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An Offer!

As I said on the 15th, I hoped I would have some exciting news, and I do!

I accepted an offer for an HR Assistant position, which I am positively thrilled about.

I am totally freaked by the fact that now I am actually able to be financially responsible for myself and totally pumped as well.

My next project is to hunt for an apartment so that I don’t have to permanently reside at my parents’ for the next year. I made a HUGE list of places to check out today which means,


What is your dream job?

It is kind of ironic that everyone dreams of the job they’re going to have when they graduate and now we’re in a recession and everyone’s answer is that they really don’t’ have a job and are moving home or some sort of similar story.

In the past five months, I have been rejected for so many Administrative Assistant positions at UHG specifically, that it is not even funny.

However, in a pleasant turn of events, I’ve had several interviews this week and things seem to be looking up. Next week, I’ll interview for a Teller position at Wells Fargo in the case that I need something to do in order to best fill my time for the summer.

Seriously hoping to be able to share some good news in the next week or so.

MS Word Proficiency

Today, I pose to you all a question, that frankly, Eli and I couldn’t answer this week whilst at work.

I was applying for an administrative assistant position at an organization and was filling out the pre-screen questions that they had attached to their electronic application. One of the questions was, “What level of proficiency do you have in MS Word: Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced?”

I feel like that question, in this time of technology, is kind of along the lines of asking someone if they’re good at breathing air.


To whom it may concern:

When I click the “continue” button on a company’s application system, its not totally unlike flushing the toilet, in that I know I will never be able to get that time back, my status in the world remains unchanged, and I’m not going to see a return.

“Networking” is great. But I can’t sit through anymore informational interviews where they tell me that they think I have a lot of great skills but currently they’re on a hiring freeze/have no openings. Its too tiring. I didn’t ever dream that my first “big girl” job would be life-changing but I was at least hoping to find something challenging or that would utilize my skills. And you had better believe that I haven’t been princessing around about this whole thing. If it looks like it might be my skill-set, then I am so there.

It’s almost April. Which means something has got to give, or I am six weeks away from living in my parents’ basement. Srsly.

Praying for Rain

So this past week has been a busier one with the job hunt. I sent out several resumes and target company lists, had two informational interviews (one was good, the other rocked), applied for a position in HR with the Department of Defense, and two positions with United Health Group and joined LinkedIn.

The really rockin’ informational interview gave me the energy I need to keep on going (because sometimes its nice to get positive input from people who aren’t already close to you) but honestly, this process is seriously henious.

Next week I can look forward to an informational interview over lunch on Monday (which is really excellent because my wisdom teeth just came out), and will probably schedule a few more with an organization that I have already been told is having a hiring freeze.

In the meanwhile, we pray for rain.

And then we saw the mangy lemurs.

I probably should have titled this post “Potpourri”, or made it a “Reader’s Digest” but I just don’t know that it would have done the whole thing justice.

Today Mom and I went shopping for business suits so that I can, you know…get a job. Which, was finally complete four hours later with a pair of pants, two blazers, two shirts and a suit. The good news? I will look proper and professional. The bad news? I am extremely bad at marathon shopping so after we had been going for oh, about four hours, I was just over it.

That being said, we were going to see Fiddler on the Roof at 6:30 and still had about an hour to kill before it was time for dinner. Since we were driving down Como, I suggested we go to the zoo since you know, it was something to do that was not shopping and it was free. It ended up being an excellent decision because I think they must feed the animals right after zoo close – all of the big cats were wandering around their enclosures which was just fantastic because usually they’re sleeping. Plus, two of the tamarind monkeys had even tinier tamarind babies on their backs and we got to see Willow, the baby giraffe. Oh, and the lemurs that I was so looking forward to seeing looked as if they probably had the mange. Mange+yellow lemur eyes=a whole new level of bizarre.

Following our half-hour zoo adventure, we got to go to the Palomino for dinner which was delicious…more on that in another post, and then we went to see Fiddler on the Roof. It was simply phenomenal to see because Chaim Topol was reprising his role as Tevye in his final tour. A few facts on Topol as I did not know a great deal about him until this past week…He has been playing Tevye since 1967, was in the 1971 film, and since then has performed as Tevye more than 2,500 times. He is 73. It was literally incredible to watch him onstage, and it was such a gift to watch him perform.

This was really more of a sentimental post than I usually write, but today will definitely get filed away with the morning in DC, Napa, and the first time we saw Wicked, which is to say that it was one of the best.

A Real Catch.

Billy is an awesome little brother. Mostly because every week, we do or discover something that sends us into hysterical fits of laughter.

Today while we were at work, he suggested to me that the link below could be a lucrative income opportunity if I was unable to find any other source of employment.

Ribbon Angels – Income Opportunities

Just think of the possibilities.

Oh, and make sure to check out the “Angel Awareness Magnets/Pins.”