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Workshopping: Nesting Edition

Well.  I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday weekend.  We spent a lot of time with family, and I also spent a lot of time with my feet up eating Christmas Cookies and/or cheese.  Great combination of things, right?

I think we did more, less insane, nesting this weekend.  Our calendar (besides Christmas) was quiet and really, continuing to sort the house out is the only thing that we have left to do.

  • We’re getting closer to selecting a paint color for the bathroom.  Here’s how our swatch wall is going at the moment.


If I had to guess, I think the blue in the lower right corner will end up being our final choice.  But we’re still deciding.

  • Santa brought me more June Lane china from the Lenox outlet in Pennsylvania, so I conducted a census of our china to figure out what, exactly, it is that we need to round out our entire set to 12 pieces of everything.  When we got married, we were already being gifted my grandmother’s china, so Marcus didn’t want to register for more.  I, on the other hand, had wanted this pattern from the first time I saw it many years ago.  There was no way I was not getting it.  We compromised by registering for a “lunch” set, but that has now morphed into what is probably the largest collection of china in our possession.  And yet, there is still work to do.
  • We unpacked more things in Critter’s nursery and it’s starting to look like an actual room that someone could live in.  This also produced an incredible amount of cardboard that we had to haul off to the recycling center.
  • Marcus set up the second Chromecast in our bedroom and I celebrated this by watching the first two episodes of Master of None.  It seems like a hilariously honest show to the point where some of the honesty is borderline sad.  Has anyone else watched this?  Does anyone else feel this way?
  • I also spent some time binge watching season two of Bringing Up Bates which is basically a show about another family with 19 kids (like the Duggars) and if you are into absolutely horrible TV like that, seasons one and two are available on Comcast On Demand.  Season three begins in January!  Who could look away?



Some Shows.

I know I always blog about books, but y’all know I love watching TV too (especially if it is The Real Housewives).

Now that The World Cup and The Tour de France are both completely Over, I need some new shows to fill my hours on the treadmill and when Marcus is away.  Right now I am aided by the fact that It Is Summer and I would rather be outside on our deck, sipping a drink and reading.  But fall will come soon enough and then what will we do?

What I have been watching lately?  Is this.


Manhattan is a new show on WGN and already, I am just 11/10 obsessed.  It’s focused on The Manhattan Project laboratories in Los Alamos and the workers and families who lived there.  As I excitedly told Marcus, The entire series is centered around people who do math!  Even though Pan-Am and The Playboy Club both sucked (I also cannot believe that I’m confessing to you all that we watched those), I’m hopeful that this is a period drama that will take off.  Failing that, I will have to turn to Mad Men, which I have never watched.


I just finished Rome, which is a 2005 HBO series.  It is 100% The Game Of Thrones before that became a TV show and it is historical fiction following the rise and fall of Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus.  The series is completely amoral, which is pretty much old news at this point, but it was written at a time where violence wasn’t completely gratuitous.  That makes it a bit easier to watch in my opinion.  The greatest injustice is that the show is only two seasons long, but I am 100% positive you’ll love it sick.


Ladies of London was actually terrible in the worst-best way.  It was no Rodeo Girls or Bama Belles, but it did have the same grating dynamic and level of dysfunction.  The level of clothing envy, however, was much much higher.  That would really be the only (legitimate) reason to watch the series.  I know there are a few episodes on hulu.  Where the rest of them remain, it is impossible to know.

What are you watching right now?

Easing Into Things


I got to use Spot as a hot pack for my quads today.

Cats.  So selfless like that.

Obviously, there’s more to tell, but right now I’m watching some West Wing and getting ready to fling myself into bed.

Vanderpump Rules

Tonight, I thought I was going to do something civilized.  Like watching Pitch Perfect.  It came for me in the Netflix this week.

But then, I got hit and run by Vanderpump Rules.

Vanderpump Rules

Yes, they all wear scarf-dresses just like that.

Apparently they are taped on, FYI.

I had been actively thwarting this show, until I got sucked into an episode after dinner while I was channel surfing.

And realized that Vanderpump Rules was reality TV greatness on the order of Rock of Love: Bus, which we all know is my favorite reality TV show of ALL TIME.

All of this is to say that if you have the deep-seated yen for incredibly trashy reality TV with one-dimensional characters that I do, this show is your new jam.

I’m on a jag.  It might be my new favorite thing.

My life tonight…

My life tonight…

Running to the Cascada Remix.  Again.  I have no shame.

Single girl dinner = Blueberry overnight oats.

Single girl dinner = New Glarus Winter Warmer and Lagunitas Censored.

Single girl dinner = A couple of buckeyes and an Oreo truffle.

Sorry I’m not sorry.

