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Naptime is the Most Precious Time

Before Glitter arrived, I napped when Critter napped. Every single day.

This may have had something to do with the fact that I had a baby who didn’t sleep through the night until he was nearly ten months old or the fact that I was pregnant shortly thereafter but who knows, really.

Before Glitter arrived, I wondered how I would ever have time to pay attention to two children.

I still don’t know.

But the naptime hours are precious. While Critter is sleeping I am not napping with him because I have a little girl who is bright eyed and bushy tailed and wants to read her book about flowers, okay mom? Sometimes it’s her naptime too and for those hours in the day, as she sleeps on me, everything in my house is still. Her, me, him.

And then there are the sometimes mornings when Glitter sleeps in and Critter and I get to eat breakfast in peace with both hands and play choo choos and Hugglesaurus attack and sit and read in my lap. Nothing in my house is still, but for the shortest time, it is just me and my little bud again.


A 23 month/3 month update

Hey look. A snap of Glitter conducting Baby Business to get us into this. Also shoutout to Kate and Little C for loaning us their Bumbo since Critter never used one.

I suppose I should share some sort of update about the children since Critter turns two at the end of the month! Yes, that means I will be raising a glass to surviving four months of two under two!

December was a month of plagues for Critter. The virus/vomiting incident. The pink eye and subsequent antibiotic eye drop allergy. The grand finale was a plague cough with a VERY low fever that morphed into a double ear infection on New Year’s Day. I will be honest, at the end of that very long-feeling long weekend I was praying to God that the mystery plague was treatable with antibiotics. I am sick of my little guy being sick! It is not fun for anyone.

Is he going through the two year sleep regression? I think so! But we don’t let that bring us down!

With the encouragement of friends we signed him up for some parks and rec activities this spring. We’ll do six weeks of toddler t-ball starting in February and then in March the Dads are in charge of six weeks of toddler basketball one night per week. I have very low expectations but I think it will be fun for him and will help us to pass some of this terrible winter time.

He also alternates between counting items numbering over two or simply declaring them to be “so many.” It seems efficient.

Glitter is my darling dear. She is learning to use her hands and loves (LOVES) to “talk” to us. She is wearing nine month jammies and is still just the sweetest baby.

Her champion sleep has declined and she now wakes up 1-2 times per night like a normal baby (THANK YOU SLEEP REGRESSION) but with the pediatrician’s blessing we’ll do some sleep training after her four month appointment.

After the holidays, we are in desperate need of some routine and structure in our lives. ECFE is starting up again, daycare is back in session after a week off, library storytime is back after a monthlong hiatus. We are ready for all of it.

Every day at home with two of them is still The Most Exhausting, but also every day at home with two of them ends with a feeling of intense gratitude for these little creatures we have been entrusted to shepherd through this life.

RTW (x2)

This has been a maternity leave of productivity.

I went to the OB, dentist, optomologist and dermatologist. I got new contacts and glasses (new prescription! how exciting!). We bought a couch and had half of our main floor painted. I made a meal for another new mama.

It is harder to go back this time. Last time I needed to. NEEDED to. I was climbing the walls in my house. My baby never slept. This maternity leave has been a dream in comparison. Glitter sleeps. We go places. Thanks to Critter we already have our childproofed routine of activities and playdates each week. A social calendar for the tiny ones as it were.

But staying home will not keep this baby a baby. She will still grow up.

The last 12 weeks have taught me I am stronger and more patient than I ever thought I could be. Two weeks ago, I got to take Critter and Glitter to the doctor AT THE SAME TIME where Critter puked, not only for the first time ever, but also all over both of us and into my moccasins. I did not cry. We did not sink like the Titanic. I still feel like I am The World’s Most Okayest Mom but we are doing it. Every day! My mantra every day is Today Is The Hardest It Will Ever Be. Because it is. The children do go to bed. I will sleep. Tomorrow we get to start fresh.

Two Months (Really Very Belatedly)

Glitter is two months old!

  • She is 12 lbs 2 oz and 24″ tall so she is a bean pole!
  • She is still in six month clothing but I suspect because of her height (or length at this point, let’s be serious she is not standing up no matter how many times Critter exhorts her to do so) she will be in nine month jammies soon.
  • She is a smiler, a lover of songs and reading. A coo-er.
  • She has slept 10 hours straight! More times than I can count on one hand! There are a lot of nights where she wakes after 5-8 hours but you guys this is such a different ball game. Marcus and I are still laughing over the fact that we are sleeping the same amount we were LAST November.
  • She refuses to take a bottle. We’ve been through Avent, Playtex and Munchkin. Up next: Tommee Tippee and Mam. Sooner or later she’ll figure it out.

