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August Goals

It’s so late to be posting these but I did write them out earlier this month.  Already winning at some and failing at others.  That said, I went to hot yoga yesterday and OMG it was healing. 


July Goals

Well, June goals went reasonably well. I totally failed at sourcing any 18 month clothing. But that’s okay!  I’m still hoping I can make a run to Once Upon A Child in the next few weeks. 

Anyway, here are the July ones.  We accidentally did our Financial goal on June 30 (we’re fine so we are continuing on our merry way), but that happens sometimes, right?

We do need to sort out what house projects are happening this year. It’s all stupid little stuff to get our townhouse ready to sell next year. Replacing switchplates, fixing paint. That sort of thing. Nothing exciting but very necessary.  Since it is a busy month for us I don’t actually think we’ll start any projects but who knows, really. 

Do you have any July goals?

June Goals

I have some goals. 

Basically surrounding self-care and survival. 

I was going to write a big long post about them but if I can achieve Me Time, Home, and Be Social, I’ll be jazzed. 

February Goals

I don’t know why I feel like I have to set goals for the month of February.  It may have something to do with the fact that January is over.  It may have something to do with the fact that I like having things to work towards.  I’ll also take a moment to add that I spent most of the month of January unsure as to whether or not there were 30 or 31 days in the month (yes, seriously) and almost wrote a post like this yesterday.  Once a blonde, always a blonde.


Based on what I have seen other bloggers do, it is my understanding that if I am setting goals, I need to physically write them down, and then they need to be staged, ideally with a beverage and some other props.  I hope I did this part right.  Please accept my apologies for the giant roll of toilet paper.  We don’t usually keep Kleenex around the house (judge if you have to, Lord knows that Marcus and my Mother think this is deeply uncivilized) so this is what I use to blow my nose when I am sick.  With that in mind, I feel worlds better than I did last weekend, but the congestion is still just a little bit out of control.  I have a feeling that next week will really be my week.

Anyway, without further adieu, my February goals.

1. Run more.  I was able to get back into my groove of 3-3.5 miles/day no problem – I was really thankful for that.  I would like to get that number up to 4 or 5 miles by the end of the month.  This is partially because I would like to get back to the glory days of running for an hour just because.  This is also partially because I have no intention whatsoever of running while we are in Italy – I want to account for some fitness loss during that break.  I may pack running clothes just in case the beauty and trails are unbearable, but honestly the last two European vacations where I have committed to running, the cobblestones and pavers have just wrecked my feet beyond recognition.

2. Get my continuing education credits sorted for my professional designations.  I’ve already started this project and I’m looking forward to sharing an update soon!  Also, this update will probably be about as exciting as watching paint dry.  You have been warned.

3. Learn more Italian.  I’ve already accepted that I’m not going to be any level of fluent by the time we jet off to Italy on the 26th.  But, I think it would be good to make an effort to master a few more things like counting to 10, asking for help, etc. 

4. Bake some stuff (or make some new snacks!).  I spent most of January wanting to bake, but I just did not have the time.   I think there’s more time now and I have a few good reasons to make the effort.  Who knows, maybe I’ll share the end results here.  As a bit of motivation, I made Spicy Crockpot Chex Mix today for the first time and I think you might love to give it a try too!

5. Throw some parties!  There are actually a few on the calendar.  One of them is an annual fete, the other is an outright celebration.  I can’t wait to get the details sorted.

What are your February goals?

The Most Patient Husband In The World

Me to Marcus: Maybe I’ll blog tonight.  I haven’t written since the Friday Food Round-Up!

Marcus: You haven’t written a blog since Friday?

Me: No.  We’ve been busy doing stuff.

Which is pretty much the truth.  Marcus is off at a guys’ night tonight, and I’m having my first night at home (and by myself!) in several weeks.  It is so marvelous.  I made myself a snack plate, lettuce wraps for dinner, read some of my book and listened to podcasts.  How excellent!

In the time we have had to ourselves, I’ve been vacation planning because at the end of February, we are headed to Italy.  It seems so far away, but I know that our departure date will be here much sooner than we think!  We’ll be there for 17 days and we’re going to be visiting Florence, Venice, Cinque Terre, Rome and Naples.  I feel like it goes without saying, but please share all of your favorite things about these places in the comments.

