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It’s getting a little ridiculous.

On the 10th day of Critter’s first round of antibiotics ever, his fever returned.  And, after another trip to the doctor’s office (on advice of the nurse line) it was revealed the ear infection was going strong in addition to a possible vaccine reaction and also (OMG WILL IT EVER END) very apparent teething.

As the good doctor said, he’s got a lot going on.

We are now going to observe the end of the traditional completely healthy first year by going on a 20 day antibiotics bender.

When I told my family that this was the ear infection without end, my darling brother was quick to respond with the following instruction: Make sure to post on facebook at least twice today, here, just copy and paste this: “UGHHH, another fever on the last day of antibiotics, really?  Any other moms out there with advice for how to bring the fever down??” 

This is only hysterical because if you know me, 100% the time my fever battle plan is to give Tylenol/Ibuprofen and call the nurse line if it seems hinky.  100% of the time this is what I tell other people to do when they leave similar status updates on Facebook.  None of this should be surprising.

Someday we’ll all be healthy again.


A Mini-Movie Night

Oh man, gang.  On Tuesday night, I got caught with some sort of spring chest cold that has just refused to budge.  We are talking cough so hard my abs hurt-intense all day long and then wake up at night and cough.  It is really not great.  I would not wish it on anyone.

In other fascinating news (in case me having a disruptively-loud cough wasn’t what you came to the blog for today), I watched Rio 2 tonight on HBO On Demand.  I watched Rio on our flight home from Amsterdam because I needed something light-hearted and mindless.  It ended up being REALLY cute.  When I saw Rio 2 was available on On Demand, it was a no-brainer.  Who wouldn’t want to see a second movie about Blue Macaws in Brazil?

And with that, I need to tuck myself in to bed, because this cold needs to get kicked.  But seriously, watch Rio and Rio 2.


I just want the record to show that I had some really grandiose plans for this weekend, even though they got completely railroaded.

Last week I nursed a progressively worsening cold with The Worst Sore Throat Ever that finally turned into all-out violent illness on Friday night.  Based on what I’ve now Googled about “the flu,” I am pretty comfortable saying that I probably have that.

I knew I was doing well when I went to my parents’ for breakfast today and my mother said, Oh sweetie, you don’t look good.  She was not wrong.  I have looked better healthier.

Most truthfully, I spent the majority of Saturday sleeping and after approximately 2.5 hours of activity today, I had to spend the rest of the day in bed.  What I learned is that The Devil Wears Prada is still great and that Blended is an awesomely bad Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore movie.  Also worthwhile: The SAG Red Carpet on E!  Thank God the mani-cam is alive and well.


Therapy Tea

Let’s talk Therapy Tea.  Because I woke up this morning feeling infinitely better and it just made sense to spread the word.  Especially since Therapy Tea and I seem to be meeting for another evening.

This would be a clear-cut example of when More is More.

Your cast of characters.

Some of you may live in homes where fresh citrus fruit is abundant.  Because I’m lazy and it’s convenient, we don’t roll that way.  So get whatever lemon juice you like.  And when you need a bottle of whiskey, call your parents and ask them if you can borrow theirs until this too has passed.

While you boil the water, add the honey to the mug.  And the lemon juice too.

Just squeeze and pour as your heart directs you.  There are really, really no rules here.  The mixture will look something like this.

But fear not, you’re about to add some hot water.  While you’re waiting, pour yourself a shot of whiskey.  Bonus points if it’s in a shot glass that you suspect your best friend brought home for your husband from a far-off land.

Yes, I know what I just did there.  I tried to make you measure something.  But that’s because the goal is to heal, not to get completely plastered in the name of “health.”

We all know that’s what red wine is for.  Thank you, doctors.

And most importantly…


Orders of Business

Orders of business:

1.  We celebrated the fact that my co-worker is getting married with this cake from Byerly’s.  Behold the magnificence of the frosting.

Yes, I had two slices of frosting-only and you would have too.  It was just…beyond.

