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An (un) Day In The Life

This morning, I decided it might be nice to do a Day In The Life post.  I got as far as this…

…and then I got dressed, dropped Critter off at Baube’s house, drove to work and promptly forgot about it.


On Tuesday, we discovered that the neighborhood fox ate the duck nest in our garden and that was a dark, dark time for all members of the multi-generational compound.  We are still in mourning.

I also made a Target run (before the dark discovery) and picked up a few more things to get me through the rest of the summer – a few “swimsuits” (sports bras/bikini bottoms), another maternity tank, and a few pairs of sport-shorts.  The shorts look like a tent but they are comfy as hell and the only thing that is true is that I have 17 weeks to get bigger.

A few weeks ago, I bought a new 2017 – 2018 planner (July – July) at Target.  It was Ampersand for Blue Sky.  It was $7.99.

I really don’t need a $50 planner anymore (or possibly ever again) and the size of this planner is great because right now, I really can’t plan more than two daytime activities and like, a once a week girlfriend get together.  Anyway, I got the Blue Sky Day Designer last year and also loved that (it just wasn’t released at the point that I bought this planner) and would recommend.

So, that’s life right now. 


Reverb 15 | April | Daily Life

#reverb15 is the opportunity for us to reflect and project throughout 2015.   Each month, Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting on a new prompt.  Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us.

Daily Life: Show us a day or a week of your life! Include pictures!

Friday – Friyay!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who felt like this was the longest week ever. 

By the point I realized that I had not taken an outfit snap, there were no mirrors to be found.  So I tried to do that pose that serious fashion bloggers do to show their outfits off.  Let me know how I did.

Snap 1

Marcus has every other Friday off.  Every once in a while, he takes a bit of that Friday to bring me cupcakes at work from Sweet Retreat.

Snap 2

I love him.

I got an e-mail today, telling me that I did not have to volunteer this week (I volunteer after work most Fridays) and as much as I enjoy volunteering, I did not mind the chance to go straight home and call it a day.  Once I got home, I power walked.  It’s Friday.  What else is new.

Snap 3

Post-walk, it was time to change and get going for dinner.  For the entirety of this week, I have been dreaming of wearing Lilly.  Knowing that it was 48 and raining, I still picked out this outfit, but then I chickened out when I looked out the window.

Snap 4

I ultimately ended up with the vastly more practical blanket scarf.  I really thought I would be done with that for the season, but apparently not.Snap 5

On our drive to South Minneapolis for dinner, I cracked open a can of Canada Dry.  I’m usually a LaCroix person, but a 12 pack of Canada Dry was on sale for $3.29 each.  Considering LaCroix is routinely $4.99, I was willing to give Canada Dry a try.  Snap 6

So far, I am thinking I would extend my trial for another 12 pack or so and then make a decision.  It is not disappointing, but it’s also not…LaCroix.

For dinner, we headed out to Revival, which is a new restaurant in South Minneapolis.Snap 7

They don’t take reservations and then you have to wait in line forever.  But that’s okay, because you also order a lifetime worth of food.  Snap 8

Which, after Marcus hocus-pocus-ed it onto our table, we ate.  All of the food was delicious, but honestly, my favorite were the hush puppies.  I am a shameless hush puppy lover.

We have officially survived another week-in-the-life kittens, and I must say, it is exhausting.  In some ways, it’s a really fun activity because it forces me to write less, but blog more at the same time.  In other ways, it’s just…a lot of blogging.  That being said, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that you really enjoy these posts so we’ll see if I can’t plan another week-in-the-life sooner than later.

Reverb 15 | April | Daily Life

#reverb15 is the opportunity for us to reflect and project throughout 2015.   Each month, Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting on a new prompt.  Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us.

Daily Life: Show us a day or a week of your life! Include pictures!

Thursday.  Also known as the day where I could not be bothered to take a photo.  It makes doing a Week In the Life…tricky.

I wore this Old Navy wrap dress to work today.  I am pretty sure it is still for sale, if you’re digging the pattern.

Snap 1

Today was…long.  Usually when I run inside, I watch whatever I have on the DVR. On the days when I’m stressed (Exhibit A: Today), I throw on my shades and my iPod and skip the DVR all together.  I’m sure it’s strange to say that I wear my sunglasses running inside, but if I’m listening to music on the treadmill, I wear my sunglasses.  The two always go together.

Snap 2

I will be honest, if there was ever an evening for a perfect night in, this would have been it.  But it was wine night and if I was going to leave the house, it would only be for these ladies.

Snap 5

See also: We are selfie masters and the dress code is elastic waistband pants.

Anna brought this really excellent avocado-feta-tomato dip.  Highly recommend.Snap 3

Emily made a cinnamon butter dip for apples and I brought none other than the peanut butter pie.

