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Link Rodeo

I’m secretly hoping that y’all will find this post in the morning over your coffee, but I suspect that it will be equally as entertaining late night reading for some of you as well.

From the WaPo: This 4″x6″ Index Card Has All The Financial Advice You’ll Ever Need

From the NYT: The Extraodinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

From the NYT: Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught?

From the NYT: The God of ‘SNL’ Will See You Now

From Adam Weinstein: F*** You.  I’m Gen Y and I Don’t Feel Special or Entitled.  Just Poor.

From Slate: You’re Doing It Wrong: Iced Coffee

And because you know I saved the best for last, Pinky the Cat: Pet of the Week.


Taking Ownership

Straight from the department of things that were bound to happen sooner or later, My Boss Found Out I Have A Blog Today.

Yes, seriously.

No, I did not have a clue that September 17 would be my lucky day.

Before we get into it, can we all just take a second to golf clap for the fact that Tenaciously Yours, remained incognito for as long as it did?  Because that is nothing short of a miracle in my book.

How it all went down:

The outing was very simple.  A co-worker who reads (yes, there are a few of them) casually mentioned that they had read something.  That exchange happened to be within earshot of my boss.  Conveniently my boss was in their office at the time.

We can all connect the dots.

Very shortly thereafter, in the course of my explaining myself,  I first came to the point where I was going to force them to Google me.  And then in a move that surprised even me, I handed the URL over.

For the record, I always though that if The Blog ever went Public, it would be a fight-or-die moment.  Who knew.

I am sure that in this moment, my Father-in-Law’s jaw is probably hitting the keyboard, and my Mother is shaking her head saying, Katherine.

So why am I telling this story today?

  1. It happened today.  It has to do with The Blog.  I know bloggers who are extremely open about their writing and/or choosing to make it their profession.  I know other bloggers who go to great lengths to conceal their identities.
  2. It’s sort of hilarious.
  3. It gives me a really good excuse to talk about blogging, boundaries, and why I write the way that I write.

I read This Article From The Huffington Post about Generation Y yesterday.  The buried lede was not about Generation Y’s entitlement, but rather about Facebook Image Crafting.

To make it more appropriate for this specific instance, we’ll re-vision it as Cultivating a Social Media Persona.

Because as I walked back to my desk, I don’t want to say that five years worth of writing flashed before my eyes (it did not), but that I did start to feel my way around the edges of what it truly means to have five full years of A Life Documented.

I think this is the part of the post where I am supposed to list all of the Really Big Things that have happened in the past five years, but ain’t nobody got time for that.  It’s a particularly lengthy list.  And if you’ve been reading, then you already know.

There has been a lot of chat lately in the blogosphere, on Twitter, and in the media about how members of Generation Y craft their images on social media to reflect only the best parts of themselves and their lives.

And that’s great for the people who are doing that.

Mostly it just sounds time-consuming to me.

Because here’s the thing: I don’t mention when Marcus and I get fussed at one another on The Blog, but I also don’t broadcast that sort of information to people in daily conversation.  Much in the same way that I don’t discuss our financial situation.  The minutiae of our work lives.  Or our political views (okay, those do come up here and there both in real life and on The Internets).

The same things that I refrain from sharing in real life are the same things that I refrain from sharing here.  Because some things are just meant to be Private.  Personal.  Ours.

So when I think about what has taken place here over the past five years, I don’t think of it as me putting my best foot forward.  I think of it as me sharing my life with you.

That life?  Happens to be pretty great.  I like to think that we try to do some really fun stuff and we eat some a lot of good food (a significant amount of it coming from our own kitchen).  Marcus and I don’t do those things for The Internet, we do those things because they are important to us in life.  Off screen.  Is there some atrocious writing sprinkled in here and there?  Absolutely.  Are there some posts that make me think, Wow.  That is a lot of information to be putting into The Universe. Certainly.

But it’s real.  It’s me.  It’s us.  I’m proud to own that.

Link Rodeo

I’ve always been really jealous of bloggers who can launch really good link round-ups.  Probably because it involves the same degree of foresight needed in order to chronicle a day in one’s life, which I also fail miserably at.


Anyway, if I ever did a link rodeo, this would be it.  Nothing I could possibly write today would ever be on the same level as this.

Little Girl Bitten by Rabid Bat After Self-Appointed Bat Expert Gave Go-Ahead To Hug It

Y’all know that I very rarely try to force the outside world on you, so this is me begging you to click on it and read away.  Because by the end I was laughing so hard I was crying.

