry/herb garden and care for the flower garden.


My New Year Resolutions

I don’t have TONS of goals for 2018 (my children are little and I am not a glutton for punishment) but I have a few. Now that I am living in the light of (ideally) never being pregnant again, I honestly feel such a lightness and joy about getting on with my life. I still have little ones but I don’t feel like I am “waiting,” if that makes sense. Here is what I want to do!

  • Work on our photo album. We all know I am a bad crafter so it should also come as no surprise that photo books are just not something I can possibly get together. A photo album? Something I can do! We’ve been printing more and more pictures since having little ones so I want to go through ALL of our photos and get the ones we love printed so they can go into the album I ordered in December. It holds 300 photos. I think we might get close to filling it! And if we do, I’ll order another.
  • Exercise three times per week. Truth be told the only time I used our treadmill after moving (in my defense it was summer!) was the day I went into labor with Glitter. Generally I see myself doing some combination of hot yoga (or a workout video) once per week and a couple of power walking sessions. Once Glitter has a set bedtime (which she will by mid-February), this should be possible.
  • Buy new shoes. No seriously I am for real. I have worn through the soles of my running shoes, Critter ruined my moccasins, my Revas have holes in the soles. I was waiting until Glitter was born to see what size my feet would be. She is born, the time is now.
  • Get back into reading books. I feel like I lost momentum at the end of my maternity leave. I am a mentally healthier, more interesting person when I read. Shoutout to the Kindle for iPhone app and the Hennepin County Library eBooks collection for making that impossibly easy for me to accomplish.
  • Finishing my SHRM-SCP recertification. Boring, but due by the end of 2018 so it has to get done!