Snap 4

When I was snapping this photo, I instructed Becky to be a hand model.  I think she did a pretty 11/10 job, don’t you?

Reverb 15 | April | Daily Life

#reverb15 is the opportunity for us to reflect and project throughout 2015.   Each month, Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting on a new prompt.  Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us.

Daily Life: Show us a day or a week of your life! Include pictures!

My week thrives on routine.  Exhibit A: Eating the same breakfasts.

Snap 1

Since I mentioned my make-up routine yesterday, I thought y’all might like to see what make-up I actually wear each day.  This is it, with the exception of some variation in eyeshadow palettes.

Snap 2

I also got brave today and tossed a few lip glosses that I never wear out of my purse.

This was my outfit of the day.  It took me an embarrassingly long time (read: probably at least four months) to realize it would be a cute thing to wear my nautical stripes with my navy skirt.Snap 3

I went to work.  Today was Bacon Luck, which of course, I did not take any photos of whatsoever.  But it was just as magnificent as you would imagine – a whole meal dedicated to bacon and things mixed WITH bacon.

When I got home, I went for a run. Related: running after eating bacon is a terrible thing.

Post-run, I made another peanut butter pie for my girls’ night tomorrow night.  I baked the crust on Tuesday, but I ran out of filling.  Problematic.

Snap 4 Snap 5

This is the finished product.Snap 6

I got dinner going, because the meatloaf was going to take 1.5 hours to bake.  Then, I settled in to read some stuff about stocks.  I’ve made it a goal to learn more about personal finance over the next few years and to understand how people select investments to add to their portfolio.

Snap 7

It seems like a useful life skill.  It also sort of seems like watching paint dry.

Marcus came home from his business trip and we ate dinner together.  That was really nice.  We haven’t eaten dinner together since Saturday.

Snap 9

Post dinner I mixed up a manhattan mankattan and put my feet up.

Snap 8

Reverb 15 | April | Daily Life

#reverb15 is the opportunity for us to reflect and project throughout 2015.   Each month, Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting on a new prompt.  Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us.

Daily Life: Show us a day or a week of your life! Include pictures!

On Tuesday, I woke up early so that I could log my run before work.  I did three miles, watched most of an episode of Southern Charm, and wrapped it up with some stretching.

Snap 1

For breakfast, some smoked salmon on toast, and (more) coffee.

Snap 2

Clearly I am failing miserably at this whole Abstaining From Caffeine-thing.

After I eat breakfast, I blow dry my hair, put on make-up, get dressed and go to work. Every day.  That is my morning routine.

I only managed to snap my outfit AFTER work in the gym locker room.  It was sort of the same as yesterday’s outfit.  Except with a skirt instead of a dress.

Snap 3

I was at the gym because after work, I went swimming with Mom.  Hence, the early morning run instead of the post-work run.  We kick-paddle-kick-paddle-kicked for an hour or so (Mom got there an hour early, so she had been swimming for two hours!) and then it was time to head home.

True story, it snowed today and this is what the ground looked like when I was leaving the pool.

Snap 4

Talk about a real Minnesota spring.

I couldn’t wait to get home because my #LillyforTarget had arrived.

There were a few snafus.  One of the scarves (the one I had decided was mine) did not arrive.  When I called customer service, they informed me that because it was out of stock, the best they could do was refund me the money.  It lives in the great distribution center closet in the sky now.

When I told Mom about this tragedy, she tried to insist I take HER scarf, and I said Absoltely Not.  But such is the depth of a mother’s love. Plus it looks really cute on her. 

There were also two pieces (a top and a dress) in Nosie Posey that were honestly heinous.  I wanted to love the print, but the cut of the clothing was so awful that I had not choice but to return it.

That’s okay though because the shift dresses were a total home run.  Look.

Snap 5 Snap 6 Snap 7

They fit so well that it was like someone measured me and sent me dresses.  I truly cannot wait to start wearing these out and about.

For dinner, I headed back over to Mom and Dad’s.  Marcus was out of town at the beginning of the week, so when Mom offered up salmon (with a side of leftover ribs), I was not about to turn her down.

Snap 8

Post-dinner, I came home to do more cooking of my own.  I whipped up a peanut butter pie for our work potluck tomorrow.  Of course I didn’t think to photo it until it was wrapped in foil and in the fridge.  I also whipped up two pounds of breakfast sausage and divided it into half-pound servings for future meals and popped it back into the freezer for storage.

Snap 9

I’m sure you’re glad that I remembered to capture that.

