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Spring Outfits (and my 2nd Trendsend Box)

I knew once spring rolled around I would want to place another Trendsend order (yes it’s a referral link) because I Still Need Clothes and the last box changed my life because now I own SPANX leggings and know how to mix stripes with camouflage.

This is also your regular PSA to buy SPANX leggings because they are perfect in all ways.

Anyway, after the date night a few weeks ago where I ended up wearing a top from like 2011 or something (seriously), I REALLY knew it was time to click order.

For a those of you who don’t know what Trendsend is, it is a styling service run by Evereve that does not have any subscription fee. This speaks to me. I also hate shopping in stores, no longer have the time to do this anyway (hello mom life) and need someone (aka my stylist) to tell me what to wear and instruct me on how to look…like it is 2018 and I have not just survived a three year sleepless zombie apocalypse.

I am also going to tell you that I cleaned off my bathroom counter for all of our sakes and threw on some makeup to give the whole fashion show some dignity. The mom ponytail was not salvageable.

Without further adieu, the clothes!

I kept this dress. I loved everything about it (the knot detail, that it was a tank cut on the neck/sleeves) and I BADLY needed a new little black dress.

This is a “ruana.” I don’t know how else to describe this garment beyond that it is made for one’s best life of leisure (think Pat on Southern Charm) and it lives in my closet now.

I just loved this dress. It fit well, it was an appropriate cut, but I didn’t need two dresses. And, it was a bit longer which was nice.

This shirt! These pants! So fun! Unfortunately they didn’t fit perfect (like my torso and legs just were not the perfect length?) so they did not stay.

How cute is the lace detail on this? I adored this shirt but it was just a touch too wide on me.

I kept this jean jacket. Truth: I have NEVER owned one. Honestly if I was in the right “season” of life for this shirt I would have kept it. The print was so pretty. The tier-ing was so decorative.

And finally, this clay shell was the last piece. When I tried it on with the jean jacket I felt like I could look very cool at coffee but I could only do so much shopping in one run.

It was so fun to do this again, to try some new things and refresh my closet a bit!


My First Trendsend Box (aka My Wardrobe is in Dire Condition and This is a Cry for Help)

I preface this post by saying I have had a hard time writing about some things lately because I am just tired of lifestyle bloggers. I am tired of women selling other women this ugly lie that their life isn’t perfect yet because they don’t have a $70 planner with washi tape or they don’t wear extremely expensive athleisure all the time or they aren’t following a certain diet or workout regime. Which is to say nothing of the over-exposed, posed photos that look nothing at all like any of our real houses or real lives.

It is exhausting. None of us are keeping up, most of this stuff doesn’t even sound fun (like seriously how much time can you spend tearing up pieces of washi tape to stick in your planner?). And frankly I am bored.

Did I mention all of you are perfect, beautiful humans just the way you are?


(Also I am about to tell you about some stuff I bought, this post is not sponsored, I think if nothing else this will make you giggle!)

I knew when Glitter arrived I was going to need buy some new clothes because it had been about a year (I wrote THIS post about two months into my capsule closet challenge) since I had bought much of ANYTHING besides wardrobe staple replacements (camis, black yoga pants). Oh, and a baggy tank that said “In Coffee We Trust” that my family has been very vocal in their disdain for.

Like, I needed a closet 911.

So I signed up for Trendsend (yes, it’s a referral link) because unlike other styling services there are no styling fees with this one and frankly A Stylish Friend I Trust told me that this is The Way.

I did the whole style profile thing where I told my Trendsend stylist everything about me. This included such minutiae as the fact that my personal style since elementary school has been “horseback rider,” that I hated the cold shoulder style, keyhole tops, and shirts that have tiny strings doing anything across one’s back, and that my personal style icon was Kate Middleton. Oh, and that anything they sent me needed to be breastfeeding friendly.

Do you know what was so super? They followed my instructions to a T!

I snapped my outfits so I could share them here. I preface this internet fashion show by saying this: I tried these things on at the end of a long day (hello, glasses) in my bathroom which has looked cleaner. An aside: I think we need to paint it white/cream because why is my bathroom robin’s egg blue and light brown?

Also, I need a full length mirror. But without further adieu.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

I ended up keeping the Spanx camo leggings (outfit 1) and the fluffy white sweater that felt like a blanket (outfit 2) because even though white/cream is mostly impractical in this “season” of life sometimes you have to treat yourself. I will also say that both of these things were comfy as H-E-double hockey sticks and that they looked nothing like any of the other things in my closet. I LOVED that my stylist picked things that were cute, yet challenged me to dress a little differently than I normally do.

And with that, I must conclude today’s fashion show. ūüėČ

Closet Swapping

Y’all know that I read the life changing magic of tidying up a few years ago and purged everything in our house.

