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Someday We Are Moving

Or like, by March 31 because that is when this house closes!

To brief y’all on what happened since January 31:

  • We had photos and measurements taken on February 1.
  • We listed the house on February 2.
  • We had eleven showings on February 3 (8:15 AM – 6:30 PM) so Marcus and Critter were sheltering at Nana and Baube’s house while they stayed away from ours.  We also had some good friends for dinner that night and totally scuttled our nice beef stew plan and ended up ordering Papa Murphy’s because there was literally no time for anything else.
  • We got two offers on February 3.
  • We had six showings and an open house (with 13 groups!) on February 4.  Again, we went to Nana and Baube’s houses because we had nowhere else to go.  We got one more offer and picked one to accept.
  • Today (February 5) we signed the purchase agreement and now we need to make plans to get out of here!

We didn’t end up seeing the letter from the buyers until after we had accepted their offer but reading it, we had so much peace about who is going to live here after us.  We really have loved our time in this neighborhood and in this house, but we are bursting at the seams here.

The inspection should happen in the next week or so – we already had one done in November so that we would know if there were any red flags (there weren’t) so I’m not terribly concerned about this one but it will of course be a relief once it is over.

As to where we are moving next, my parents’ basement.  It is going to be very cool.  We haven’t found The Barbie Dream Home yet (though we have been looking casually since October) so this will be an experiment in multi-generational living!


Someday We Are Moving

I feel like…in December?  We didn’t do anything.  But there wasn’t really anything to do.  Until New Year’s Eve.  So basically this all rolls into January.

  • We packed up a TON of stuff that needed to be out of our house so that we could show it.
  • We moved the aforementioned “stuff” to a storage locker.
  • Bruce came and: finally installed a new mini-blind in our basement (the old ones were blue…what?) which makes our basement so much nicer, re-set our laundry room door so that it shut properly, nailed down some different baseboards that were loose, stained some of our window…sills?…frames?, swapped out the light fixture in our dining room.
  • We found out Redfin has a sparkle fund to reimburse you for storage, housecleaning and moving-related updates up to $250. So we will be doing that!  Win!
  • On Saturday we met with our realtor to finalize pricing and some person came and did a Google Earth-style 360-tour of our house. 
  • We visited an open house for a house that was terrible.  And obscenely priced for how terrible it was.
  • Our house is going on the market on Thursday. 

Basically, it’s getting real.  If you could all say a prayer that we sell quickly (we have more than enough time to find New House so I’m not particularly worried about that) it would be appreciated!

Someday We Are Moving

We’re still planning to move.  Which is exciting!  And also sort of scary.  Since January is only in one month and then it is time to get this show on the road (and this house on the market).  Just as I type that sentence I am thinking of all of the things we still need to do: install new mini-blinds in the basement, install a new toilet seat in the basement bathroom, replace the light fixture in the dining area (we’ve purchased it, we just need to hang it), replace burned-out bulbs in the entryway fixture, touch-up paint, replace burner plates on our stove, re-hang the door on the laundry room, tack down a few rogue baseboards.

…Get a storage unit or something so we can start staging our house?

So there is a ways to go still.

In November…

  • We hired an inspector to come see our place. There is one thing we could fix but don’t “need” to so that feels good.
  • We made a Lowe’s run (with our 10% off coupon!) and sourced some things we need to make cosmetic improvements.
  • Marcus installed a new screen door on our deck.
  • We switched out the cream switches, sockets and switch plates in our master bathroom for white ones.
  • We replaced one of the feet on our dryer.
  • We met with the realtor to discuss the sale of our home.  He was super helpful and gave us a list of projects to do before we list it.  Those should keep us busy for…a while.
  • We visited three houses.  Two of them were just…odd, and one of them was out of our price range, but dreamlike (and would be within striking distance if it drops at all).
  • We sold our basement couches for $100.  Which is $100 more than I would have sold them for, so shout-out to Marcus for deciding that they were worth something.

Someday We Are Moving


It’s time.

I figure every once in a while, I’ll commemorate all of the productivity we are actioning over here.

