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Domestic Lifesavers

I started writing this post in September, then I forgot. But especially with ALL of the holiday gift guides (THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM), I felt Called to share the two small appliances that have changed our life in the last year. Especially if you’re still debating what you want for a gift or what sales you want to search for on Boxing Day.

Bissell Smartclean 1974

BUY A ROBOT VACUUM. Buy it now. Especially if you don’t have a housekeeper. Even if you do. You still may need to sweep out a corner or two every month or so. You may want to run your regular vacuum over your large area rug now and then. But this will DRASTICALLY cut down on the amount of time you spend on your floors.

Crockpot 5-in-1 Slowcooker

I felt guilty when we bought this because we already owned a slow cooker. And then it arrived and Marcus (truly accidentally) broke the ceramic bowl of the old one.

Why this Crockpot is superior in all ways: it has a browning feature so you don’t need to use two dishes when you’re preparing a slow cooker meal. That extra dish seemed especially like Mount Everest when Glitter was born. We don’t have an instant pot because I either need the food to cook for 4-6-8 hours or I can cook it myself on the stove in 15-30 minutes.

What have you purchased in the last year that you can’t live without?


Home Sweet Home

For the past month, I have been trying to do one fun Critter and Mama adventure each Friday after I pick him up from daycare. Marcus has Glitter on those days so I have the extra time. Last Friday, he and I visited the “jungle” (garden center) at Lowe’s to buy some hanging baskets and some simple plants for our planters.

Critter loves visiting the “jungle” (lol seriously) and it is such a hoot to wheel around the aisles with him while we look at the fwowers. However, there is only so much gardening to be done. The Irises have yet to show me any flowers and the Peonies are getting closer to blooming but we are not quite there yet.


We are finally making some landscaping decisions (more on that in another post) and little by little we are spiffing up the exterior of the house. It’s crazy to think that at this time last year, we still had not seen our house and were wrapping up our third month on the multi-generational compound.

We are also starting to move into a whole new rhythm of summer life. ECFE ended last week. Library story time will be sporadic throughout the summer. Glitter has turned into a two nap baby which is fantastic because she is pretty predictable and it means that now I get at least 30 minutes of solo time in the AM with Critter and usually at least 30 minutes of time to myself in the afternoon when their naps overlap.

He has also taken to calling our house “home sweet home” from time to time and it is the sweetest, most hilarious thing. I have no idea where he got it from but he is right. It is our home sweet home!

To Do List Nation

I don’t know about you guys, but the moment we got to May, suddenly there was this ongoing (and lengthy!) list of things to do?

Like honestly every time I complete a post-it note worth of tasks, another springs up in its place with a completely bizarre and arbitrary list of activities to complete. And yet, I Keep Doing Them!

Just this morning I ordered Critter a pile of summer play clothes from Target because for the summer, his daycare turns into a “camp.” Which is great. I love that they make the effort to spend so much time outdoors with the children. But I need to send him to daycare in swim clothes, he will need a dry outfit to change into and he needs to keep extra clothes at school. Also, he needs clothes to wear at home?! We have been so blessed to receive a PILE of hand-me-downs from friends and family, and “thrift shop” has been on my to do list for two weeks but frankly, we’re at the point where if it doesn’t happen, we need a backup plan (AKA more clothes).

Meanwhile, I briefly contemplated the possibility of us needing to build a shed because it seems like there is not a lot of space in our garage? Like, we can park the cars in there just fine but between strollers/lawn mowers/snow blowers/stuff it is tight.

THEN I REALIZED WE WERE STORING WEDDING GIFTS WE HAVE NOT TOUCHED IN THE SEVEN YEARS SINCE WE GOT MARRIED. And not like This Is Special China For Special Occasions, but like Things We Never Asked For In The First Place.

This is what happens when you move while pregnant. Things just come along for the ride.

Anyway, we do not own any of those things anymore and now there is more storage space in our garage. Basement bedroom/storage room, I am coming for you next.

Meanwhile, Marcus is replacing all of the outlet and switch plate covers on 1/2 of our main floor that we bought LAST AUGUST so you know, we are just chipping away at projects like no one’s business.

