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Eating Fall for Breakfast

When you only have four apples left in the fridge and the next week’s grocery shopping is on your weekend to-do list, there is only one possible and logical fate for three of those apples.


And when you’re actioning that at breakfast time, its naturally very easy to find an excuse to eat them. 

Apple Cobbler Overnight Oats

Just wow.  I was expecting average, but this was really quite exceptional.  Breakfast like that should probably be illegal.  It tasted EXACTLY like Apple Cobbler with a splash of ice cream-melt.  You can find the mix at the bottom of the page here.  I promise you all a little recipe for that mess of apples as well.

And, on a totally separate and unrelated note, tomorrow is race day!  I’m not worried about injury or “making it,”  but I am deadly afraid of being struck with the urge to pee while I run (probably a TMI, but y’all know that’s how we do around here).  So if you say a prayer for me, say it for that. 

Because I have the best friends in the world, Galina is using me as a front to reserve the party room at her apartment and buy inappropriate amounts of flavor-infused pastas.  It started out last week as “Do you want to have a carbo-load?”  Because I’m the only one running tomorrow.  After consenting, earlier this week was, “Oh we’ll just have the same group as last time.” And then last night, homegirl was all like, “Plan on buying garlic bread for 20 people.”  Hah. 

If you want to stalk me tomorrow morning while you’re catching up on the news and enjoying your coffee, click here.  I’m Bib # 18581.  My goal is to make it in under 1:43 (that was my 10 mile split during the half marathon), so hopefully there’s not a lot of traffic and I can get it done!


“Acceptable” Breakfast

Kittens, I swear-to-God this is not becoming a “foodie” blog.  But since y’all know that I spend my entire day thinking about food, expect more pictures of things that make my heart sing when I take a bite.

Like this.

Really, the only reason this happened is because I wanted to enjoy my new maple syrup. In the mix: 1 piece TJ's whole grain bread, 1 egg, 1 t granola, some chocolate chips, 1 T peanut butter, drizzle of maple syrup.

Our society tells us that an “acceptable” breakfast would NOT be a bowl of granola, peanut butter, chocolate chips and maple syrup.

Y’all know how I am about following rules.  I’m a rules-follower.

But if you dump that bowl of joy on-top of a piece of whole grain French Toast, in which you made sure it soaked up the entire egg for “protein,” then you’d be in the clear.  And if you ate it under the guise of “fuel” for your 5k, well, that pretty much makes you the Mother Theresa of healthy eats.

Sorry for partying.

And because it’s Saturday, and you know you love free stuff as much as I do, make sure to enter my giveaway!

Redeeming Moments

Naturally, after I declared my victory over Monday, at 10 PM I discovered a puddle of sludge oozing from our garbage can onto the kitchen floor while I was making my lunch.  Since Marcus was already in bed (this was definitely a two-person job), I had to go wake him up to deal with the offensive issue.

Monday totally managed to pull a fast one on me.

But Monday had some redeeming moments as well.  Let’s talk delectable discoveries shall we?  Since my Pumpkin-fueled raid on the grocery store this weekend, I’ve found a new friend …Pumpkin Pie Oats.

In the mix: 1/4 c oats, 1/2 c water, 1/2 c canned pumpkin, 1 T Trader Joe's pumpkin butter, 1 T whipped cream cheese. Not pictured: 1/4 c Trader Joe's pecan granola.

It’s NOM central.  I highly recommend that you test it out for yourself.

And because we were able to keep the good vibes rolling today, the glee season premier was tonight!  After an epic finale last season that left most of the internets talking for a week, I had some hopes.  Can I just say that this evening I realized I had totally forgotten how essential Sue Sylvester is to my everyday life?  I mean honestly, Worshipping a possum carcass as their lord?  Amazing. 

Even though this really isn’t a big deal to the rest of the world, I got to go for my first run in four days today (which is one of the longer breaks I’ve taken since January!).  I was going to give my hip one more day, but then I found out that there’s a 70% chance of rain tomorrow.  It was really important to me that my first run was outside, not on the treadmill, for the sake of figuring out exactly how I’ve been running all summer.  It felt better than I had thought it would but there was still a bit of pain.  After playing around with my stride a bit (Angela’s comment about short and long strides got me thinking!), I realized that shorter strides are what allow me to run “normally” and comfortably.  That’s something that I can do.  In the meanwhile, to make sure that I keep on healing, I’ll continue to apply heat and rock the Ibuprofen post-run.

I’ve got to run and make tomorrow’s lunch (sans-sludge!) and get my life in order.  I’m looking forward to having some exciting news to share tomorrow!

And, naturally, because I have to know, are there any other Sue Sylvester lovers out there?