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The 4th.

Most important order of business: After today’s census, we determined that there are not 19, but 20 goslings.

I can’t even handle it.

I don’t even know where they’re finding them anymore.

Now, onto even more important orders of business.

I bet you didn’t even think that was possible.

Today?  It is.

Because The Blog is officially 4 years old!

I always forget the exact date, until mid-May rolls around and I think Hmmm…I should probably get on that before it’s too late.

So really it was luck that not only did I think about The Blog’s Birthday while I was on the treadmill, but that I took the time to look it up once I got off.

I know, I know.  We can all Give Thanks ensemble.

At the end of the day, this year in The Blog could very much be characterized through relationships.

The support you’ve shown me.

The stories you’ve shared with me.

The wonderful friends I have made.

For all of this I am truly blessed.

So, hang on tight because the best is yet to come!

And because no celebration is complete without presents, I’d like to give away one copy of The Homesick Texan.

Because we all know that it has been pretty much life-giving and sustaining since it came into our kitchen.

I have no doubt that it will take yours by storm, too.

To enter:

  1. Comment.  If you have a Favorite Post Of All-Time, feel free to mention that.
  2. Tweet the following: @kljwm Happy 4th Birthday, Tenaciously Yours,! I want to win a copy of The @homesicktexan!

Each method is worth one entry, the giveaway will close next Sunday at midnight.  No, I don’t have any clue as to what date that is.  We’ll figure that bit out when we get there.


On the Lake

What was supposed to be one of the calmest weekends in recent memory ended up turning into probably one of the busiest we’ve had all summer.

Sorry for partying.

We’ve been trying to get together with Mike and Lisa for months now (they got married at the beginning of August), so when Mike suggested that we enjoy the afternoon out on Lake Minnetonka, we leapt at the chance.  Obviously.

We’ve had some of the most beautiful weather of the summer this weekend – sunny, clear skies, no humidity.

Perfect for boating.

And totally tragic at the same time because September is (literally) just around the corner.

Add in a trip to Bayside for the largest plate of nachos I’ve ever seen and a chicken wing (the pterodactyl kind) as long as my face, and we were good-to-go.

Fingers crossed, I wake up tomorrow with a lovely tan.

I finally got my act together so I could draw a winner for the giveaway.  Since there were only five entrants, I did it good old-fashioned Pick A Card, Any Card-style.

The winner is…

Lauren @ Climbing Grier Mountain!  E-mail your shipping address to tenaciouslyyourskm at gmail dot com so that I can get those goodies over to you!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Stepping Back and a Giveaway!

In the spirit of organization (and the fact that I just have zero inspiration to write any sort of transitions tonight), we’re going to rock the headers.  Because otherwise we could end up in Left Field without even knowing until it’s too late.

Stepping Back

After my 17 miler on Saturday, I wanted to climb up on top of our roof and scream “It’s Step Back Week!” with the kind of enthusiasm that’s only reserved for reality TV stars going on a destination-adventure or making it to The Final Four.

Except for the part where I didn’t, and went for a cool-down walk and hopped in the shower instead.

But I’d like to think that according to my values system, a post-long run shower is worth AT LEAST $250,000.

To be honest, the very thought of this week is the only thing that got me through training last week.  I completely understand that this part of marathon training is meant to fatigue you, so that your body is mentally and physically prepared for the glories and horrors of being propelled over 26.2 miles.

But I was really starting to get close to my limit.

I love running.  I would even go so far as to say that I’ve officially Crossed Over into that group of people who crave it and adore it.

Training for a marathon?  Is work.  It’s not a job, but it’s demanding.  Persistent.  Constant.  Consuming.  I can’t think of a day that I haven’t spent time thinking about October 2nd since I crossed the finish line of the Lake Minnetonka Half-Marathon on May 1st.

The thought of a week where I only have to run 6-8 miles on Saturday morning is disconcerting in the strongest sense of the word.  But at the same time, I’m kind of excited to find out what a Saturday where I’m not dead-to-the-world feels like.

Not Afraid Anymore

I will say that even though this week’s run was just plain long, while I was trotting along, I realized that I’m not afraid anymore.