It was great.

And then we moved, and I never fully unpacked my closet, and then it was time for me to switch out my regular clothes for my maternity clothes and it was like OHMYGOD I have to actually unpack what I have moved AND do all of this other clothing nonsense.

I dragged my feet, but I got it done.

And now, as you can see, I have one bag of clothes that need to be donated and piles of clothes that need to be boxed up in totes I have yet to purchase until I fit into them again.  Because if I bag them up, they will accidentally be donated as well.

Things that are true:

  1. I am officially at the point in my pregnancy where all I want to buy are accessories.  Earrings, scarves, summer sandals, you name it, I am there!
  2. My Revas have a hole in the sole, but since I don’t know if my feet will grow/change throughout the rest of my pregnancy (they did NOT with Critter), I don’t want to shell out the big bucks on shoes until after the baby is born and I know what size my feet are.
  3. I own more maternity dresses than any one human should.  This made absolute sense when I was working five days a week but now that I am working three and one of those days is a casual day, I don’t know that I will wear any of them more than two or possibly three times before the baby arrives.  Past Kat doesn’t regret buying them but WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY.
  4. I’m gonna need a makeover once the baby is here and my body is back to “normal.”  I still definitely stand by my Capsule Closet Challenge, but by the time we get to this magical time of “makeover,” I will have (practically speaking) not really touched my wardrobe in several years.  I can’t say that I have any clue as to what is cool anymore, but I can say that I am smart enough to know that my seersucker mini-skirt is an article of clothing that belongs solely to my past, baby-free life.
  5. If you want to become a wardrobe minimalist, become a mom. Your closet will instantly become a capsule wardrobe of select pieces (in my case, waterfall cardigans and yoga pants) without having to think about it!  Knowing you will end each day with someone else’s snot on your pants and shirt really helps answer the question of Is this practical?

Some faves.

Some faves.  Because I need to get out all of my maternity clothes and do a closet swap but I am procrastinating because it seems like SO MUCH WORK and also, right now I am using a stainless steel shelving unit as my clothing rack so the inspiration just is not there.

These earrings from Target (not an affiliate link!).  

Earrings 04272017

They’re a really cheap knockoff of the Kiki McDonough ones that Kate Middleton wears. ¬†I found them when I was cruising looking for my regular $7.99 three pack of graduated pearl earrings because I needed a re-stock. ¬†Anyway, they caught my eye and now I own them.

Grapefruit Spindrift Sparkling Water.

I put off trying this for a long time because it is $3.99 for four cans at Trader Joe’s (outrageous!), but I did and it is a fantastic treat.

Dried Mango.

I bought this on impulse at ALDI a few weeks ago and now it is a weekly thing, except for this week when they were sold completely out.  I have been waiting all week to go back and buy it again because I am addicted.  Dried mango = the tastiest snack.

Instagram Stories.

(1) If you’re not following me¬†on Instagram, do so. ¬†Obviously. (2) A few weeks ago I looked at my Instagram feed and realized that I am legitimately terrible at posting photos with any regularity. ¬†So I started posting photos and videos to my story because for whatever reason that just seems more…manageable right now? ¬†I write with the neon glowing pen tool a lot and most of my shares are bad selfies, or food I am eating but that’s pretty much Instagram in a nutshell. ¬†Am I right?

Capsule Closet Challenge – An Update

It’s now December and my personal challenge to avoid buying new clothing (excluding replacement garments) is still on. ¬†How am I doing now that we’re smack dab in the middle of the holiday season?

Well, I’ve purged another two bags of clothing from my closet. ¬†I don’t miss any of it. ¬†There are a few more things I think I want to get rid of, but I just can’t bring myself to do it quite yet.

On Black Friday, I replaced the two pairs of pumps I wear to work. ¬†They have been on life support since probably…September. ¬†Taking advantage of the discounts and sales seemed like a great way to get what I needed while spending less than list price.

I bought a new pair of running/walking shoes (let’s be serious…they’re only walking shoes right now) because I had nearly worn through the soles of my current pair. ¬†Also sourced on Black Friday.

And then I did add one thing – I bought another pair of yoga pants from Target. ¬†I currently have two pairs in rotation right now and since every day they are getting baby cereal/spit-up/dog hair from the houses we are visiting all over them I am washing them CONSTANTLY. ¬†I don’t need to do laundry every two days I think we can all agree. ¬†Even though I was (obviously) hoping to go longer without buying ANYTHING, this is about as practical as you can get.

I will also note that with all of my online purchases I used Ebates!!! ¬†Yes, that’s¬†a referral link, but if you want to bypass it go to and sign yourself up. ¬†I go to Ebates before I start shopping, select my store and then earn cash back on my purchases made through the referral link. ¬†It’s incredible, really.

