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Some Things

What a weekend. We kicked it off with Critter’s Friday afternoon request to get ice cream (I didn’t know he knew to ask?!) and then he and I went on an adventure just the two of us to Como Zoo. I was raised going there and it is 10 minutes closer to us than the Minnesota Zoo which is BIG TIME when you have littles that still nap. It is also the perfect size for small people and they can walk the whole time so I consider it to be the best possible zoo situation.

If ya missed my IG stories this weekend, some bonus content, the 11 day old baby giraffe.

Critter was as into it as I was so we just stood and stared for five minutes.

I am entering my third week of no caffeine in the afternoon and my fourth week of Less Wine. This all feels very normal now, but I also feel like I need (want?!) a latte so much but also don’t miss it.

I am also entering my third week of Epsom Salt Soak On Sunday Night and cannot recommend that one enough to this group. I know some people like to read in the bath or whatever but I just turn on some classical music and turn my mind OFF for 15-20 minutes and it is wonderful.

For this week’s egg roll adventure, we visited Wok in the Park and Critter also tried cream cheese puffs for the first time so that was a real thrill. Glitter did her best to scatter the egg roll filling she didn’t eat on the floor like confetti but overall it was a much better trip behavior-wise than last week so that was something.

I’m entering this week feeling the most relaxed I’ve been in the last few weeks and I hope you are all finding that space as well!


Some Things

Mom to me: we need to take another selfie!!!

Where to even begin. Last week our house was like a triage ward. Critter had an owie that needed bandaging, Glitter had a double ear infection and I had a week of headaches that culminated in the migraine from hell and seemed to be linked to my change in birth control so to be completely honest I stopped taking that. And now my head feels better. But what a week.

I continued to take advantage of our soaking tub. I avoided caffeine every single afternoon. I achieved the successful elimination of those few glasses of wine. Honestly I am proud of these mini-lifestyle changes.

On Sunday Mom and I went to Summit Avenue to watch friends run in the Twin Cities 10 Mile. It was a hoot and truth be told I didn’t really miss the running. Which was a good feeling in its own way, but so wonderful to celebrate others chasing their goals. For now, I have chased mine and won. We followed it up with a breakfast at The French Hen and then our Girl Adventure was over.

Last summer and again this fall, egg rolls were a big hit with our littles at the farmers’ market. When it became apparent that it was now getting too cold for all of us to continue hauling out there, I suggested that we could continue the tradition by sampling egg rolls at different Twin Cities venues each weekend and we kicked it off last weekend with a trip to MT Noodles after playing at the library. We all survived and Critter is a fan of hoisin sauce. Next week, another egg roll adventure.

Finally, apparently it just rains endlessly here now in the fall and spring and I think I need a raincoat. Please send your recommendations!

Some Things

This weekend was fun dot com.

We had Glitter’s first birthday party, we went to the farmers’ market for probably the last time this season, and then on a whim we also made an afternoon trip to the Minnetonka Orchards (our orchard of choice) with Uncle Billy for an hour of fun. We did not pick any apples or even go near any apple trees but Critter got to watch the “Apple Express” train jet around the orchard while he yelled “choo choo” from time to time and then at the end of our visit he rode it three times in a row. It was big fun. I also got to very belatedly visit with some friends and their new baby who was darling and full of snuggles and things to say so, 11/10 things all around.

I also dusted which was not so exciting but I have maybe only done it once since we moved into the house so, we are all working at our own level, right?!

We finally hung an old mirror in the entryway of our house and it just makes everything look a little bit nicer. Some of the gilding has chipped off so it needs a touch-up job but we had to start somewhere.

We have a soaking tub with jets in our master bathroom. I last used it when I was in labor with Glitter which is only ridiculous because I was so excited to have said tub for relaxation. Which as y’all know is something that I have so much time for. Anyway, I decided on Friday that it was time to break that streak and to start enjoying it as a weekly ritual and I think that this winter this is something I will be glad to have done. I need a place to relax where I cannot do anything.

In other news, I have decided to eliminate my nightly glass of wine a few nights per week because I don’t think I need it (when you’re in the throes of endless sleepless nights, you need a little escape?) and I am also interested to see if it changes how I sleep. I will say I feel like I am sleeping quite soundly right now but a girl can still wonder.

I will also note that on the topic of Things I Drink, I wonder if I am finally at a point where I can eliminate my afternoon coffee? I think having an emergency bottle of cold brew on hand would be advisable, but I am wondering if again, I am finally rested enough to achieve this. A LOT OF QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED RIGHT NOW Y’ALL.

I must conclude with a question. As I continue to rebuild my post-baby wardrobe I need to know what kinds of camisoles people buy these days? Do people buy them anymore? The ones I have are maternity and they are horrendous. Help a sister out.

