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Collecting myself.

Bon soir, kittens!

I thought I would have it in me to type up a brief something-something last night, but then a nosedive into a Chipotle Burrito Bowl happened.

We’ve all been there.

God bless Spicy Food and Vegetables That Still Have Skin On Them.

I actually believed that I had beaten jet lag today, until the clock struck 6:00 PM sharp and my body kindly informed me that on our planet it was really 1:00 AM.


So as much as I want to type more now, I’m 11/10 sure that whatever could possibly come from my fingertips at this very moment in time would be more like drunk texting and less like any sort of easy-to-follow plot.

My fallback plan?  The Not-So-Wordless Wednesday.

I’m only sharing a few snaps for the time being, but that’s because I want to save the rest for when I’m actually fully conscious and we get down to the good ol’ fashioned storytelling.

The cheese I never even SAW at our cocktail hour.

My beautiful bridesmaids and I.

The hora.

A focaccia pizza-type arrangement in Genoa. YOU KNOW I HAD TO DO IT.


In The Spirit of Guidance (since I have absolutely no focus whatsoever at the moment) are there any bits of the wedding/honeymoon you’re absolutely dying to hear about?


Everything in Moderation

Kittens!  Your tales of pets and parents just killed me.  I thought maybe I’d have a laugh…or two.  But y’all never disappoint.

Twitter was thwarting me this morning, so Megan was kind enough to e-mail the picture of her Frigid Fangs directly.

Meet Toots and Diva. I will be the first to ask the obvious question: How does this even happen?

I know I lashed out against Wordless Wednesday last month because I think it encourages laziness.

But then, we have moments…

Like these.

And we have nights, where maybe instead of eating a normal “healthy” dinner, I went to the Convention Grill and ate a cheeseburger with fries + half of an Oreo malt. 

To be honest, its been too long since I’ve had that sort of meal.

It soothed my soul.

On a separate note, Twin Cities friends: Go There.

I have priorities, people.

So I promise only to use Wordless Wednesdays sparingly, like the heavy cream in Ree’s recipes or like the chocolate chips I try to eat in moderation.

Which is to say, as with everything else, I will only share it with you if it is Good.

What are your thoughts on Wordless Wednesday?

Wordless Wednesday

Preface: I have never done a Wordless Wednesday, because I BEYOND hate it when other bloggers do them.  Usually the pictures are extremely boring or contrived, and have no obvious meaning to anyone other than the author.


I’ll pass on that.

But this week I’ve been absolutely exhausted.  We’ve been beyond busy at work, and as a result my creative energies are working on zero juice.

I didn’t know what I was going to write tonight, and I briefly contemplated torturing you all with some heinous picture from our family trek across Europe or something of that ilk.

You know, meaningful stuff.

But that…

That’s because I couldn’t have imagined that I’d have the good fortune of happening across this little treasure tonight.