This is Our America.

Let’s do a link rodeo in the comments!  What’s the most fascinating/hysterical/bizarre thing you’ve read lately?

Basement Film Fest

Last night I was cruising HBO On Demand and saw that The First Wives Club was available.

Hit movie, I know.

Why this particular title appealed to me at 8:30 PM on a Monday night is a total mystery.

But as I watched, it very quickly became apparent to me that I blacked out the majority of that movie, most likely because the first time I saw it I wasn’t even in high school.  Watching the beginning the first half of the movie?  Was depressing as hell.

Apparently there was a part of my subconscious that just wanted to be…sad.

Honest-to-goodness, the best part (AKA the part that made it manageable) was probably watching SJP, as a newer actress circa 15 years ago.

And oh, by the way, did anyone else realize that she was one of the witches in Hocus Pocus?

Because that was definitely news to me.

For a change of scenery, tonight I decided to watch Forks Over Knives. 

Controversial (I just have a hunch), but FAR less of an emotional rollercoaster.

I attempted to watch that one for the first time a couple of months ago and ended up getting sucked into a vortex of extreme multi-tasking.  Which is not exactly the best for watching anything.

But I was inspired by the interview series that The Washington Post is doing with Michael Pollan (Part I, Part II, Part III), so I thought it might be good to give it another shot.

If you’ve read all of the Whole Food Manifestos like Food Rules, The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, or have watched Food, Inc., then you might find the situation to be a little bit redundant.

It all boils down to the #1 Food Rule: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

And if you fail at following Rule #1, you’ll probably catch cancer/the diabetes/a heart attack.

Pretty straightforward stuff.

If you haven’t read/watched any of the above books/movies, then it could be worth a whirl.  And even though they explicitly tell you all about why you shouldn’t eat meat, none of the footage will put you off meat forever like the footage/stories in some of the other aforementioned materials.

Which is a good thing, I think.

What’s the most terrible movie you have seen lately?

Have you read any of Michael Pollan’s books?

p.s. If you haven’t been yet, make sure to head over to Inside Nana Bread’s Head to check out the delicious Bananas Foster Fried Pies that Jeanne actioned for our Pie Week festivities!

Over and Under and Through

Today was my first day of rocking the 7:30 AM -2:30 PM schedule.  The day flew by, it was fantastic.

The best part?  My hair still looks somewhat “alive” by the time that we’re headed into the 2:00 PM hour.  Ameena, you know what I’m talking about 😉

I originally had visions of me running down to the Social Security Office after work (it closes at 3:30) to apply for a new social security card.  But when Google Maps routed me around downtown instead of through it, that was the end of that.

At this point (we’re well into two months now, kittens) I’ll be taking the lazy way out and mailing the application (along with my documents) directly to them.

Yes, this means I’m trust falling into The System.

Following that 15 minute “detour” on my way home, I went for a run and marveled at the glories of finishing before 4:30 PM.

There were many.

I admired my birthday flowers.

(It’s on Sunday).

I know.  Only six roses?

Bear with me.

I bargained with Marcus and told him that instead of sending an ostentatious bouquet to work, I would rather pick up a bouquet from ALDI every week (~$3.99) for the next year and arrange it.

Practical?  Or fantastic?  Your call.

I actioned our weekly pan of croutons.

Which I attempted to dump half of into the bottom of our oven.  While it was on.  Thankfully, Disaster was averted.

For my final act (the Social Security Office thing left me feeling less-than-accomplished), I did a bit of decluttering, involving our Windex and Pledge bottles.

After that ’bout of Hardcore Productivity, I took A Moment For Me and attended to my mitts.  They were looking tragic to the point of Downright Shamefulness.

Don’t even pretend.  Your at-home nail spa looks the same.

Lap of Luxury.  Right here.

I took a moment to catch-up with the New York Times Magazine on the deck.  I wanted to finish it so that I could throw it away, and I was craving the sun and fresh air.

I was tickled.  I still can’t decide which one is my favorite.

And if you’d like to see it more clearly, click here.

At this point, y’all probably think that I live a charmed life.

But no good deed goes unpunished.  While I was in the midst of our declutter, I decided to run the dishwasher.

The Traitor Dishwasher Returns


As my luck would have it, That Devil Thing decided to pick today to die.  Which I discovered when it refused to drain or complete a full cycle.

