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Weekend Bits and Pieces

I preface this by saying that I am absolutely terrible about washing my car.  I think the last time that Karat got a wash was in September and that is because I happened to pay Billy to detail my car before he headed down to Texas.

We had an unseasonably warm day on Saturday.  45 degrees.   Today, the windchill (and the temperature) dropped below zero again.  So in addition to flinging open all of the windows in our house to air it out and filling up my gas tank, I decided to get a car wash.

Which was exactly the same idea that the rest of the state seemed to have in-mind.  Because once the temperature dips below zero, road spray disappears, functionally speaking.  Translation: You can get your car washed and it will look shiny-new.

Sidebar: If you live in a state where salt and road spray do not exist, never change.

When I pulled in, I saw that the line for the car wash stretched to the entrance of the gas station, but I was not deterred.  Rather, I made a quick bathroom run, pulled a La Croix out of my purse and settled in for the long haul.

There were 10 cars in line.


It was a long haul.

I had time to review The 70 Best Pictures of Kate Middleton.  They are all great.  You should too.

An hour later?  Karat.  In the wash.  Today?  Shining.  Like new.

On Sunday we Winesday-ed (minus our wedding-planning and southbound members) and I FINALLY got to meet Ann’s beautiful daughter, Lena.

Lena and I

Thank you Angie for the snap!

We had Facetimed before, but nothing can compare to holding a tiny pup in your arms.  She is truly such a little blessing.  Perfect.  Wonderful.

I think we will keep her forever.


North Again

That I love the cabin is no secret.  It is one of, if not my most relaxing place.  And last summer it was such a blessing that I was able to spend a full week up there in addition to the odd weekend.

Obviously there was absolutely no chance that was going to happen this year with the amount of time I’ve taken to travel elsewhere.  So I want to say that at the beginning of May, I went through my calendar and wrote down every single weekend that I was going to (1) be in the state this summer and (2) did not have any wedding-ish plans.  And from there, my Mother, Aunt and I sifted through those weekends and put together a bit of a schedule for the summer.

To put it into perspective: I have been home three weekends this summer.  I have been gone for six.  It has certainly been a different summer, but so far it has also been a blissful one.  Even if I am trapped in an endless cycle of packing-unpacking-repacking.

This year, to me, it is perfect.

So on Friday afternoon, we decamped once more.

Big news: Karat hit 100,000 miles on the drive up.

07282013 003

Yes, I realize Karat is probably a super-trashy name for a car, but it’s gold and I’ve never felt the urge to give my car some sort of…lady name.

Once we got up, I set to work actioning some Buffalo Chicken Dip and pressing the camo koozie into action.

07282013 004

It really might be the best investment I’ve made this summer.

This weekend was less-than-ideal weather-wise (50-60 degrees and crisp) which was great for running but not much else.  Mom and I ended up having to layer-up in the porch to watch the sunset.07282013 006

07282013 005

We also got the chance to sort through all of the snaps I took in Paris.  I’m sure most people would have gotten the chance to share those…months ago, but this is just how the timing worked out.

While I was running on Saturday morning, Marcus and Sharon went fishing (snap c/o Uncle Steve).

07282013 016

They both caught one Bass each and Marcus caught a tiny Northern.  I’m hopeful that this bodes well for his annual fishing trip.

Saturday lunch brought us to JR’s No. 19 II BBQ+Tacos in Nisswa (we visited the Pine River location earlier this summer).  Yes, it’s a little bit strange that this establishment has taken root in The North, but who am I to ask questions?

07282013 007

In case you couldn’t tell, the ribs were mine (I have a deep and unabiding love for ribs).  Marcus got the 1/2 chicken, Mom ordered the Taco Pulled Pork Nachos (which we all mostly ate) and Dad got the Taco Pulled Pork Sandwich.

If you’re in the area (Pine River or Nisswa), go.

Following that feast, I took the nap that I should have taken hours earlier.  Perhaps it’s better that I went the late-afternoon route because post-nap, Sharon helped me catch-up with one of her famous Bloody Marys.

07282013 008

The one Uncle Doug actioned me last weekend was 11/10 as well. I could get used to a life like this.

The koozie made another appearance and we celebrated the retirement and birthday of a longtime neighbor.

07282013 009

Pretty much, when we’re Up North, we just say Yes.

And when the day could not be lived any more fully, we painted the sky.

07282013 010

This one was actually worth leaving the warmth of the cabin for.

Between the partly cloudy skies and the wildfire situation in Canada, we have been blessed with some incredible sunsets this year.  This weekend was no different.


1. I got Karat in 2009.   Not that it was particularly dramatic or impactful at the time, but as soon as we pulled out of the dealership, Marcus did all of my presets.  Except I barely touched two of them.  For three years.  So last week, I decided to pull my big girl pants on and get switchin’.  Yes, seriously, it took me that long to make it happen.  You can’t even imagine the liberation, kittens.  You can’t even imagine.  There is a whole WORLD of music out there.  It’s wild.

