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Epic Success

I’m still in total disbelief that I actually managed to wake-up at 5:30 AM, so that Galina and I could get running at 6:30 AM.  I’m more surprised that our run went so well.   11.8 miles later, I’m not gonna lie, I kind of feel like a champion.

Wedding dress shopping was an epic success.  It took two hours at David’s Bridal, despite the fact that The Dress was the second one I tried on.  But since you only do it once, why not go big, right?

You had better believe that we took pictures of every single one, so I’ll post them (except for The Dress) as soon as Linds e-mails them to me.

Epic success is also defined as making it to Sweet Retreat by 2-ish.  At which point, I tucked into a Peanut Butter Cup cupcake.

Yes, this is the photo I snapped on the cupcake crawl.

I also brought home a little sampler of mini-cupcakes.

For a size-comparison, the mini-cupcake packaging is the same as the regular single-sized cupcake carrier, it’s just turned upside-down.

In the sampler, I had a Peanut Butter Cup, two Kevin’s Vanilla Princess (I just went with what they had, you know?) and a Coo Coo for Coconut (which was surprisingly delicious).

This may look suspiciously like a cupcake binge to you, but the way I see it, the cupcake I ate post-dress shopping was part of the dress shopping experience.  The mini-cupcakes I brought home?  Recovery food from my run.

You had better believe that I’m ordering a box of them to have waiting at the finish line.

Really, the most incredible part of today is that it’s only Saturday.


Cupcake Crawl!

So I’ve been a little remiss in giving you all the down low on the Cupcake Crawl we went out for on Saturday afternoon that Miss Erica planned.  I was looking forward to it ALL week and it was the perfect way to satisfy my sweet tooth!

We started out at Sweet Retreat on 50th and France.

Obviously, there were lots of choices.

Clockwise from Top: Choczilla, Kevin's Vanilla Princess, S'mores, Vanilla with Chocolate, Cookies n' Cream

We decided the best way to love these was to buy a bunch, and then split them into quarters.  I got to sample the Choczilla and the Cookies n’ Cream.

I may or may not have grabbed some extra sustenance to-go in the form of a Peanut Butter Cup cupcake.  It was totally necessary.  My only qualm with cupcakes are that they’re impossible to enjoy in a leisurely way.  You pretty much have to commit and go for some semblance of speed before the thing falls apart on you.

It stood no chance against me.  The peanut butter frosting was incredible and there were mini-peanut butter cups at the bottom of the cake.  I will definitely be visiting this place again, and sooner than later.

We also visited the Cake Eater Bakery in Minneapolis.  Basically, it was epically disappointing.  About half of their case was Vegan and I’m just gonna say it, because someone has to.  If you don’t bake with real butter (margarine or anything else of that ilk does not count), you’re absolutely kidding yourself.

My favorite part about this place was the fact that Lindsey would take a bite of one of the cupcakes at our table and then would immediately turn to the garbage can next to our table to spit it out.  I tried the Vanilla and the Red Velvet.  Both were below-average.  I totally passed on the vegan cupcakes and the Mexican Chocolate.  The other half of our group also sampled their bacon cupcake.  Basically, this place was 100% confusing to me.

It was such a cute idea and I would love to go on another one (or organize one!) to try some of the other cupcake spots I haven’t been to in the cities!

Driving: Edina-Style

There are cities and towns where drivers are known for being exceptionally vicious. New York City would be one such example. Los Angeles would likely be another.

Spending time in Edina, I have become most fascinated with the driving skills that the fair denizens of that city posess. In the past two months, I have seen so many variations and interpretations of what and where a right-turn lane is, that I have drive in a constant state of preparation for imminent impact at any time, anywhere.

The people of Edina, empowered by large bank accounts and and similarly large SUVs (think: Urban Jungle theme) have a similar sort of “Suvival of the Fittest” vibe going on. When you hit the road, you can’t enjoy the music on the radio much less look at the gigantic shops on France Ave, you have to put your (excuse my french) bitch-face on and be ready to roll over anyone who dares to cross your path. Grocery store parking lots? Check. Mall parking lots? Check. France Avenue when driving in the right lane? Double check. Trying to get on 494? YOU HAD BETTER WATCH YOURSELF. The ONLY places this seems to abate are when one is parking underneath the Galleria by Gabbert’s OR, when one is trying to get onto Highway 100. This is likely attributable to the fact that these people do not actually live in Edina.

Galleria Trip

Every day, Edina is a journey.

Bizarrely enough, I was buying a present for an out-of-town friend’s couple’s shower and on her registry was this set of Parker nesting mixing bowls. Given that I am moving, and haven’t had to purchase a ton of things, but needed mixing bowls, I figured it was time to pay a visit to Crate and Barrel and the good old Galleria.

The thing about the Galleria is, if you turn on 70th (?) and France, you have to deal with the issue of traffic circles, which in Europe, I understand. But in Edina, with their driving-style, they become absolutely deadly. Not cool.

Once you get into the Galleria, there’s a bizarre potpourri of legitimate stores, boutiques and poser-boutiques that look nice, but are full of crap. How delightful. And there’s also a pleasant blend of vapid, entitled women and women that look like they inhabit a permanent state of self-loathing.

Plus, the Galleria is strange in the sense that it would benefit from a layout like the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes (in order to contribute to the cachet), but rather, it is an enclosed mall with a strange smattering of restaurants and cafes that seems kind of like an afterthought.

How special.

Don’t worry, they’re SUV-proofed.

Usually, for my lunch hour, I run over to Byerly’s and grab a quarter-pound of this salad or that. Its inexpensive, healthier than going to pretty much any of the restaurants in the area and gives me a chance to escape the office to walk around for a bit.

One thing that is most striking about this Byerly’s (and there are many things that I will share with you) is that they’ve SUV-proofed (yes, the good people of Edina are enamored with these vehicles) the parking spaces by putting extra-large lines around each space, so that it is impossible to take up more than one space.

What a wonder of the modern-suburban world.

Parking Lot Fox

Parking Lot Fox. It kind of has a nice cadence to it.

We’ve had a fox roaming our neighborhood in Plymouth all summer. Mom always sees him, Dad and Billy sometimes see him, I never see him. I tell Mom that she’s making it up all the time.

So imagine my shock and surprise when a waterlogged, flat-furred fox trotted through my office’s parking lot at 7:50 this morning to un-bury something next to the curb that he had saved to feast upon at a later date.

Personally, I had envisioned seeing the neighborhood fox trot jauntily through our backyard, fluffy and resplendently gleaming red in the sun. Because of the rain, the parking lot fox had a rat-tail with a sad white tip at the end.

When in Edina…

When I spend time in Edina, I feel at home and at the same time, an overwhelming urge to laugh.

Because, Edina is like the Wayzata of the South Metro. Except closer to the city and BIGGER.

Really, that’s what the glaring difference between the two is – anything that happy rich people in Wayzata do, happy rich people in Edina will do the same way, except they will blow the physical size up 100x.

Why? I absolutely could not tell you. But while it’s comforting to drive down France Ave, it kind of makes me feel like I’m in a fun house.