Reverb 15 | April | Daily Life

#reverb15 is the opportunity for us to reflect and project throughout 2015.   Each month, Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting on a new prompt.  Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us. Daily Life: Show us a day or a week of your life! Include pictures! Monday.  AKA the one day of the week that no one would ever willingly re-live.  But here we are!  Reliving it! I drank coffee again at breakfast and it was pretty great.  I also ate the other half of the avocado that I chopped in half on Sunday. Snap 1 Avocado toast = so innovative, I know.  I mean, really, I’ve probably been eating it for the last three or so years as breakfast or lunch, depending on what food was or was not in the pantry. This was the outfit that I wore to work.  It’s a classic winter workhorse, so I thought that its time had passed until next fall.  Today the forecast was 40s and gusting winds.  I had to go for it. Snap 2 I forgot to snap pictures of the green juice I drank for morning snack and the chickpea salad I ate for lunch.  But I did remember to snap a photo of these really lovely, ripe strawberries that I ate as afternoon snack. Snap 3 If you’re not eating all of the spring strawberries, we probably need to have a talk.  They have just been So Delicious this year. After wrapping up my snack, I headed downstairs to workout and watch The Royals.  It is so phenomenally bad, which as we all know means that I cannot look away. Snap 4 It was power walking day, so I did that for an hour.  Mondays + Fridays = Power Walking Days.  All Other Days = Running Days. Snap 5 Once that had wrapped-up, Eli and I had our monthly dinner get-together.  Lately we have been big fans of grabbing D’Amico’s and then hauling it back to her house for feasting. Snap 6 Easy and delicious. I got the salad sampler with the Shrimp + Farro Salad, the White Bean + Vegetable Salad, and the Roasted Vegetables/Mozzarella/Romesco salad. None of those are the actual names of the salads.  They’re simply my best interpretations. Snap 7 After dinner, I came home and settled in for some good old fashioned blogging and QVC-watching.  Act surprised. Snap 8 As a point of clarification, do I ever home shop?  Absolutely not.  I truly love watching QVC because it is just so phenomenally mindless and some evenings, you really just need to watch something that is pointless.

Reverb 15 | April | Daily Life

#reverb15 is the opportunity for us to reflect and project throughout 2015.   Each month, Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting on a new prompt.  Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us.

Daily Life: Show us a day or a week of your life! Include pictures!

Our week in the life continues with Sunday!

#LillyforTarget Pink Sunday started at some point between 11:50 PM CST and 12:00 AM CST and so did my Sunday.

I, like many women, was extremely excited about the Lilly + Target collaboration.  I have purchased from Target collaborations in the past (Missoni, Calypso St. Barth’s, Fairbault Woolen Mills) and I have been a big Lilly fan since I entered my 20s, so this was pretty much my dream collaboration.

They say you never forget your first Lilly and I can tell you that it’s true for me as well.  As we all know, Lilly Pulitzer is an East Coast brand and I live in Minnesota where even though it gets some wear, it’s not really A Thing (this collaboration notwithstanding).  As we all also know, Lilly Pulitzer is not cheap.  The dresses are consistently well over $100 and that is not really in my budget ever.  So my first Lilly dress was actually a lime green frock with small zoo animals embroidered all over it that my mother found in a thrift shop.  And I loved that dress and I was so proud of it and I wore it until it really wasn’t so lime green anymore.  Over time, I continued save and add a few pieces to my collection through RueLaLa sales and The Preppy Outlet.  This is just how it is.

So on Saturday afternoon, I reviewed the lookbook, made a list of the items I wanted, and tried on my current Lilly to decide on sizing.  I also signed up for a account because I did not actually have one prior to this and I knew that would help checkout to move faster.

As midnight CST approached, Target still hadn’t formally launched the collection, but as I followed the action unfolding via #LillyforTarget on Twitter, it became extremely apparent that they had already set-up the live links to site.  So I, along with a nation full of Twitter-using #LillyforTarget hashtagging shoppers swapping tips and leads, used my list, worked my plan and I scored the haul of my dreams.

Lilly 1 Lilly 2 Lilly 3 Lilly 4 Lilly 5 Lilly 6Lilly 7 Lilly 8

Now I just have to cross my fingers that it arrives safely at my doorstep (I got shipping confirmations this afternoon) and that it really does fit as I only ordered one size per style.  I will be honest and say that I was so incredibly jazzed after getting my order confirmations that I couldn’t sleep!  I spent the next hour and a half (I finally collapsed into bed at 2:00 AM) following the drama unfolding through the #LillyforTarget hashtag as Target shutdown the live links, vaguely announced a possible 2:00 AM CST launch time, and re-launched the site with a subsequent crash.  Someday this is going to be a fascinating case study for social media, IT infrastructure, supply chain or all three.