Neither Marcus nor I speak any Italian, so we have to learn because if we don’t, it is going to be a problem.  In the fall, I thought about starting some sort of home-study, but clearly that did not happen.  What an excellent surprise then, when Santa brought me the Rick Steves’ Italian Phrase Book & Dictionary.


Since Christmas, I have been prancing around the house, exuberantly spouting off one vocabulary word at a time, in the hopes that we will be able to achieve some level of communication as we navigate yet another train station or another restaurant where they do not have menus in English.  Or ask for an extra pillow and blanket.  I have continually found that question specifically to be much more challenging than one would think.

Marcus is continuing in his role as Most Patient Husband In The World as I ask him for things in broken Italian that he doesn’t understand.

I would like one of this one and one of that one.  Thank you.

It would at least be helpful if I specified what, exactly, I was asking for.

Duck is anatraWe might order that.

And so it goes on.  Sprinkling words and phrases into snippets of conversation here and there.  Who knew I might need to know the word for cumin.  In Italiano.


The 25th Year: The Manifesto

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I took a whole weekend off from blogging and it was Not Scary.

Let’s just say that part of The New Regime is blogging When I Feel Like It.  Not because I’ve fallen out of love with The Internet or Writing, but because life has been extremely busy lately.  And someday if/when I look back on all of this, I don’t want it to be a compilation of really interesting stuff and a bunch of cat lady posts vying for your attention.

Even though I did get some fantastic snaps of Spot this weekend, so please know that I have plenty of cat lady blog-fodder.

Anyway, the point is, when the words are supposed to come, the words will come.  The Friday Food Round-Up will always be here because, well, it’s actually pretty damn fun to have a record of all of the stuff we’ve cooked.  And as long as I take pictures of our meals, the post is basically already written.

How easy is that?

So.  Back to this New Regime thing.

This morning we slept in, and then I decided that we should make proper brunch.  Which has probably never happened before in the history of our entire relationship.

Yes, we sit down together from time to time for fried eggs over…things.  But usually when that happens, it’s because I’m eating my Sunday morning second breakfast and Marcus is foraging for leftovers to piece together an early lunch.

Totally not the same thing.

It was actually kind of nice.

Then, since I’m such a fan of goals, I decided to take a moment (or a half-hour on the patio) to write out what I want to accomplish this year.

The Reality: I have a finite number of hours in my day.  Days in my week.  Months in a year.  There are some have tos and musts.  But I want to be the one in control at the end of the day.  I’m tired of rushing around.  I’m tired of being tired.

Yes, this is apparently the massive epiphany I had after a wine-soaked wedding weekend that culminated in an 11-year-old, new-to-me cousin informing me that given the choice, she would be a professional mermaid when she grows up.

At which point, I thought, maybe we all need to aspire to be professional mermaids.

It seems like a pretty simple proposition to me.

The Clock is Up

It’s Monday morning at 6:45 AM and I’m in the middle of putting on my makeup when I realize that it’s the day before my birthday and somehow, I’ve managed to spend a year procrastinating on learning how to do a proper Smokey Eye.

So I flip the eyeshadow compact over, read the instructions, look at an illustration on the back of a separate compact and get going.  Since rebus-illustrations, generally speaking, are the first thing you should go to when you’re searching for directions.

Because it’s always a good idea to try a “new” look before you go to work.  It lets people know you’re a professional.  And stuff.

As it turns out, I ended up liking it so much that I wore it to work again yesterday.   And tested the waters with some new colors today.

Procrastination: It gets things done.

25 by 25.  It’s over now.  The clock is up.  How did I do?

It was a year of the planned-for and the totally unplanned.

Things I failed miserably at: Going to museums.  DIY-ing (even though we did hang a mirror).  Using our china.  Repairing purses.  Buying jewelry.  Learning how to French Press.

But Marcus and I got to go out to a lot of different places.  I ran.  I volunteered at the food shelf.  I learned that I hated pilates (too much flapping).  I became a practiced pie crust-maker.  I took up the art of moisturizing.  We sort of peripherally visited Chicago.

And for the love of all things right and good, I finally managed to master the fine art of The Smokey Eye.

Do you set birthday goals?