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North Star

Times Square

Hey there, party-animals.  Each June, Meredith commits her blog to posts about New York.  I’m over there today, guest posting about my first trip in 2010.  It’s sort of precious to remember all of the hopes and dreams I had for New York then, compared to the New York that I love now.  Some of them are joys that can only come from visiting the city for the first time.  Others are things that I will love about that city forever.


Joining Up with the B+ Life Podcast.

I know.  I know y’all are wondering, Kat, where is this going.

Me too.  So please bear with me, kittens.

Approximately four years ago, I started reading Sarah’s blog.  Three or so years ago, when Lindsay still lived in D.C., I got to pop off for brunch with Sarah while I was out on a visit.  I feel like when you get picked up from a metro station by a complete stranger in suburban Virginia you are officially friends for life because you have both officially escaped murder/kidnapping/mugging/The Worst Case Scenario.

But, like I said, Sarah picked me up at the metro station and as we worked our way through mountains of breakfast potatoes and eggs (the best) we talked about EVERYTHING.  She is just as wonderful in person as she is on her blog, y’all.  Over the years, our friendship has grown as have our writing collaborations – she is the fearless ringleader of our little Project Reverb team.

I was so honored when Sarah asked me to join her stable of recovering perfectionists trying their hardest to live a B+ life by recording a podcast with her.  Prior to the first week of April, I had never even listened to a podcast, much less thought about whether or not I would ever appear on one!

I hope that you’ll click here to listen.  If for no other reason than the fact that you want to hear what I sound like in real life.  I mean, maybe you also want to know about the moment I first realized as an eight year old that if everything went perfectly, my life would be great!  Since you know how we would do this if WE were meeting in real life, pour yourself a glass of wine, crack open a LaCroix or brew yourself a mug of tea to drink while you listen!

Fleet Feet – A Meditation on Miles


Today, Meredith and her brother Matt are running the New York City Marathon.

In order to observe November as a month of Joy, Thanks and Change, she was kind enough to allow me to share some of my thoughts on running, the finish line and what the act of marathoning is really about.

Get over there to check it out.

Love the one you’re with

Kat and Marcus-182

Our girl, Blair’s Head Band is on her honeymoon right now.  And, to help her out while she is off sipping wine in Napa with her man and basking in the glow of being a newlywed, a few of us took a shot at giving her marriage advice.

So, I’m guest posting over there today.  If you love love (and we all do), I would hop over there and get reading!

Love, Mom

Last night at about 8:30 PM, I convinced my mother that she needed to guest post for me today, if for no other reason than the fact that she tells this story best.  I also convinced her that I needed her to bring me the dress that I wore for our engagement party and rehearsal dinner so that I could wear it to work today.  This is my life.

God sent us a beautiful curve ball into our lives 25 years ago today and I have been given the honor of a guest post!

Katherine spent the summer before her birth practicing ballet moves while standing up, hence she arrived by appointment on August 28, 1987 at 9:01 to yodeling music in the confines of Methodist Hospital.

Bill and I, of course, were there to meet her.  With her as a bundle in his arms, Bill brought her to me and asked “What do we do?”  And from a very nice cloud I whispered, “Talk to her.”  His first words clearly were, “Welcome baby Katherine, we live on the Planet Earth.”  Their conversations have never stopped.

Birthdays come and go, but of course the life changing birthday for Katherine occurred at the tender age of 2.

We were expecting a sibling who was almost 2 weeks late.  Our household was getting wild but who could notice?  We already had an almost two-year old running and at work.  Plans were formed and if nothing worked out, I was going to be induced on August 28th.  I remember thinking, Two babies with the same birthday?  But after being pregnant for almost 42 weeks it sounded like a beautiful plan.  Billy had different ideas and so he arrived on August 25th and got his own date.  Sort of.

Katherine met Billy on the morning of August 25th just before she turned 2.  She arrived with her beloved Grandma Boots who had wrestled her from a neighbor that took her when Billy quite suddenly seemed to be on his way.

We took her to the nursery and put on what she called The Special Coat.  It was a blue hospital gown.  Yes, she was impressed by fashion at a most early age.  To get on her special coat, she first had to be de bandoliered.

In her free time with Grandma that morning, they had made a quick K-Mart run.  Some kids probably played outside at the playground but my mother-in-law shopped those kids early.  By Boots’ account she had taken refuge under some dress rack with two or three handbags zigzagging across her body, unwilling and unable to leave the store without them.

In this fashion she met Billy ready to roll – multiple purses and garmented up.

She thought he looked fine, but was clearly more impressed by the blue birth card with a bunny on it and proudly proclaimed he had a bunny bed.

As the story unfolded, we really did bring him home on August 28th, her second birthday.  At the time I wondered if we would be paying for counseling somewhere down the road. Happy Birthday, have a sibling.

I cooked a spaghetti dinner.  I now ask what was everyone thinking here, but this really is true – sort of my pioneer woman moment!  Bill bought the Cookie Monster Cake. And Auntie Jan, Uncle Verne and the grandparents Bill, Juaine and Boots joined us.

The years following were hard.  You cannot explain a calendar to a 3, 4 or 5-year-old no matter how bright they are.  She could never understand how Billy could have a birthday first, because she was here first (good reasoning – there is something almost arbitrary about the whole deal).  After a year or two we threw in the towel and just celebrated for both.  Lots of cake and presents on each other’s days. Who cared about order!