When I was getting ready to go down to Madison for Galina’s bachelorette party, I was practically having kittens over the fact that I needed to run 16 miles AND I was going to be forced to do it in a strange place.

Never mind the fact that I had run 16 miles before or the fact that I have run in strange places.

But I truly felt like I was five years old and was being shipped off to Kindergarten for the first time again.

I don’t know what, specifically changed for me after I finished that run.  But as I was doing my last circuit along the shore of Lake Mendota, even though my pace was completely shot and I was flirting with heat exhaustion, I realized exactly how deep I can dig.

I beat the mental pain.  I took The Wall head-on and ran through it.  Fear is dead.

A Giveaway

re: The Noah’s Ark of Fuels

Good news, kittens!  I found fuel that works for me.  While I was on That One Run in Madison, I started chowing down on Honey Stinger Chews and felt absolutely zero GI distress.  Since I’m not one to tempt fate, we’re going to be sticking with those from here on out.

But if y’all are doing the math in your heads, that leaves me with a whole heck of a lot of GUs, GU Chomps and Clif Shot Blocks.

So, it’s giveaway time!

The name of the game is fairly simple on this one.  If you want any (or all!) of the package, leave a comment below that says you would like your name tossed in the random number generator hat.

The contest closes at 5:00 AM on Saturday (which is when I wake-up for my long runs), and I’ll pick a winner then.  I’ll let you know that you’ve won, you’ll send me your contact information and I’ll ship the whole kit ‘n caboodle off to you.

The only caveat: If you win and you DON’T want everything included in the picture above, pay it forward and share the goodies with other runner friends who do need it.

Simple enough, no?

When is the last time you overcame a mental block?

Assuming that a post-run shower isn’t actually worth $250,o00, how much would you pay for one?

What is the thing that you fret the most about before/during a run?

Memorial Day

Kittens, the sun was out today and we dedicated ourselves to getting our daily doses of Vitamin D.  In all seriousness, I barely knew what to do with myself.

We lunched with Brian, who just got back from his year in Israel (!) at The Tin Fish.  What is life, if not for living it around the shores of Lake Calhoun?

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon weather-wise.  After a morning full of storms, I kind of feel like we earned it.

I also dedicated myself to silently sobbing my eyes out as I reviewed The Pioneer Woman’s Coming Home submissions.  Feel free to sob as well.

As I scrolled through her photos on my DROID, I was absolutely overwhelmed.

Freedom isn’t free.

For all of the wars and armed conflicts that we have sent family members and friends into, we have been absolutely blessed to see all of them come home.

And every time I think about those Gold Star Mothers or I see a flag at half-mast, I think of those who are Called to serve so that we may live without fear.

If you’re currently serving and reading this, then Thank You.

My words are insignificant, compared to what you have already offered up.

And for those of you who are related to someone who is currently serving, Thank You.

You sacrifice every day as well.  Our borders are safe, because you loved them enough to tell them that you would be able to make it.

That you would be able to hold your head up high while they’re away.


As promised I’ve finally managed to draw for giveaway winners!

Our winners are…

For the copy of Nigella Kitchen

#24 Khara

And for the Clip Zip ID…

#8 Jess

Please e-mail your shipping addresses/information to me at tenaciouslyyourskw at gmail dot com so that I can get your prizes to you!

What does Memorial Day mean to you?

The third time? Probably a charm.

On Friday, The Blog turned three.

I know.  I KNOW.

Where are my priorities, people?

And of all of the years so far, I would definitely say that this one has been the best.

But for a trip down memory lane, check out my very first post!

When people ask me why I blog, I give them the same answer I give people when they ask me why I run.

It makes me a nicer person.

I am a nicer person because I write.  I am a calmer person because I write.  To spend some time here every day, with all of you on this giant talk show couch in the sky, means that I am allowed to relax, release and move forward.

All of that aside, I’ve made SO many wonderful new friends.

I’ve finally found my voice.

Which is to say that when I talk with someone I know who reads The Blog, nothing makes me smile more than when they tell me that what comes out here sounds exactly like Kat in Real Life.

