Oats in a Jar

I learned this little trick from the food-blogging community and it is FANTASTIC!  I mean, truly, what do you do with your nut butter (or fruit spread/Nutella) jar when you’re forced to scrape the bottom?

This is also the first Tenaciously Yours, recipe complete with pictures so, enjoy!

First you have to obtain an essentially empty jar of peanut butter.

But there’s still lots of good stuff inside.  The point of Oats in a Jar is to enjoy ALL of the peanut butter that you can’t easily spoon out.

I like adding berries into mine so I grab some out of the freezer (~ half a cup) and defrost them.  Do that.

Easy, no?  Next we make the oats.  According to the container.  In a bowl.  Just like normal.

And now, we get down to the heart of things.  Pour half of the cooked oatmeal into the jar, pour half of the berries into the jar.  Layer these again with the remaining ingredients.

That’s that.



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