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Minnesota Hail to Thee!

As per my promise yesterday, I said that I would explain why I was taking a day off and turning this weekend into a three-day one.

In our family, this weekend is graduation weekend – Billy walked today for his Bachelor’s and Marcus walks tomorrow for his MBA.  Obviously Monday is a workday, but Major Life Events trump gainful employment.

Anyway, today Billy is getting a tribute post.

Hail to Thee our College dear!

Since today was Billy’s graduation ceremony, we officially marked the end of the third generation of The W Family’s dynastic reign at The University of Minnesota.  I don’t know that Mom and Dad ever meant for us to be that family, but for better or worse, we are That Family.

Thy light shall ever be

When we were little, Mom and Dad like to jokingly tell people that they would sing the Rouser to us while we slept.  Which is a half-truth, really.  We may never know what happened when our little eyes were closed, but I do remember the magnet on Grandma Boots’ fridge with the words to the Rouser on it.  And while I only have a few memories of life as a tiny pup (chowing down on fajitas and pink lemonade by Lake Calhoun being one of them), I definitely have memories of us singing it in her kitchen.

A beacon bright and clear.

Billy, for most people, the college search was a grueling process, trying to find a place that “fit” or “worked.”  But for you, I think that going to The U was a little bit like going home.  Because for our family, when you look out over Northrop Mall, the one thing that’s resoundingly true is that Good Things Have Happened There.  In every part of our family’s story, we are breathing Maroon and Gold.

Thy sons and daughters true

Y0u should know that I wouldn’t trade the two years we spent together on campus for anything in the world.  Even though we went about our daily lives in completely different ways, when I think of the one person who was fully present for every part of my college experience, save for sleeping through class, It Was You.

Will proclaim Thee near and far.

Billy, we didn’t just go to college together, we got to LIVE college together.  As I was trying to make sense of this all in my head, I realized that there was a big difference.  Lots of siblings go to the same school but what we got to share together on campus was so very different.

They will guard thy fame

We had season tickets for everything.  We worked 50 feet from one another at The Daily.  We walked to class together.  You were literally my neighbor.  I challenge you to think of any other siblings who had to walk across the parking lot in one direction to get a waffle, fresh out of the toaster or the other direction to grab a beer on the porch.  Just typing that feels completely ridiculous because that’s precisely the sort of thing that you would never even know you could dream of.

And adore thy name;

As I woke up this morning and marveled at the clear skies, which have become a true rarity as of late, I couldn’t help but to smile.  Today was a perfect day for another perfect memory.

Billy, we are all so proud of you.  Watching you walk across the stage today was the most bittersweet of moments, as I whispered in Mom’s ear that I was positive you would ask to be acknowledged with the “IV” at the end of your name.  While you’ve accomplished so much, with that handshake we watched you walk past that point of No Return, bringing all of us with you.

You will always go back, but it will never be the same.

Thou shalt be their Northern Star!

And so for the next twenty-odd years we will wait, until we can shepherd another generation of Golden Gophers into their dorm rooms before the first day of school.  Until we can drag them on campus tours they don’t need or want to go on.  Until we can tell them over a hundred years worth of stories.

Because just like Grandpa, Mom and Dad, you and I (and Marcus too…thank God he’s a pure-blooded Gopher), when they stand at Northrop Auditorium looking down the mall, they will already be home.



What is your dream job?

It is kind of ironic that everyone dreams of the job they’re going to have when they graduate and now we’re in a recession and everyone’s answer is that they really don’t’ have a job and are moving home or some sort of similar story.

In the past five months, I have been rejected for so many Administrative Assistant positions at UHG specifically, that it is not even funny.

However, in a pleasant turn of events, I’ve had several interviews this week and things seem to be looking up. Next week, I’ll interview for a Teller position at Wells Fargo in the case that I need something to do in order to best fill my time for the summer.

Seriously hoping to be able to share some good news in the next week or so.

Its the black plague…or something

I have five days of class and two papers left until I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL!

Which is thrilling.

Except for the fact that I naievely assumed that this year, I would not be coming down with the plague at the end of the school year, especially since last year was such a treat.

Pretty sure that I’m barreling full speed ahead to another doctor’s office visit. Given that I have a gnarly-sounding cough, am constantly thirsty, and in an effort to fight the war through Vitamin C have probably drank an entire bottle of orange juice in the last 24 hours.

Oh, and I almost forgot…the always being thirsty part. I would say that I am more hydrated than most people, but right now, I am in a perpetual state of feeling as if I am wandering the desert.

Rock on.

Spring Fever v. Papers

Earlier this week I made the heart-breaking realization that even though I’m only taking 11 “real” credits, they’re all writing intensive.

We could ruminate on the PR Plan/Non-traditional Advertising Campaign that my group is working on for Specially Yours in Campaigns, the essay I just finished and massive historical research paper that I have due for History of Journalism, or the Feasibility Study Report that I’ve been hacking away on now for the last two weeks in my online Technical Writing Class.

All are equally as fun.

And, with the temperature approaching 70 today, to enjoy the weather, I’ll probably go all-out and open my windows while I do homework.

I know right? You’re thinking, “That Kat, what a wild woman.”

HORT 1031

I was dying to take Wine Tasting spring semester and because alphabetically, I was last in the Seniors registration queue for next semester, there was not a chance I was getting in. Which was totally disappointing.

But somehow, Haley is magical. She not only got into the class yesterday when she was re-arranging my schedule, but she registered for it so that she could give the spot to me. Best sister ever. So, now I get to take wine tasting – I couldn’t be happier or more excited! I’m taking it pass-fail which should make for more relaxed, good times and there’s a class field trip to a vineyard.

The only obstacle will be convincing our advisors that they should allow me to miss dinner + meeting every week for the class. But I totally deserve this.


I have never been so excited for Finals Week in my entire life.

But that can probably be attributed to the fact that this finals week, I don’t have any finals. I only have some random stuff I need to throw together for my on-line HRD class. So what does this mean you ask? It means the following:

  • I am only wearing pants with elastic waistbands or drawstrings, with the exception being when I have to leave the house to go to work (for the approximately four hours I will be working) or to drink.
  • Eli and I are hoping to watch 3-4 movies/day from all different genres. This excludes Horror unless we’re watching I Know Who Killed Me where Lindsay Lohan is a hooker.
  • The Finer Things Club will be having its second meeting on Monday. We’re thinking for this meeting we’re going to test out Carlos Rossi instead of Franzia and compare the difference in the boquets.
  • I have time to go to the rec every day.
  • Oh, and most importantly, we are eating Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream because that, according to our research is apparently the flavor of ice cream that men think women LOVE. Not that we don’t like it, just its not our favorite.

In just under an hour and a half, vacation begins.

Grad school anyone?

The economy continues to be stellar as usual.

And by that I mean we keep on cutting jobs and budgets. The thought of graduating and having to deal with that is legitimately frightening.

Mom called me yesterday to inform me that if it keeps up like this, which it probably will, she and Dad are sending me to grad school. This is news to me.

Not that I mind going to school. Actually, when the instructor/subject is good, I rather enjoy school. Its just more of the, going to more school right now was not part of the here and now plan. I would like to go get my MBA someday.

However, I do enjoy having health insurance and its not like I can bum around next year and just work at a coffee shop. I would have to work at a coffee shop AND go to school, otherwise the last four years were a total waste.

So the winter break plan is cover letters, resumes, job applications, GMAT and GRE studying and personal/goal statements and essays. Rock. I might actually do more work over break than I did during the semester.