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Another Surprise From My Parents’ Basement

Hi, party kittens.  Thank God It’s Thursday, right?  I was telling Marcus that I was putting together the Friday Food Round-Up! tonight, and he said, Wow!  You haven’t blogged all week!

True story, husband.  True story.  Places to go, people to see.

If last week was extremely relaxed and extremely slow, this week has been fast paced and exhausting.  See also: last week I had No Plans.  This week I had Many Plans.

Anyway.  My parents are selling their house, right?  As the endless purging of possessions continues (we’re on month five now), Mom’s latest find was this pink dress that I wore to my cousin Jenna’s wedding when I was approximately 11.  I have no idea as to how that dress has managed to survive in the basement for the last 16 or so years, but it has, preserved in its dry cleaning bag.

When Mom dropped this dress off at our house, she suggested to me that I might try it on. I said Absolutely Not.  Full disclosure: the dress was a child’s size 18.  And then, because I am a glutton for punishment, I attempted to put it on anyway.


The bow is a fetching look, no?


Party Weekend

Hey hey, friends.

In case you are wondering what the definition of insanity is, it is hosting two parties at your house the weekend before you head off on vacation for two and a half weeks.

That being said, you have to make hay while the sun shines.  And we know that we have one heck of a long weekend coming up!

First on the docket: The third annual Magyfest.

Three years ago, we decided that we weren’t going to attend the Winterfest thrown by the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild anymore because to be totally honest, it was really expensive.

So instead we e-mailed all of our beer fest-going friends and invited them to our house.  We told them to bring $30 of good beer each and a dish to pass.  Three years later, we’re still doing it and the people are still coming.

Magyfest 1 Magyfest 2 Magyfest 3

The food is good, the beer is better and we’ve found that everyone brings enough beer that the party serves as a sort of impromptu beer swap – because everyone gets to bring a “party favor” six pack back home with them!

Tonight (Sunday) we hosted an engagement party for Emily and Chris.  Emily is one of my sorority sisters and bridesmaids and I am so glad to share in this next part of her life.  We worked a heavy belated-Valentine’s day theme because that was her request and I think that it was really quite perfect.

The food.

EParty 2

The decorations.

EParty 3

The bride-to-be and me!

EParty 4

Another one of our dear sorority sisters, Jenna, was such a saint and brought balloons, some appetizers and some desserts.  It would have been just impossible to do without her!

As you can see from the snap above, I made everyone wear nametags so that friend groups and family could mix and mingle.  It was a real lifesaver.  There was eating, drinking and merriment.  And, no sooner had our party guests left than I directed Marcus to drag out our suitcases because it’s time for us to get packing!



Finding Happiness

Jillian and IShoes

Yesterday, Jillian and Michael got married.

For a little bit of background, Jillian and I met in the high school band, Michael and Marcus were arch-nemesis lab partners in their high school science class.  They are some of Our Oldest Friends and what is darling and hilarious about all of it is that they met at our wedding.

Their forever started yesterday – there are few things more profoundly joyful than having the chance to watch friends find Happiness in one another.

Wedding Weekend III

Another weekend, another wedding.

Today, I actually packed off to another bridal shower, held in honor of Miss Jillian.  In which when I walked into the room, I promptly wiped out on the raised tile surrounding the fireplace, earning me a spot on the floor and a skinned knee.  Graceful like a baby elephant right here.

But back to this wedding thing, we have five weddings in six weekends (this weekend was wedding #3), so this is our new life now.  Actually, this has pretty much been our life for the last five years, but who is keeping track?

In this round of The Game Of Love, Mollie and Seth got hitched at the Lafayette Club.  They read love letters to one another during their ceremony in addition to their vows (I feel like usually it’s one or the other) and words they shared were some of the sweetest I have ever heard. Those peas in a pod are meant for one another.

Guest list-wise, each of us knew approximately four other sorority sisters who had RSVPed, so when the full group revealed itself, we were extremely surprised and wildly joyful.  Not that weddings are about guests, but if they were, we were the luckiest.  Jenn came home from South Korea and Jess came in from Kentucky before she starts her residency next week!

Despite the fact that Minnesota has been hardcore committed to torrential downpours for the past 48 hours, there was a pleasant (albeit humid!) stretch of 20 minutes or so where we took advantage of photo-op-ing in the evening light.

Wedding 1 Wedding 2 Wedding 3

We all know that the place photo-op-ing wasn’t going to happen was on the dance floor.  Speaking of which, I drank two cups of coffee at 9:00 PM to keep the party going.  A great idea in concept, but a terrible idea when I woke up and was AWAKE at 3:00 AM.  That’s just not a battle you can win.

Wedding 4

Also, because this is too funny not to share…After dinner, there was just a little bit of time between cake eating and the first dance.  We were in the middle doing selfies and whatnot (you know, The Lord’s Work) and happened upon the abandoned childrens’ play table where there were sheets upon sheets of temporary tattoos.