In October:

  • I called Bruce to let him know we would need his handy-skills at some point in the next month or two to take care of some different odd jobs and house projects that we simply do not have the time or skills for.
  • Marcus reached out to the realtors at Redfin to schedule a time where we can meet to look at our house, discuss any outstanding (minor) improvements, and where to go from here. 
  • We bought a couch (v lightly used) for our future living room. 

  • We put the ancient (12 year old, bachelor pad) couches in our basement on Craigslist. 
  • I purged the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and came away with one bag of things to trash and another of things to donate. 
  • I also purged a box worth of things from the closet beneath the stairs. Highlights: a DVD/CD repair kit, an empty Nintendo Wii box, a stack of 3.5″ floppy disks, a stack of unburned CDs. No, I don’t know how these things survived past purges either. 
  • Last but not least on the purging front, I managed to fill an entire box with books that no longer need to live on our bookshelves. 
  • We went to one open house. 

Project Weekend

Marcus got home from all of his travel.  We had some ambitions for what we thought the weekend would look like.  And then there was just all of this…stuff that we had to do, because I have been in survival mode for the past few weekends.

I am still in some sort of low-grade denial about needing to call Bruce with the longer list of things we need someone else to do before we put our house on the market next year – swap out some light fixtures, re-hang the laundry room door, tackle some little issues with the baseboards that mostly involve nails.  But. BUT!  Being ever the industrious people we are (and having had a solid nine month break since we have attempted ANY home improvement) there was still stuff we could accomplish on our own.

Exhibit A: Power washing our deck.

How did it get this bad?  I don’t know, tbh. I think a lot of it had to do with our new roof and whatever slurry of grit and whatnot has been running off of these shiny shingles since…July?  Regardless, it is really sparky clean now.

Exhibit B: Coat Rack.

We should have gotten one of these at the same time that we got a shoe rack.  Instead, we didn’t and have been hauling coats around our house for years as a result.  No more.

Exhibit C: Rack for brooms and stuff.

I don’t even know what we call this but as part of my initiative to declutter and de-danger the laundry room (insomuch as it is possible) getting these things off the ground seemed like a wise idea.  Unlike the coat rack, I haven’t been sitting on this idea for seven years.  Back pat, slow clap.

The Nursery

AKA where Critter and I spend all of our time.

Since I shared the prints with you back in November, I thought you might like to see how it turned out.  And I’d like to document the successful completion of another house project for posterity’s sake on The Blog.

Yes, there is some clutter, because this is how it looks when we are actually using it.


We own every book on earth.  And some toys too.


I think the iPad On A Music Stand was a suggestion from my in-laws.  During our first week of life I very quickly realized there was no place to watch TV from where I was sitting.  This was an excellent (and very portable) solution.  I will also say that for as much time as I have spent in the glider, already it is worth all of the money we paid for it.IMG_4061

Obviously since I took all of the photos with my iPhone, the wall color looks a little bit “warmer” than it actually is.  The color is Blustery Day by Olympic, which is a light blue.  We were actually going to use Windswept originally (a lighter blue) but when they started painting, it basically looked white, which wasn’t what we were going for.  Apparently if I’m not painting the rooms in our house shades of white and beige, I’m painting them blue.


Master Bathroom Renovation: We’re Done!

A full year later, we are mission complete on the master bathroom remodel.  From re-tiling the shower, to ripping out the world’s ugliest vanity, to re-painting, we are finally finished.

I don’t know where I got it in my head that I wanted our bathroom to be navy.  What I do know is thanks to Pinterest (which I RARELY use), once I saw some navy bathrooms with gray and/or white tile, vanities, etc. I knew that it was possible!  For paint color, we used Behr’s Durango Blue in a gloss finish.  I chose a gloss finish because as my mother-in-law pointed out, it was entirely possible that painting such a small space such a dark color could just ultimately end up sucking all of the light out of the room.

Without further adieu, the finished product.

IMG_3795 (1)




There are a few more small things we’ll do as time allows.  We’d like to switch out all of the outlets and switchplates so they are a pure white (versus the beige/cream that is likely original to the house), and install a full-length mirror where we currently have the half-mirror that is a hold-over from the terrible wrap-around vanity days.  These are deeply non-urgent matters.

And not to beat a dead horse, but so I can remember how far we have come, the before.



It’s a miracle, really.