And for every time that I’ve written something that I’m POSITIVE is going to make people want to jump ship, you respond twice as much with your words of experience, support and encouragement.

So, thank you.  A million times over.

Because Birthdays should be celebrated with one’s favorite things, this year I would LOVE to give away a copy of Nigella Kitchen to one of my readers.

Y’all have basically been proxy-cooking your way through it with me for the last few months, so it’s time to get started from the comfort of your own kitchen.

And to another winner, I’ll be more than happy to mail off a Vera Bradley Clip Zip ID case.

Should you use it for your ID?  Absolutely not.  That falls into the categories of Practical and Functional AKA everything we are not.

The real reason to own this tiny pouch?  I keep it in my purse – the front half holds bobby pins and hair binders while the back half holds a host of accessories.  Being able to swap out necklaces and earrings on a whim is key to a diva’s survival.

You can get up to three entries so, here’s how to win!

  1. Comment on this post.  Share some seriously important stuff.  Or just stop lurking for the day.
  2. Tweet (and comment here that you did!): @kljw Happy Birthday Tenaciously Yours,!  I want to win your favorite things!
  3. Spread the love.  Blog about it and link back to this post.  And then comment back here letting me know.

The contest will close at 12 PM (CST) on Saturday, May 28th.  My goal is to announce a winner before we make it down from Crosslake.

Kittens I’m so sorry to say this (it makes me feel like a Grinch and a half!) but this giveaway isn’t open to anyone outside of the 48 contiguous states.  Shipping costs be damned.

Ready, set, go!

Maintaining the Social Contract

So, the old wallpaper on my Droid looked like this.

I know, I know, this looks like something that belongs to a lady who hoards Persian cats.

But then, those horrible fall rains stopped.  The sun came out.  The 70 degree temperatures returned.

So I had to placate my inner diva. With this.

I feel like you could probably find this at Wet Seal.

And if you’re thinking, Wow Kat, I totally wouldn’t have pinned you as the girl rocking day-glo etch-a-sketch diamonds on your phone.

Well, you’re not alone.

Me too.

But sometimes we have to live on the edge.  And since I’m not one to explore my wild side by dying my hair an unnatural color or shearing an inappropriate amount of it off, cellphone wallpaper is where it’s at.

In exchange for this guilty pleasure, I solemnly swear not to try gin & juice or sippin’ sizzurp like a G6.


The social contract has not been broken.

And, because I know what we all really care about, there’s the giveaway 🙂  Last night I had to choose between eating dessert + watching t.v. or putting names into a spreadsheet.  I just couldn’t help myself.  The thought of spending more time post-work in Excel just sounded so…unappealing.  But we’re past that now.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway!  I finally took the time to rock and this is how we do.

Congratulations Wendy!  E-mail me at tenaciouslyyourskw at gmail dot com so that I can get the goods over to you!

And, if you didn’t win, fear not.  There’s another opportunity for you to win some fun swag coming soon!


Because fall has fallen.

Or whatever the inverse of Spring has Sprung is…

Because it’s rainy in the Rainforest Cafe sense of the word, not that cute, chilly Fall Rain sort of way.

Because I’d like to celebrate my TC Jewfolk Style post.

And because instead of adding another lovely Coach bauble to my collection I would like to add it to yours…

It’s GIVEAWAY time!

Photo courtesy of

All you need to know about the Mini Skinny, is that THIS is the accessory I cannot live without.  It holds my blog cards, credit cards, cash and keys.  If I’m switching purses or am feeling like a minimalist, all I need to do is grab it and go.

For all of these reasons and so many more, I am compelled to share the love.

How to enter:

  1. Comment on this post.
  2. Tweet the following phrase: “@kljw I want to win a Coach Mini-Skinny!”   Return here and comment saying that you did so.
  3. Share this giveaway with your readers, and link back.  Leave me a comment.

The giveaway will end at 5 PM on Wednesday, September 29th.

For the record: Coach doesn’t know I exist and I have yet to receive any SWAG from anyone to share with y’all.  This is because we love.