Some Things

Hello, my friends.

I lied last week. It was warm one more time. After a week of so much rain we had a really very nice weekend of 70 degree temperatures and sunny skies. I made sure that for my evening workout, I took advantage and went for a walk because Lord knows that even the best basement gym cannot rival a beautiful fall day. After today we’ll be praying for the days that crack 60.

Meanwhile, Glitter was up intermittently yelling last night so I am exhausted and my body feels like lead. Not enough coffee in the world, people.

For the last four weeks, we have had a really non-traditional schedule on our weekdays because of a daycare “development” week, labor day and two weeks of Jewish holidays. That is all over and at last our weeks will look “normal” from here until Thanksgiving and then again until the winter holidays. I have enjoyed the bonus slow mornings during the week, but I know that Critter especially will be glad to be back into an extremely predictable routine. Honestly, we all will.

I just finished Marching Orders on Netflix which is a series of mini-episodes about the marching band at Bethune Cookman University and it is great. I hope they do another season, either following this school or another.

Glitter turns one tomorrow. We’ll have her party this weekend. I need to order some balloons and some paper plates and napkins and we’ll be set to go.

Some Things

Behold, the view from happy hour on the last weekend of summer.

It will now rain and become fall for…the end of time until it is winter. That said our windows are open again after a week of HEAT. It feels good to enjoy the fresh air.

Billy moved home from Texas over the weekend. We are all so glad he is home for good. Thanks to him I have been in more places in Texas than I had ever expected, BUT all things must come to an end.

After yesterday’s post a sweet friend let me know her neighbor was thinning out some of their strawberry plants so I am going to plant those straight into the ground this week too!

Now that the ash tree is gone, we are getting significantly more light in our house which is truly lovely. Especially once it is winter and always dark, any and all extra light will be especially appreciated. We had actual sunbeams in our kitchen at 6:00 PM tonight which I am fairly certain has never happened before.

My copy of Cravings 2 should arrive in the mail tomorrow and I cannot WAIT to cook more with Chrissy. The original Cravings has been a go to for us so I know there are more good dinners ahead!

Some Things

This snap is from a lovely walking trail in our neighborhood that I have only really started to take advantage of in the last month. It is such a peaceful lake/wetland in the middle of our very suburban neighborhood.

Today is the second day of Rosh Hashanah so we have been taking a break around these parts and Observing The Holiday and The New Year.

We also had a few drinks parties at our house over the weekend and between that and two days of festive family dinners, I am ready to put my feet up.

I am pretty sure we are finally having our last week of summer For Real. This week we enjoy the 80s and then the temperatures dive into the 50s and 60s and we will not be warm again until next April or May.

I believe pumpkin spice is best contained to the following: lattes, pie, bread. Though I will note that with the coming of Fall Coffee Drinks, at Caribou Coffee you can order a Maple Latte (they already have the flavoring on hand for some nonsensical drink) and it is Fantastic. My biggest complaint about the explosion of seasonal drinks (I swear every six weeks we are getting a new one) is that there is just no consistency in the actual product. No two lattes of the same kind are ever alike. Such is the way of life.

Last but not least, this is my sixth year (?) of doing 10Q and every year it is such an interesting reflection. 10 days, 10 short prompts. You should give it a try.

Some Things

Holiday weekend say heyyyy!

I don’t know what y’all are up to but we are still all-fun all the time here.  Critter went to the State Fair, we went to the farmers’ market for the first time as a family of four, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and we attended a pool party.  Saturday (fair day) was also accompanied by a skipped nap care of Critter so just your regular reminder that our kids are kids just like yours and our lives are not so idyllic.

This weekend, I have been aggressively working on my professional designation recertification credits.  What is super-nice is that you can now fully recertify for the SHRM-SCP (which is the one coming due at the end of the year!) and the SPHR via webinars so all of the credits I do for one right now I can also count for the other.

I may or may not have ordered myself a pair of Sorel booties from Evereve’s Labor Day sale to reward myself with once all of these credits are DONE.  On the bright side, by the time I do get through this recertification, it will be bootie season for real.

Critter goes back to “school” this week and I think he would be the first to say that he needs some routine in his life again.  Where he goes, the kids stay in classes for the entire school year and then after summer “camp” they move up to the next class, which I think is really nice from a consistency standpoint.  I am also really pleased because he will have one of his teachers in this year’s classroom as well.  Glitter will have his other teacher when she starts at the end of January.

I still need to write a post about our family trip to Duluth with my in-laws, so stay tuned for that.  We had such a lovely time.

Have a happy (bonus) weekend day!