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Some Things

I spoke too soon. After I hit post last Monday, Critter got an ear infection that night and Glitter was diagnosed with croup on Friday. She spent the weekend with a fever. We are going to urgent care again today. I keep telling all of my friends with sick pups that someday the plague will leave their homes. I keep telling myself this too, to no avail.

With that in mind, Mercury retrograde ended on the 6th and honest to God I feel like there is a better energy in the Universe right now. Don’t judge me!

My parents had their annual holiday party on Friday night. I drank three glasses of wine (PARTY!!!), wore my “vegan leather” pants (I am getting my money’s worth out of these!!!) and it was the best of times. We then spent the rest of the weekend celebrating Hanukkah.

An update on retinols and my very basic begrudging skincare routine: I am still washing my face and applying the retinol 1-2x/wk. It is still peeling all of my skin off which is sort of appalling. As a result I have stopped using powder and blush because it looks awful. On the other hand, since I am now moisturizing 2x/day my skin looks positively dewey. So, I don’t know. It’s going?

I increased the temperature on the thermostat by one degree to 72 and it has been a wondrous change. What I realized I despise most about winter is that you never feel fully WARM like you do in the summertime. Having a cozy house resolves that.

At some point in the last week, I saw one of those minimalist decluttering posts where you are encouraged to get rid of the same number of things as the date on the calendar. I decided to skip the plodding nature of that exercise and instead did the following: purged and re-organized our toy closet in the basement. It yielded two brand new toys for Hanukkah gifts, two brand new toys for our local non-profit gift to families in need, one bag of broken toys for the trash, and two bags of toys we never played with/didn’t LOVE that went to Goodwill. I also sent four boxes of diapers my kids have outgrown to the same local non-profit and threw out the bouncer seat Glitter no longer uses that was on probably its fifth or sixth life.

My house is literally a hundred pounds lighter and this gives me ENERGY and MOTIVATION to tackle the decluttering of our back bedroom. After Christmas.

Happy Monday, friends.


Some Things

Scene from Chicago. November 2018.

First off I just want to send a shout-out to our new readers, of which we have had a few in the past weeks. Welcome to the squad.

For the grand finale of our pestilence, I finally caught the kids’ plague cold. On Saturday night I was also reminded of what a difference it makes to workout when you’re feeling under the weather. Raising your body temperature and doing some sweating really helps fight the germs. With that in mind I still have this cold so take it with a grain of salt.

At the current moment I also have a great deal of empathy for people who describe a period of days/weeks/months as “lost” because I feel like that is where we are at right now?

But to rewind a bit, on Friday we went to a philanthropic cocktail party where I wore a faux fur vest and vegan leather pants (AKA pleather but with better branding) and….so did like half the party guests. It was 11/10. I failed to take any snaps but this outfit will ride again.

We finally cleaned our whole house, and it just feels good to be back at our equilibrium. I did a good clean before we went to Chicago, knowing that there would not be time when we got back (I was right). It went basically how I expected and when I got back to cleaning again it was cathartic.

Friends continue to tell me that they have already watched or are about to watch The Princess Switch so, keep at it people.

Hanukkah started last night. I finally wheeled out our decorations on Saturday. On Sunday morning, Critter declared he was hoping for “a present of toys.” In addition to our family celebrations, I also invited our Jewish neighbors who live across the street over to light the menorah and join us for dinner on Wednesday night. We will share a festive meal of tacos.

Happy Monday.

Some Things

Another scene from the Lacuna Artist Lofts, Chicago, IL.

I did not write a hashtag #blessed or hashtag #thankful post for Thanksgiving so we will forever be left to wonder, did the holiday even happen?

What I can tell you.

On Tuesday morning, Critter woke up and told me that he wanted to wear underwear so I pulled out a pull-up and we started potty training. I always said we’d start when he could ask since he is a very highly verbal kid. He did so here we are. The experience is so far going about how I thought it would. Because we aren’t doing that method where your kid pees around your house for three days, I have none of the fear and none of the horror stories.

Marcus had his surgery on Wednesday. He is recovering reasonably well which is to say that he has been recuperating and I have been full-time mom-ing.

I watched Netflix’s The Princess Switch on Thanksgiving and after posting it to my Instagram stories, I discovered A LOT OF MY FRIENDS have already watched it (some of them more than once!!!). If you are NOT one of those friends, consider this your notice that you should probably give it a watch. The entire plot is preposterous and the movie is impossible to turn off.

Last but not least, my most obnoxious Cyber Monday purchase? Four large bags of bath salts from Target dot com that were 15% off. I’m living a wild life.


Some Things

Scene from the Lacuna Artist Lofts, Chicago, IL.