Stuff That Has Been Useful x2

Nina asked for a post on what has been useful with two babies. Obviously this will change over the year but here is what has been good for the first eight weeks. I didn’t take pictures, we all have to live with it. Sometimes this is just how it goes. Google what you need to.

The Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller Frame

It was great the first time because I never had to carry the infant carseat anywhere (I don’t care if I am That Person with a stroller). It is great now because I have my hands free to carry a recalcitrant toddler in the parking lot while I push said stroller!

Rock and Play

We don’t cosleep and both of my babies have gone straight into their cribs day one. However I have this on the main floor because Glitter sometimes will give us a nap in there. On the days I have both children at home and it is just a good all around place to set her when I need to give Critter all of my attention. This has definitely gotten more use the second go-round.

Standalone Freezer

We received this shortly before/after (?) Critter was born and it is a lifesaver. It is where I keep half of my frozen breastmilk. All of our frozen meals. An emergency stash of Critter’s favorite foods (nuggets, waffles, bread).

Stuff That Is Not Stuff

The “emergency” diaper bag I keep in my car with changes of clothes for both children, diapers and wipes, a water bottle and snacks for Critter so that I don’t have to take my whole diaper bag with me everywhere.

A basket of special toys for Critter in Glitter’s nursery. This usually buys me about 30 minutes in the morning when we go upstairs to get baby sister.

A Starbucks gift card so I can plop both kids in the car and get a latte at the drive through window and enjoy 15 minutes of peace sitting down knowing my children are contained.

Second time mamas, what things have been lifesavers for you?

Peak Maternity Leave. 

I am living it.  We’re seven weeks in with five weeks left to go. 

There are some things that are just easier this time around. Because Glitter is a chill baby who doesn’t mind going places. And our list grows!  6Smith, Surly, Glam Doll Donuts, The Bachelor Farmer Cafe. 

My house is cleaner with two kids than I expected (though it still looks lived-in to be sure) A lot of this is thanks to The Terminator.  But every night we do a toy rodeo to get all of the toys cleaned up and frankly for the rest of the house, when I see it needs to be cleaned, I just speed clean when the time allows.

I finally finished both seasons Last Chance U.  In the last week I’ve re-watched The Big Short, the first episode of The Office and most of season one of The West Wing.  Yesterday, Netflix asked me if I was sure I wanted to keep watching. YES NETFLIX I AM BINGING. LET ME BE. 

I ordered another pair of yoga pants, and an oversized long sleeve shirt from the U of M. I liked the yoga pants and cut of the shirt enough I ordered it again. 

And I am in the process of trying to figure out (at LAST) what to do about a kitchen table and the family room (AKA paint?  furniture? lighting? rugs?).  I am hoping they are resolved by the time I go back to work. Because I have the time to accomplish this now and it will feel good to just enjoy those things in our home.  Related: the lighting in our kitchen dining area and family room is terrible and so it needs to be resolved. 

One Month!

Or actually I’m a few days late but whatever.  Second baby.  Roll with me. 

Glitter had her one month checkup today. Our darling dear is growing like a weed – she is 10 lbs 13 oz now!  Related/unrelated she slept eight hours straight last night which was her longest stretch to date. Blessings to all people on Earth. 

So there is some stuff that is just easier with Glitter. Like, we can go places and she’ll sleep the whole time!  When Billy was in town last, he, Glitter and I went to lunch onat 6Smith and it was perfect and glorious. 

I didn’t think a glass of wine on a patio on a lake was going to be in the cards for me this year but thank you 70+ degree days in October!

I am still working on getting out of the house to go places with both children that are not other people’s houses. I did succeed in taking both children to library storytime and no one (read: Critter) ran away.  To be realistic, mostly we’re just trying to work a playdate heavy schedule at this point. 

I started pumping and now have enough milk stashed away to buy myself some freedom if I want/need it. I really don’t plan on escaping Glitter for at least another week (first stop: hot yoga) but, hey!  Having milk to give her is a start!  Related/unrelated: feel free to start placing bets on what kind of bottle she will actually take!

I ordered more pacis (Nuk and Mam) because after leaving the hospital Glitter decided she was not into the Soothies and we would really like for her to take a pacifier. She is not into the Mam and so far Critter is more excited about getting into mischief with the new pacis when he finds them in the nursery.  Fun!

Critter is finally cutting at least one of his two year molars thank God. Only three more to go!  He is also starting a course of antibiotics because he has the toddler plague and it has not resolved on its own. He is otherwise healthy but has just a terrible cough. It needs to go. 

Critter is starting to be more interested in Glitter. The funniest moment to date is when he went over to her “nest” (rock and play) while she was sleeping and ordered her to “stand up.”  Which we all know to be impossible since she is an infant.  He was very disappointed when she did not in fact stand up.