Around the Internets

If you’re looking for the Beer Blogging, click here.

Otherwise, from time-to-time I write guest posts for other blogger-friends.  Bored of the daily grind?  Hit it.

5.27.10 – Happy Birthday, Tenaciously Yours!

8.28.10 – Trader Joe’s: A Love Story

9.4.10 – The Good Life

10.7.10 – A Slippery Slope

4.4.11 – Tenaciously Yours Demystifies Shopping a Sale

6.8.11 – An Open Letter to Pedestrians

8.19.11 – Five Bucks and Five Minutes

8.17.12 – Heaven Right Now

11.2.13 – Fleet Feet – A Meditation on Miles

P.S. Once upon a time I typed the odd style column for TC JewfolkClick here for easy access to those columns.


One response to “Around the Internets

  1. cant wait to read your write up on the TCjewfolk!!! nice blog btw

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