Party Tricks

These are the apps and snacks that I either love to happen upon when I’m out and about or make to bring along!

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Flavored Butter


Molly’s Artichoke Dip

Paula’s White Trash Empanadas

Ranch Oyster Crackers

Reuben Dip

Stuffed Mushrooms

I Don’t Have Time to Cook


One response to “Party Tricks

  1. One of my go-to appetizers is one I got from my Mother-in-law; she swears it is a Martha Stewart recipe, but I have my doubts. I can’t imagine Martha advocating for pop ‘n go croissants from a can. Anyhow they are called Beggar’s Purses and make a nice appetizer or bread with a meal.

    1 can of croissant dough
    1 bag of Babybel cheeses
    1/2 C. of chopped walnuts
    a few tablespoons of grainy or dijon mustard

    Pop the croissants. Instead of separating into triangles at the perforations, pinch them shut. Make rectangles from the dough. In the center of each rectangle place one Babybel cheese, top with mustard and a sprinkling of nuts. Push dough up and around cheese mixture, making a sort of bag. This can be secured with a cloth ribbon or string if desired. The purses can also be brushed with an egg-wash for extra brownness. Bake on a cookie sheet according to package directions.

    They are delicious and when paired with a nice salad and perhaps a tomato soup they also make a nice luncheon meal.

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