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We actually went to Duluth a month ago but I have the time now to write about it so here we are.

I will also say that while we were up there, it would have been nice if it was sunny for more than four hours on Monday, but the overcast and stormy weather made for some great snaps!

It was so fun to go on this trip because (1) it was the first vacation my in-laws have taken with the kids and (2) the art in Critter’s room is based off of Duluth so now we actually talk about the ships and how the ships and the bridge talk and all of it.

We stayed in our cousins’ home on the shore of Lake Superior and that was such a blessing it is impossible to overstate. There were three bedrooms and a finished attic which meant the kids did not have to share a room nor did we have to share a room with one of the kids. So everyone slept well. And it was beach house cozy.

We saw ships.

We practiced what the ships would do before vacation by watching a few come in on this harbor cam.

Critter got to run laps around the lighthouse and splash in puddles.

During the four sunny hours I went paddle boarding for the first time.

We also arranged for Critter to go on his first-ever train ride and we visited the aquarium which was a first for all of us.

Critter really got a kick out of all of the touching pools.

While the boys were on the train, my mother-in-law, Glitter and I visited the Karpeles Manuscript Library.

We finally got to visit Bent Paddle’s taproom and we had a feast from Northern Waters Smokehaus for my birthday dinner.

It was a great trip.


Another long weekend Up North at the Cabin

This trip you guys. It was a total 180 from all cabin trips since Critter was born and a total 180 even from our trip over Memorial Day.

Namely, the children slept and that made everything else easier.

Critter enjoyed his outdoor classroom. We inspected the textures of different types of tree bark (Norway Pine, Maple – sapling, Birch), as well as varieties of moss. He also got to hold a toad and plant some grass.

It was also a trip of firsts.

Marcus docked the pontoon for the first time and Glitter went swimming in Big Pine Lake for the first time!

And by that I mean she spent most of the time being held by me. In the lake.

I also got to have a nice swim with Mom which hasn’t happened in a few years so that was really lovely.

We ate a lot of sprinkle donuts.

This was much to Critter’s delight. When we were talking about going up to the cabin he repeatedly brought them up. Apparently cabin = sprinkle donuts to him and I am good with that.

We had some Zorbaz pizza (obviously).

And we checked out the new taproom in Crosslake, 14 Lakes.

Otherwise, our nights were (less than wild!) spent reading, relaxing, having a few drinks and watching the lake. Almost like a vacation.