We’re home. At some point I’ll write an actual trip recap, but that day is not today. It was super relaxing for us to spend a few days away from the kids, and it was nice to enjoy some of the things we used to do regularly (aka vacation, nice restaurants, and museums) before we had kids. Also did I mention that we went to a wedding?! Because that is what orchestrated this little getaway for us in the first place.

All of the laundry is done, I got to soak in some epsom salts, it is like we compressed Sunday into four hours but hey we did it!

Last week I had my annual skin check. For the first time in five years, the dermatologist didn’t remove anything and sent me on my way with instructions to return in a year. So that was pretty great. As a reminder, if you are someone who has moles and has never had your skin mapped OR you have a weird mole you’re worried about OR you have a mole that has changed, GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST. They also set me up with a retinol and long story short, I washed my face, used it once, got into the moisturizing game and now all of the skin on my face is falling off. If anyone needs me, I’ll just be over here waiting for the part where I am suddenly radiant and glowing. Related/unrelated: This is why I never washed my face before.

Otherwise, this week we are just trying to get re-settled before Marcus’ nasal surgery on Wednesday and then his subsequent recovery while we (aka me and the children) throw ourselves into Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Some Things

Did you know we are having an early winter and I don’t take scenic photos any longer because the sight of road salt does not motivate me? In all seriousness I don’t have enough summer photos to get us through this winter so I need to start snapping.

On Saturday night, when it was all of 23 degrees outside I slept out to raise money for our local non-profit, Interfaith Outreach. To read more about my fundraiser or to donate, click here. I failed to take any photos but it was chilly, I was honored to join and I ended up sleeping for a grand total of 2.5 hours (though the first half hour was me trying to warm up and fall asleep). The evening was punctuated by the sweet sound of snow plows.

If you ever watched the recreational dance class scene in Center Stage and actually wished you were in the class (me!) then this dance workout is for you. I found it because YouTube suggested it after my normal yoga/dance cardio workout. I tried it last night and y’all IT IS GOING IN THE ROTATION. Also: I really did sweat and it really was fun.

Going into the weekend there was a strong possibility Marcus was going to be on a business trip for the middle of this week and now he is not so frankly y’all I am kicking back and relaxing.

Happy Monday.

Some Things

I took no photos of note this week so here is one of Lake Michigan from July. Also I forgot to press publish yesterday so here is a belated post!

Really wild weekend y’all. I hosted a mother blessing for a sweet friend expecting her second baby and it was hoot but also I think it is the first non-birthday party-party I have had in this house since we moved?

DST ended. We started switching the kids on Thursday night by moving bedtime 15 minutes (and then following with naps) so that by Sunday they would be back on track. Let it be known that navigating children through time changes is awful in case you did not already know that on a very personal level. I will say that on Sunday since we had already done the work they were just fine.

We kicked off the weekend with me and Critter stopping by Goodwill to load up on 75% off costumes to establish a dress up bin in out basement play room. I also grabbed some gear for the kids. Is thrift shopping for kids’ gear something we want to hear more about on the blog in the future or no? Regardless Critter now has a nice Nautica pullover sweater waiting for him when he moves into the next size.

I also did an inventory of Glitter’s current clothing in the next size up because we still have some sourcing to do despite all of the hand me downs.

I finally managed to schedule a haircut for myself (it’s next weekend) and it literally cannot come soon enough. This is a personal failing, but I always wait until I hate my hair to schedule these appointments.

Happy Tuesday.

Some Things

Last night Marie and I went to see a live recording of Call Your Girlfriend. It was great and we realized we were so old when she read the fine print and it was doors at 7, show at 8. Questions: Would we need coffees to survive? Answer: Yes. Would we ever get to fall asleep? Answer: We actually made it back to the suburbs by 9:55 PM (NOT THAT WE WERE KEEPING TRACK). We also got to grab dinner before and tried poke bowls for the first time and those were pretty great. Would eat again.

That capped off a long week last week with Marcus’ business trip, and then a weekend that also included a family party, a tot-Halloween party with my sorority sisters, and a baby shower.

It has been…a lot.

But. Back to the coffee thing! This was also my first afternoon coffee in…a month. (1) That latte tasted GOOD. (2) I am glad I didn’t get the extra shot of espresso. (3) It destroyed my sleep as expected. I will be muscling through this afternoon sans-coffee and I know going to bed tonight will be a collapse into bed-style experience.

On the topic of sleep I have forgotten to mention that In August I stopped looking at my phone in bed when the lights are off. Another thing I have not missed at all and another thing I think has been helping me to sleep better.

Y’all are you doing any weird sleep things that allow you to sleep better? If so, please feel free to share in the comments.

We are now getting ready for another three days of very aggressive Halloween celebrating. We’re going to an office party with the kids this afternoon, tomorrow is Wear Your Costume To Music Class Day and a party with my playgroup, and then there is you know…actual Halloween.