Girls.  Co-worker who went on puppy visitation with me told me it was A Must.  She was right.  Just like she was right about Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?  I watched four episodes.

If you don’t have a co-worker like this yet, get one.

Laundry.  I can’t stop washing all the things.  Can you tell I’m thinking about packing?

The Lululemon jacket is air-drying.

Workshopping with Lindsey.

It’s my oxygen.

The guest room.  We’re using it for the first time.  It doesn’t have sheets yet, but we have a lot of pillows and blankets.

That counts, right?


Sometimes you’re just supposed to write what comes, right?  So tonight, we Potpourri!

  • Marcus’ cousin Sam is getting married this weekend!  What this means: I will not have to cook dinner for four days in a row (effective tonight – I went out for a lady-date with Galina), I need to pick out the dress I want forever-immortalized in Sam’s wedding photos.  Let’s get serious – none of us want to be That Person 20 years down the line.
  • Dinner with Galina: Was phenomenal.  We had the happiest chat and I dived into a bowl of Tom Yum Soup.  And a plate of Spring Rolls.  It was my Exact Crave.
  • This morning I went for a run and watched the season finale of The Newsroom.  I know there are so many reasons to hate this show, but I adore it.  And the combination of the two (running AND The Newsroom) was painfully perfect.
  • Speaking of season finales…Last night Marcus and I watched the last two episodes of this season of True Blood.  If someone could please explain to me WHY, I will be forever indebted to you.  And by WHY, I don’t mean the last episode, I mean the entire season.
  • Goals: I’m a planner.  So even though there isn’t a book that dictates what one should do to make sure that Things Happen in throughout the year, I will be making a list of Things To Accomplish By 26.  I think we’re all going to be a little bit surprised by The New Angle.  It should be ready next.
  • This week: Does anyone else feel like this has been the longest week in the history of Earth?  I feel like between work and life, I’ve been running around like a madwoman.
  • Did anyone else spend most of this week forgetting that we have a three day weekend?  I’ve managed to surprise myself with that every single time it comes to mind.
  • I am still slowly, but surely working my way through the Cupcake-flavored salt water taffy I bought at the Chocolate Ox a few weeks ago.  It is heaven in a wrapper.  I either need to get them to start shipping this stuff down or someone needs to tell me where to find it in the city.  It’s all of the fun of frosting without any of real-life issues that involve not wanting to eat an entire can of the stuff by yourself.  Con: While there are funfetti-inspired speckles in the taffy, there’s no real way to incorporate sprinkles.


1. I got Karat in 2009.   Not that it was particularly dramatic or impactful at the time, but as soon as we pulled out of the dealership, Marcus did all of my presets.  Except I barely touched two of them.  For three years.  So last week, I decided to pull my big girl pants on and get switchin’.  Yes, seriously, it took me that long to make it happen.  You can’t even imagine the liberation, kittens.  You can’t even imagine.  There is a whole WORLD of music out there.  It’s wild.

2. Tonight, Eli and I went on a girl date to 112 Eatery to have burgers, fries and red wine.  Because we are fancy friends and because we are hell-bent on doing All Of The Things downtown while it’s still wonderfully convenient.  Anyway.  The burgers and fries.  These are probably the things that 112 is least well-known for, but oh my word.

Dinner was phenomenal. 11/10 phenomenal.

Some of you may be wishing that I had snapped a pic, but instead just imagine a fantastic hand-ground patty grilled medium-rare topped with brie on a toasted English muffin.  With house-made sweet and spicy pickles on the side.

I’m sad you missed it too.

3. My brother-in-law is in the Army and currently at Basic Training.  SO… If you have a Patriotic heart (or are just really bored at work and looking for something purposeful/intentional to do) and would like to write words of encouragement for him or for other members of his group that maybe aren’t getting as much mail as he is, please e-mail it to tenaciouslyyourskm at gmail dot com.  I will print everything off and mail it along with our letters as it comes in.

4. Tonight, more of The Newsroom.  I don’t actually care to deconstruct the episode, mostly because I never care to deconstruct TV shows.  But what I so LOVED about this episode is that they captured the joy that people have when they share the news.  That Feeling is inexplicable.

And even though I still kind of sort of think that this is Aaron Sorkin and HBO’s way of maybe/possibly openly campaigning for the Democrats and Barack Obama through the election without violating any advertising rules, I am loving it sick.  And according to Citizens United, corporations are people so I guess it’s cool.

On that note, I really do hope that season two is real and not just a ruse.  The characters are endearing and I absolutely adore the premise.  Adore it.

Newsroom watchers: What do you think?

How hardcore is it that I have a 6 disc CD changer in my car?

Not gonna lie, I have used it…never.