On the list of sights you never, EVER want to see after dinner, put this one at the top of the list, please.

After watching Marcus perform mouth-to-mouth on one of the drainage tubes (apparently The Internet Said So) and watching the ensuing sludgy brown water dribble out, I forced him to close down shop and seek Expert Advice.  It seemed like The Only Sane Thing To Do.

Have you ever replaced a dishwasher before?  Do you have any advice?

Do you keep fresh flowers around the house?

What is your favorite move from the 2011 Rock Paper Scissors page?

Napping and News-ing

Story of my life: This weekend has been Nap Central.

Fact: Today I realized that over the past five months, I had completely forgotten how exhausting long runs are.

When I’m actually making them happen?  I’m the picture of perkiness and energy.  They feel great!  I’m in the zone!

But afterward?  I’m ready to curl up into a ball, channel a hibernating grizzly and sleep for an entire day.  To the point where I actually have to schedule a naptime for myself in order to make sure that I can survive the evening hours.

If you’re looking for a comparison, it’s like being…mono tired.  I literally have to fling my body into bed.

Yesterday?  There was napping.  Today?  There was napping.

Tomorrow?  No napping.  You have to get over it and move on at some point.

But in the here and the now, it is just rough.

Let’s play a fun game, shall we?

It’s called, WTF is wrong with this picture?


Before snapping this picture, Marcus made sure to find out whether or not I wanted my feet to be included.

No, it’s not the fact that I STILL haven’t gotten my hair did.

At this point, I like to think that I’m rocking the ombre-hair trend…in reverse.

So classy, I know.

But not really the point.

If your answer was: Kat, why do you have an actual print-copy of the newspaper? then you win.

The New York Times’ paywall went up on March 28th, right?  And I made it a whole two days reading section fronts and Playing By The Rules until I was informed that I had to pay up or give up.

At which point I sucked it up, paid for my Sunday-only subscription, and chuckled to myself about the fact that in order to enjoy unlimited online usage I was actually helping their circulation numbers.

So today, I dedicated a portion of my afternoon to enjoying a good old-fashioned flip through the paper.  Yes, perusing it with my morning coffee would have made more sense, but I completely forgot that it was coming until we were pulling away from the house to go grocery shopping.

Timing aside, it was actually quite lovely, and a Sunday activity I’d be more than happy to make a habit.  Especially since newspapers aren’t as good for hoarding as magazines are. 😉

When is the last time that you picked up an honest-to-goodness newspaper?

Honestly, before this, I think that the last time would have been when I was in college working at The Minnesota Daily.

Are you a napper-by-nature?

Shades of Grey

I’m not a detox-er by nature, but it’s safe to say that my body is appreciating my return to keeping regular hours, appropriate amounts of fitness (AKA Operation: Run Until My Legs Fall Off is over until next Thanksgiving) and the embrace of a food pyramid that doesn’t make its base of salted butter and sugar that have been creamed together on a low setting.


Since this week is New Years’ and all that jazz, I figure there will be a fair amount of mental heavy-lifting later this week as I attempt to recollect the fantastically beautiful mess that was 2010.

Until then, something somewhat less taxing.

You see, despite the fact that I spend the majority of every month getting just buried under magazines, eventually I get around to reading them.  And most of the time, with a little bit of elbow grease and a lot of luck, I manage to tuck them away by the end of said month.

Roll with me.

Even if you didn’t see Ma Vie en Rose (I definitely fall into that category), I think we all fell in-love with Marion Cotillard when she wore that gorgeous, scale-patterned Jean Paul Gaultier frock to the Academy Awards in 2008.  Her look was just heartbreakingly perfect.

So imagine my surprise when I found her Shades of Grey for Lady Dior ad campaign stalking me across the pages of Vogue. And ELLE. And Vanity Fair.  And W.

Yeah, Marion and I, we’ve been spending a lot of quality time together.


I think that what I love about her look here, is that it just seems so…attainable.  Even though that’s kind of the standard for luxury accessories.

I mean, yes, she might be in the London Eye with a Dior bag in-tow.  But her look is more GUESS by Marciano than Versace.  More Kate Bosworth than Kate Moss.  I attribute it to the Superior Hair.

Regardless, I’m addicted.

Do you do a post-holiday detox?

Advertisement-lovers, what’s the best print ad you’ve seen lately?