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I made a cooking video about tater tots (In the Kitchen with Kat)

When the girls were here last weekend, on Friday night we had a really in-depth conversation about tater tots.  We talked about tater tot hot dish, totchos, Kirsten’s first experience buying tater tots from the grocery store, putting them atop taco salad.  Which is to say that, our dinner was in the oven and well on its way to our plates and even with that in mind, I still said You Guys We Are Making Tater Tots Now.

Jeanne got the genius idea to record my demonstration (and she recorded it!) and I have to say, I think the world is better because this video exists.  I might do more vlogs, or it might be another year.  Who knows really, but stay tuned!


Operation: Turtle II

For those members of the group who do not remember Operation: Turtle, you may want to read that first for some context.

On Sunday morning, we were driving into town so that I could go for a run and Mom could go for a swim.  As we were about to drive past the dam, we saw a giant snapping turtle attempting to cross the road.

Usually, when turtles cross the road, there is the simple issue of crossing the road in one piece.  However, because this poor critter was trying to cross a bridge, even once it had gotten to The Other Side it had no way to get to its finish line.  It was actually sort of heartbreaking because every minute or so, she would take a moment to listen for the water and to search for it and because of the concrete barriers, she didn’t have a shot.

Anyway, I’ve never Vlogged before, but I think there is a first time for everything and this is it.  So if you want to watch some low-grade turtle rescue, feel free to watch!  I’m holding a rug in one hand because while my goal was to avoid physical interaction with the beast at all costs, I did want to have a barrier between the turtle and I if the interaction started to change (AKA Turtle Attack).  Thankfully, this girl just wanted to get back to the water, so we were united in the same cause.

Also, apparently I have a YouTube now.  Go figure.  I’m not sure if this is a Pro or a Con, but if any of you have experience with YouTube accounts/pages/posting videos, by all means share!