Because I have not been sleeping so well for the last week or so, I was up and at ’em at 7:15 AM.  So great, right?  I gave Mom a call to share my story of victory and she shared her own sample sale story with me.  I asked her if she would write it out for me to share here as a part of Week In The Life, because (1) I always want to remember it and (2) it goes with our theme.  She writes:

I grew up in St. Paul and attended a catholic school for most of my years before college.  My parents were honest people and big on truth telling, except for one little white lie my senior year.

My mother was a particular shopper and certainly a bargain hunter.  I grew up in the outlets of JC Penny and Montgomery Wards. But once a year all bets were off when Frank Murphy held their annual sale. They had truly high fashion from Paris and New York and the exterior looked like a home in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It never blended in at the corner near Wabasha but across the street was the Moundry Apothecary and they truly did not fit in either as one of the oldest drug stores in the city with an enormous sign of a mortar and pestle. When you grow up with the city oddities, they just are what they are….

The store downtown was just across the street from The St. Paul Hotel and there, in 1974, was where the lie occurred.  The annual sale was a notorious mosh pit. Hundreds of women (only) stood in line outside the hotel and when the doors opened it was a flat out mad dash to the ballroom.  Women began undressing as they entered the ballroom and grabbed clothes by the armload rushing to a wall to begin the fitting.  You had to start with an armload of anything and you bartered then for exchanges from fellow shoppers. In the grab-and-go stage women fought for garments.  Really –  and the press was there.  Photos ran on the nightly news and hit the front page of the paper.

My mom wanted to go to the sale and for some reason this year I was to be included. She and Dad somehow weirdly supported the Duluth Symphony Orchestra with Corrine and Dick Gelbmann and they had an annual formal event, and at this point in my Dad’s military and civilian career they did have occasions for formal dress. The sale was on a school day and Mom had decided as she would just call me in sick that morning and that is exactly what she did.  The dress she found that day was a dress she wore for the National conference Dad planned for the Army Corp of Engineers and included Hubert Humphrey speaking.  She also wore it for her 25th wedding anniversary.  It was a beautiful azure blue shimmering fitted top with a wide rhinestone belt and a white, very heavy satin long skirt.  Of all of the clothes she ever wore that was my favorite.  She also had a pink floral suit I remember.  

I am not quite sure – earlier I thought we were on the news that night but I actually think we were on the front page of the St Paul Dispatch above the fold the next morning – a shot of both of us on the steps of the hotel as we entered the building with the mob.

What you did with Lily last night was so civilized but the anticipation and the wait were exactly the same… 

By the time we got off the phone, my coffee was brewed and it was breakfast time!

Snap 1

Overnight oats with canned peaches.  I can’t wait for it to be the season for fresh peaches!  We’re getting closer!

I haven’t written about this on the blog, really, but after Italy, I decided to see if I could give up my daily cup of coffee.  Each time I visit a place that lacks drip coffee (AKA anywhere outside of the United States), I essentially end up weaning myself off of caffeine because espressos and lattes, while delicious, do not do anything for me.  For the last three weeks, I have been drinking hot lemon water and even though I haven’t realized any health benefits, it has been a nice substitute.  I really haven’t missed the coffee at all.  With all of that in mind (the giving up coffee, the hot lemon water), this morning I NEEDED coffee and it really was delicious.

After breakfast, I checked up on my #LillyforTarget order.

Snap 2

I went for a run, and for lunch, I had a slice of avocado toast and a green juice.

Snap 3 Snap 4

I was just completely off of my eating game last week, so I needed to hit the reset button today.

After lunch, I did some reading.  The book I currently have checked out is sort of plodding, but I am officially past the halfway mark, so I am determined to finish it.

Snap 5

And then I went to book club with my sorority sisters.  We had a good turnout this month – it was actually my month to choose a book, so I picked World Without End.Snap 6

Half of us read it, half of us didn’t, which I feel is pretty fair for a 1000 page book.  We discussed it for approximately 10 minutes, and then we spent the rest of the time visiting.   This, as I am sure we all know, is The True Point Of Book Club.

Since Marcus was at an afternoon birthday party in Uptown, I asked Mom and Dad earlier this week if we could have ribs for dinner.  They said yes.  It was wonderful. Snap 8

My contribution was this Christmas pudding that I found in the pantry.  I’m sure you’re all wondering what else we have hiding in there, but I can confidently tell you that this was the most exotic offering.  It was delightful.

Snap 9

After dinner, Dad did a presentation for us on retirement planning.

Snap 10

Which is a totally normal thing to do on a Sunday night, and I am sure that you and your family did something completely similar.  With that in mind, retirement planning is something that Dad is passionate about and it was really enjoyable to hear him share his expertise with us in the same way that he is able to share with people who are not our family.