We are still sourcing landscaping quotes for our yard because they range from Exorbitant to More Exorbitant and frankly for the amount they are asking so far, we can actually find the time and energy to do the project ourselves. I will look forward to providing an update once I actually know what is going to happen here. Plus, I bet y’all would love a summer full of updates about shoveling medium-sized gravel out of our yard (lol not).

If anyone has any laughable tales they would like to share, please do, we would like to hear them. Otherwise stay tuned for more of mine.

Drudgery (aka Spring Cleaning)

After last week’s debacle, magically it is spring. There is still snow everywhere (that’s what melting nearly two feet of snow will do to you) but on Friday, Mother Nature hardcore committed to Spring and so we are living that life now.

The sun is streaming through our windows, today, Marcus opened them and we took in the fresh air. We have gotten to go on a couple of family walks (AKA our new lifestyle until October).

AND. Over the past week I have been actioning…spring cleaning? I don’t really know where the energy is coming from but we have three more months until we celebrate a year in this house. It’s not that I see so many projects that need to be done still, it’s more like I am finally awake enough to sort through stuff I should have taken care of at some point during the whole pregnant-packing-moving-packing-moving-having a baby-thing.

I purged a bag of old, ratty clothes from my closet. I went through our linen closet (fun fact: really did not look in there after we moved in and our friends are the one who moved that stuff for us!) and organized it and purged a bag of mystery bedding and items. I tossed out two bags of really old nail polish and other trash from the medicine cabinet.


Did I also clean out my car? I did. In which I removed yet another bag of trash, a shopping bag full of toys (what?!) and realized the snow emergency box I had stashed in my trunk was actually full of more trash, and a lot of things that had nothing to do with snow.

So, here we are, on our way.

House Updates

It’s almost the end of February. We are still just chipping away at house projects.

The new water softener was installed. It took nearly an extra week because the first time they were supposed to install it, they took it to our old townhouse (address located nowhere on the order form) and installed it there. So our buyers got a free water softener. And now we have a matching one!

We got the new dishwasher installed last week. It is a Bosch and it is quiet (our old dishwasher was also a Bosch and quiet) but it also has a third rack for extra silverware or whatever and that is AMAZING. It is superb for sippy cup straws, sippy cup lids and the like.

I sourced some drum lampshades to update the lights in our living room that have had the wrong shades forever. Look.



SO much better.

Did I mention I am an extremely mediocre photographer.

As the weather starts to warm up (so April-ish) we’ll turn our focus outdoors to do some much MUCH needed landscaping.

The Family Room!

Slowly but surely we are furnishing the the unfinished/sparsely finished rooms in our house.

Like our family room.

You see, six weeks into my maternity leave, I realized I hated our family room because it was a dark cave.  I felt like the already “bold” fireplace stuck out awkwardly (let’s be honest – really cannot do anything about that right now).  I realized I couldn’t manage to settle on any furniture for our family room or informal dining area because the walls were a gray with blue undertones, our wood floors were cherry, and the Spanish tile in the kitchen was yellow-ish.


I looked at Marcus and told him we needed to paint.  And moreover we probably like, needed to hire painters. To my amazement he agreed.

We ended up choosing Behr’s Bleached Linen.



I didn’t bother putting the toys or diaper changing supplies away because you guys this is my life.

The original couch (which we bought from a family member a little over a year ago) was meant to go down to the basement. But it wouldn’t fit down the stairs. So now it is living in our three season porch where we didn’t have any furniture yet anyway.

We also need to decide on how we are going to disguise the many cords hanging from our TV. Options: drill a hole in the wall to run the cords through OR use a cord cover. And we probably need one more lamp but I just don’t know where I want it to go yet. Did I mention art? We need that as well. All with time.

A Big Boy Room

When we moved, we decided to replicate the decor in Critter’s nursery for Glitter so he needed a big boy room! He kept his furniture but he got a new paint color (Behr’s Durango Blue AKA the color we painted the bathroom in the townhouse) and some new wall art. I have many fond childhood memories of going to Duluth and watching ships enter and exit the harbor at all hours of the day and night. I wanted to replicate some of that in the art for Critter’s room as I hope to someday share those experiences with our children. Also, Marcus and I both agreed that ships looked cool and that Critter would like them.

We are delighted by them!

We used Sara Gardner again (and would again and again, given the opportunity!). If you are interested in working with her, her website is here.