If you’re doing your own Capsule Closet Challenge, how is it going?

Capsule Closet Challenge

Amongst a certain set, it seems to be very trendy to create a “capsule” wardrobe.  Usually this involves discarding all of the clothing that one hates, and then purchasing a smaller volume of things that are “high quality” or “classic” pieces.  The person in question then proceeds to cast aspersions on clothing from retailers like Target and somewhere between $250 – $1000 later they have at least part of a new wardrobe.

I’m gonna be honest, y’all.  This is ridiculous nonsense and I am not buying it.

Partially because I don’t understand how people wake-up and suddenly hate Every.Single.Thing.They.Own and partially because I have owned many garments from Target that have survived (and in good quality) for more than one year and some for more than five.

For the past few months, you have seen that I’ve made it a goal to avoid purchasing clothing unless it is “essential.”  To that end, I’ve obtained three new white camisoles, and a branded pullover from my employer that allows me a free pass to wear jeans on any day of the week.  But that’s it.

I’m sort of finding myself at the point where I want to see if I can possibly stretch this goal out for another 10 months and make it a year.

Like the experiment I did…three years ago (?) where I only wore skirts and dresses to work for a summer and then I just stopped wearing dress pants to work altogether because I realized that I hated them.  Though I still have one pair JUST IN CASE there is some sort of emergency where I absolutely cannot wear pants.

But back to the No Clothing thing.

The reason I think this is do-able is because (1) I already have a very full closet (2) I really own all of the clothing that I NEED (3) If I don’t wear it in the next year, I should for sure be getting rid of it (4) I am hoping to be pregnant at some point after Critter’s first birthday and I have a fully outfitted maternity wardrobe as well, so really I have two full wardrobes.

So it can be time for this thing.

When I decided that my current closet-turned capsule wardrobe was going to be A Thing, I will be honest, I was suddenly struck with the urge to go out and shop for EVERYTHING. But I didn’t. So there’s that. 

I only have one caveat.  I swear it’s not supposed to be a loophole, but it’s there because I’m not a glutton for punishment.  In the next 10 months I can replace items.  So, new work shoes, new running shoes, new yoga pants, underwear etc. if I wear them out.

If I epically fail at this, I know you’ll understand since the whole idea is one part crazy to begin with.  I think even if I bought 10% less clothing in a year, that would be a win!  That being said, if this challenge is something that you’re interested in (even if only just for a month, or to get through to the Spring!), please leave me a comment and share your progress. A couple of my girlfriends have already comitted (one for the full year, two for the next quarter) and I am excited to see what we learn!

I have no idea how often I’ll check in on this one. Monthly?  Quarterly?  When something gets replaced?  If I conduct a closet purge?  We’ll see. 

New Clothes.

When I sent out my SOS for clothing, I got…nothing.  And then I was texting with Whitney and I decided to ride the summer out with the clothes I have now because basically they will be for wrangling Critter (perfectly serviceable) or going Up North.

Of course since no maternity leave is complete without borderline excessive internet shopping, I keyed my way over to J.Crew and the J.Crew outlet during naptime. 

We can basically subtitle this post Kat buys multiples of stuff she already owns. 

I grabbed the following Perfect Fit Long Sleeved T-Shirts from J.Crew.

Perfect Fit Long Sleeve T-Shirt (2)Perfect Fit Long Sleeve T-Shirt (3)Perfect Fit Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Basically, I bought the black one to replace the eight year old shirt I finally destroyed, the gray because I have another eight year old shirt that is knocking on death’s door, and the green because it is obviously a neutral and logical addition to my closet.  And it will look superb Up North this summer with 3/4 pairs of my colored shorts. 

And then the rest of this stuff form the J.Crew Factory.

Like the Factory Always Cardigan.

Factory Always CardiganFactory Always Cardigan (2)

I already own the Factory Always Cardigan in a mossy green. I’ve had it for probably three years (?) and I love it sick.  I was really pleased to see that they now make it in a striped arrangement.  I thought about buying just one color, but I really liked the gray AND the navy.

And the Factory Fitted Tank Top.

Factory Fitted Tank Top (2)Factory Fitted Tank Top

Again, I bought the black Factory Fitted Tank Top to replace the black one I destroyed last summer, and the navy version, because it’s a new color for my wardrobe.

Last but not least the only NEW piece, the Factory Striped Studio T-Shirt in navy stripe.

Factory Striped Studio T-Shirt

It’s not like I’m adding visionary color to my wardrobe, but please give a girl credit for at least trying to change it up a (little) bit!  And then please have a laugh about the fact that buying a striped t-shirt is what my most adventurous purchase was.