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Ah, PE Class.

I’m taking beginning tennis next semester – I pretty much can’t wait.

Conditioning was a good adventure, except the class was really, heavily based on running, and frankly, you just do not get that much better at running by only doing it twice a week, or in the scheme of the class, three times in two weeks. It basically means that you stay the same at being able to run. And, there wasn’t much of a focus on toning the rest of the body. We spend like…five minutes on crunches, push-ups and that sort of thing.

Frankly, I got more out of Jazz 1 with the toning and the movement and such. Which isn’t so much disappointing, but more of a “Seriously?” moment.

I’m kind of hoping that tennis will take the best of the two (Conditioning=Cardio and Jazz=Toning) and will give me something more. Its a good life skill to have, like golf, and I’m assuming waving a racket about works the arms. Just a thought.



Running is kicking my ass.

I think I had idealized it from last summer. But I forgot about how after five minutes, my body starts telling me what a bad idea it was to go out. And then it shuts up for awhile. But for the last three minutes of the run, my feet don’t want to lift themselves up from the pavement.

Did I mention that my shoes give you blisters at first too?

This probably means that I owe my feet a pedicure.

On the bright side, I really enjoy my shorts.