Beer Blogging

It only took me the better part of a year to realize that if I liked writing and I liked drinking beer so much, I should probably find a way to combine the two.  Right?

SO.  This is me.  Combining.

Minnesota Beer Activists – You’re Bringing What to My Party?!

8.20.12 – Minnesota Wheats

8.26.12 – Pale Ales

9.3.12 – New Glarus

9.10.12 – Minnesota Month: Week One

9.14.12 – Autumn Brew Review – Five to Try

9.14.12 – A Guide to What is New at ABR

9.18.12 – ABR Post Mortem

9.25.12 – Minnesota Month: Week Two (Hops)

10.1.12 – Minnesota Month: Week Three (Marzenbier)

10.11.12 – Minnesota Month: Week Four (Steel Toe)

10.21.12 – Porters

11.1.12 – Winter Ales


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