Early birthdays would have included hotel towel wrapped souvenir objects as we frequently ended the summer on vacation with family and friends (sometimes 40 or more) in the Wisconsin Dells.  Some birthdays were delayed with the terminal illness and death of a parent, but now with tears in my eyes I cannot believe the miracle we were entrusted with low those years ago.

Happy Birthday most beloved daughter.  I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Love, Mom

Heaven Right Now

I wrote a guest post for Meredith that went up yesterday and simply put, I want y’all to go and see it.  It is unlike anything I’ve ever written before.  And Meredith has done a wonderful job this week of curating a really interesting collection of heartfelt, poignant, wrenchingly honest guest posts.  You should probably read them all.  Yes, I used “curate” to describe a blog and yes, I am totally serious about it.

Some of you might be wondering, Kat, is this another one of those people that you “met” on the internet?  Answer: Yes.  And I know for a fact that the next time I’m in New York and we get to catch up over a long run it will be as if no time has passed at all.  It’s funny how that happens sometimes, isn’t it?

Don’t overthink it, just click the link and go.

P.S. LAST CALL! Crepe week ends today, so be sure to tear into Allison’s Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Crepes, Anne’s Red Velvet Crepes with Sweet Mascarpone Cream.  What else is on our luxurious little menu?  Madelyn’s Strawberry Crepes Au Lait, Monica’s Proscuitto Asparagus Crepes with Mango Cream, Carrie’s Vermonter Crepes (plus a giveaway), Katie’s Blackberry Orange Crepes (with a giveaway), Lauren’s Pork Belly and Wild Mushroom Crepes (along with a giveaway) and Madeline’s Blueberry Ginger Crepes a la Mode.  And for just a few more indulgences, we have Jeanne’s Lemon Cream Crepe Cakes for Two, Kirsten’s Tuscan Crepes (with another giveaway), and Megan’s Grand Marnier Berry Crepes (again, more free things!).

Memory Lane-ing

Today’s post (and the last before I return!) comes to you from Laura at These Are a Few of my Favorite Things.  Among many other things, Laura blogs about life and the follies that occur in her kindergarten classroom.  If there’s one thing that I’ve learned since meeting her almost four years ago now (hello, time flies!), it’s that she can really tell  a story.  So run, don’t walk, people!


I must confess that I’ve actually known Marcus longer than I’ve known Kat.  As such, I probably should start out by sharing some quality Marcus memories, to show you the quality guy Kat has married.

We go way back to elementary school.  That’s right, approximately 20 years ago (man, we are getting old) we were in the same third grade class together (unless I have completely fabricated these memories.  Sometimes it is hard to say what is truth and what I have dreamt up).  But roll with me on this, because I’m really hoping Marcus won’t take away the 20 years of memories that I have banking on this post.

Back in third grade, we used to play Around the World.  If you aren’t familiar with the game, 2 students compete to answer the math fact the fastest.  The winner advances to compete against the next child.  Marcus’ last name and my last name are fairly close in the alphabet, and so due to seating arrangements, I would frequently find myself competing against him (and losing to him 98.1% of the time).  The day he was absent and I was able to win more than 2 rounds before getting out was probably my happiest day of third grade.  (that is a lie – my happiest day of third grade was the day that our teacher bought hamsters for class pets from another girl in our class).  I’m just glad that Marcus grew up to be a rocket scientist so that I would know that my losses in Around the World aren’t so much a reflection on my intelligence, but rather a reflection on his geniusness.

Ideally here I would have an embarrassingly endearing photo from our third grade yearbook to show you.  However, I cannot be bothered by scanners, and childhood pictures live at my parents house, so instead I will show you this: a photo of us doing dishes.  Perhaps in late high school?  Perhaps in college?  It is hard to say.  It is the earliest photo I could find that was in the digital age of our friendship.  You can almost see Marcus behind Curly Hair Boy’s head.

While I’ve known Marcus mostly forever, we became friends in high school.  Then we stayed friends in college.  Then I got to become friends with Kat at some unknown point after they met!  It is all very exciting.

Look!  We are all friends!

So far from my rambling we know that Kat’s hubby is smart.  Now we will learn that he is nice!  (yes, I do realize I could use a thesaurus and come up with more exciting adjectives).

After we graduated from college and became real adults, Marcus had a nifty job that sent him on lots of exciting (read: not thrilling) business trips.  One such trip took him to New Mexico.  I told him that my dad used to travel there for work and would bring us back Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.  As a child, I was fairly certain that NM is the only place this specialty bean was sold.  (As an adult, this was just one of the ways I realize how confused I was during childhood.)  Back to the tale: when Marcus returned from his business trip, he brought me a souvenir!  You guessed it: Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!  Win!

At this point in my post, when I mentally prepared to write it 10 minutes ago, I thought I would launch into a hilarious story from one of my kindergarteners, because they really are quite ridiculous in the things they say.  However, I see that I have already written you a novel, so I will probably just stop here.  It’s been a pleasure!

[update: My mom happens to now work at my former elementary school.  She smuggled out an old yearbook for me.  Childhood Memories Confirmed.]

What stories do you have of Marcus or Kat?

What facts of life were you certain of as a small child that now you realize the absurdity of your logic?