2. Yes, this frosting-fest means that I’ve started carb-loading.  What does that even mean anymore?  I don’t have any clue.  For Grandma’s I did this whole thing with unprocessed food and a lot of fruit, which seemed to work and made sense since I was still planning on racing the damn thing.  FYI: If I’m ever that self-righteous again, someone please SAVE ME FROM MYSELF.  This time, my goal is survival, so while I’m planning on maintaining a fairly normal diet this week, I’ll be adding in Really Awesome Stuff as I see fit.  Frosting falls into that category.

3. I have been so overwhelmed by the amount of love and support y’all have shown me.  This course holds such a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to just go and…enjoy it, really.  My goals: Strong legs and a safe finish.

4. I had a PT appointment today (I really didn’t need it but it was 50% massage and 50% psycho-therapy).  My PT doesn’t see any reason why I can’t go for it, and we did some really rockin’ massage.  I’m excited to break up with him next week (we’re doing it over cake and beer /champagne with the rest of the team), but I will actually kind of/sort of/probably miss him.  If you ever need a rad running PT at TRIA, call me.  Maybe.

5. Therapy Tea.  The internet recommended to me that in order to bust the nonsense going on in my body, I needed to mix hot water, lemon, honey and a shot of whiskey.  I can’t tell you if it’s working yet, but I can tell you that I’m definitely tipsy.  If you too find yourself in a situation where you’re making Therapy Tea, just make sure you’ve let the tea cool before you mix in the whiskey because the point is not to cook out the alcohol.  It’s part of the therapy.

What are your cold remedies?


There’s so much I want to say about the weekend but the reality is that last night I had chills and tonight I have a pounding headache. After a day spent thirsty and exhausted. And nearly twelve hours spent in bed.

I know. It is That Bad.

In the meantime, enjoy that snap I grabbed yesterday AM.



Kittens, I haven’t broken out the Potpourri! since last August so it’s time to make it happen!  Bear with me.

  • Tomorrow at Physical Therapy, I’ll find out if my Plantar Fasciitis is the type that responds to therapy or…doesn’t.  So let’s all hope it’s the type that does.  For my sanity.  And yours.
  • Even though everyone at work was quick to comment about my “Smoker’s Voice” today (and my boss only learned that I’ve been sick for the past few days…go figure), I think that I’ve officially turned the corner.
  • This is a blessing, really, because last night was by far The Worst Of All The Nights.
  • I’m just hoping that the makeup on the lower half of my face will be able to survive past 9 AM tomorrow morning.  Thank you, nose blowing.  
  • No, that doesn’t mean that the skin on my face is healing.  Because it isn’t.  Yet.
  • Once again, I will probably be tucked into bed before 10 PM.  I am strangely okay with this idea.
  • I’m starting to break into the weird stash of skin products I brought back from the hotels we stayed at during our last Wisconsin – Illinois adventure a few weeks back.  In the mix: bliss and Peter Thomas Roth.  Does anyone else behave like this?
  • The bliss lotion they stock at aloft hotels smells vaguely like an electrical fire.  Will that deter me from slathering it all over myself?  Absolutely not.
  •  Weird craving of the day = Nutella and Pretzels.  It is ohmigod so good.  And no it’s not one of those things where I can just “substitute” something else.  Even though I would probably pay money to see someone try.
  • I watched the first episode of The Newsroom.  And after watching (and loving!) it I am 100% positive that it was made for J-School kids.  We stay tuned.
  • I’m really ready for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to come back.  Is anyone else missing those girlfriends like crazy?

Meanwhile, Cocktail Week continues with Megan’s Raging Aztec Frappe, Allison’s Peach Pie Prosecco “Palmer”, Allison’s Radler, Carrie’s Raspberry Thyme Tom Collins.  Kirsten’s Traverse City Cherry Mojitos, Lauren’s Paloma, and (are we there yet?) Katie’s Watermelon Mojo!

More is more.  Moderation is the enemy.  Get mixing, get drinking.

Potpourri: What’s your random share of the day?  Really.  Hit us with it.  I want the good stuff.  Bonus points if you make me laugh so hard I cry at work tomorrow.

p.s. Head on over to Megan’s blog to enter her giveaway for a real, live KitchenAid blender!  This week is kind of a big deal.