There was one full sheet of Disney Princess tattoos with no scissors in-sight, and this was a siren song that we could not resist.  Why would you do one temporary tattoo when you could get a full back tattoo?  So Stephanie, always ready to rally, offered herself as Tribute.

I would like to give a shout-out to the 50-year-old woman who, upon seeing us enter the ladies’ room said, I want to stick around and see how this goes.

Miraculously, the entire sheet transferred.

Wedding 5

Clearly our finest hour.

A Very Minnesotan Wedding

Y’all, it is wedding season.

Mind you, it has been wedding season for Marcus and I since 2009 or so.  Marrying people off has essentially become a hobby of ours.

This weekend, we (Mom, Dad, Billy, Marcus and I) attended the wedding of Caitlin (a life friend) to her (new) husband Dave.

Wedding 1

The reception was held at the Metropolitan Club at Target Field.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous space.

As a festive surprise, they had Goldy Gopher visit for an hour or so.  You see, Caitlin just got her doctorate from the U of M.  She met her husband at the U of M.  His parents met at the U of M. Her parents met at the U of M.  Her parents met our parents in student government.  At the U of M.  Which is also where they met.  And then Billy, Marcus and I went to the U of M.  Which is where Marcus and I met.

Summary: Everyone goes to Minnesota and then they get married.  The End.  Amen.

Which is why Goldy was a wedding guest.  Naturally.

We took full advantage of the opportunity to photo with him.

Wedding 2Wedding 3

And then, after three rounds of the rouser.  I realized that we are officially Those People Who Get Extremely Nostalgic About College.  Full circle, people.  Full circle.

Dan and Eli’s Wedding Weekend

This weekend Dan and Eli got married.  I was a bridesmaid in their wedding and that would be 100% of the reason why I was essentially off the grid from 3:00 PM on Friday until 12:00 PM on Sunday.

Eli and I met sophomore year of college in our sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta.  Between living together (sometimes as roommates, sometimes as not), going to class together (we were in the same degree program) going to work together (we both worked in HR at The Minnesota Daily) and going out together to the fraternities we were sweethearts for, there was not a lot time in my week that Eli was not a part of.  I was honored that I got to share in their celebration.

I know that at some point, there will be proper wedding photos for admiring.  Where you can see how beautiful Eli looked as she walked down the aisle on her father’s arm or how perfectly our coral bouquets contrasted with our jade dresses.

For now, I thought this one would be good to share.

Eli's Wedding

20 years from now, this tiny strip of film likely will not be lovingly tucked away in the same way that the formal portraits are.  But 20 years from now, we also won’t look back and remember that a night full of dancing left us feeling physically paralyzed the next morning, that I ate two pieces of wedding cake because it is always just The Best or that we had to hike down a 100 foot tall hill in our heels because we got stranded at the top without a ride down.

In 20 years those little, hilarious, unposed moments will fade into the edges of the one big moment that mattered, where Dan and Eli said I Will Cherish You surrounded by everyone important to them.

Wedding Wednesday: Saree Edition

In case we’re all wondering how long it has been since the last Wedding Wednesday, it has been the better part of three years.  That’s A Good Thing.  We got married, life went on.

But, with eleven weddings on the agenda this year, I feel like there might be a few stories to tell here and there.

For example.

One of my darling sorority sisters is Guyanese and part of her wedding celebration this August will include traditional Hindu observances.  It will be more than one day, one day will involve meat feasting, the other day will involve no meat, etc.  When we were discussing all of this over drinks, I asked if it would be appropriate to wear a saree to this event.  I think sarees are so beautiful and I have always wanted to own one/have a reason to wear it!

Her response was Absolutely Yes and suddenly we were ALL ordering saree fabric.  Or more realistically, she was shepherding 10 women through the process of selecting and ordering fabric and arranging for a tailor.  Because, you know, planning your wedding isn’t stressful enough to begin with.

The fabric finally arrived about a month ago and today we got to see our selections as well as get measured for the tops (not pictured) and stitching.


The stitching is to keep the fabric/wrapping/pleats in place so that we can dance fearlessly (vs. wrapping them in the traditional manner without stitches).  The stitching will also incorporate a bit of lining, etc. so that we have an appropriate amount of modesty since some of the fabric is a bit…sheer.

We had many decisions to make: how long we wanted our tops to be (it is typical for the top of the saree to expose a bit of your stomach), the style of neckline that would be most appropriate and whether or not we needed sleeves.  My fabric apparently came with the border you need to make sleeves, so having them was non-negotiable.

The next step is to wait for them to be completed, at which point we will have a final fitting and be released into the wild!  I am pretty sure that more thought has gone into this ensemble than my own wedding dress so I am extremely excited to see the end result.