2. Tonight, Eli and I went on a girl date to 112 Eatery to have burgers, fries and red wine.  Because we are fancy friends and because we are hell-bent on doing All Of The Things downtown while it’s still wonderfully convenient.  Anyway.  The burgers and fries.  These are probably the things that 112 is least well-known for, but oh my word.

Dinner was phenomenal. 11/10 phenomenal.

Some of you may be wishing that I had snapped a pic, but instead just imagine a fantastic hand-ground patty grilled medium-rare topped with brie on a toasted English muffin.  With house-made sweet and spicy pickles on the side.

I’m sad you missed it too.

3. My brother-in-law is in the Army and currently at Basic Training.  SO… If you have a Patriotic heart (or are just really bored at work and looking for something purposeful/intentional to do) and would like to write words of encouragement for him or for other members of his group that maybe aren’t getting as much mail as he is, please e-mail it to tenaciouslyyourskm at gmail dot com.  I will print everything off and mail it along with our letters as it comes in.

4. Tonight, more of The Newsroom.  I don’t actually care to deconstruct the episode, mostly because I never care to deconstruct TV shows.  But what I so LOVED about this episode is that they captured the joy that people have when they share the news.  That Feeling is inexplicable.

And even though I still kind of sort of think that this is Aaron Sorkin and HBO’s way of maybe/possibly openly campaigning for the Democrats and Barack Obama through the election without violating any advertising rules, I am loving it sick.  And according to Citizens United, corporations are people so I guess it’s cool.

On that note, I really do hope that season two is real and not just a ruse.  The characters are endearing and I absolutely adore the premise.  Adore it.

Newsroom watchers: What do you think?

How hardcore is it that I have a 6 disc CD changer in my car?

Not gonna lie, I have used it…never.

Wrapping-Up The Fall Five

Thanksgiving is almost here (what else is new?) and I’m proud to report that as of last Friday, The Fall Five are complete!

Deadline: Met.

I don’t know that I ever announced an ending date for this challenge, but I had it worked out in my head that Thanksgiving is kind of when Fall ends and Winter really takes over.

So there’s that.

Last week, I took a look at the forecast for the weekend (freezing and snowy), and realized that on Friday I should embrace the 40 degree temperatures and take the CRV in for a car wash.

Truth be told, I have absolutely no recollection of the last time that I washed my car.  I’m the kind of girl who chooses to rely on thunderstorms and the exfoliating powers of slush and road salt.

Yes, I realize that’s absolutely terrible for my car.

As I was getting ready to pump some gas, I read-up on the different wash-options and decided that Karat (yes, that’s what I seriously named my gold car) was really worth the $11 Ultimate Wash.

Marcus informed me after the fact that the $7 wash probably would have been just fine.  But the fancy wash made me feel like maybe I was giving my car the automobile equivalent of a Fraxel Laser treatment.

Other ways we know that I am a car wash amateur:

I could not properly center my car on the wheel lock in the middle of the wash.  A fellow citizen had to direct me from his white Pontiac Sunfire outside of the car wash structure.

I had to call Marcus before I drove into the car wash to find out whether or not folding my mirrors in was REALLY necessary.

For the record, even if the picture-instructions on the wash say that you have to, you don’t really need to.


Naturally, since the slush has arrived, my effort was completely in vain.

When is the last time you took your car in for a wash?

A rant et les jeux olympiques d’hiver.

I am SO over the feeling that when I drive through my apartment parking lot, I’m off-roading.  Like, what?  This is 2010, we live in Minnesota.  Snow/Ice removal should not be the challenge of the century.  I mean, we’re like talking about either a foot of ice or a foot of water/slush.  Nobody wins.  If I can make it through the rest of the winter with my tires and suspension intact, I will be thankful.

On a note of self-loathing, I got sucked into watching The Bachelor this season.  Which would be unfortunate to begin with, except for the fact that Jake is pretty much the worst bachelor of all time.  I mean, there’s literally nothing that’s redeeming about the man.

And finally, I absolutely can’t believe that I haven’t taken any time to share my thoughts on the Olympics with you all!  To summarize: I still hold to the theory that we could host the games here since another area in which we, Team U.S.A. are beating Team Canada is appropriate weather.  Even though I think it’s cliche, I am 100% team Lindsey Vonn.  For the men’s long program, I turned off the t.v. following Evan Lysacek’s program.  I figured if his performance wasn’t good enough for the gold, then the rest of the competition wasn’t worth watching.  The Opening Cermonies weren’t a total fail, but they could have at least tried to make it look like they were trying.  I REALLY don’t understand the difference between Ice Dancing and Pairs Skating.  I am thankful that they turned to Ralph Lauren to do some of our national outfitting again.


Gettin’ my Act Together

Preface: Now that the windchill has dipped below zero, every time I turn my car on (for the record, her name is Karat because she’s gold) I can bascially hear it SCREAMING a colossal “Fuck You.”  Not that I can blame the thing.  If I had to sit out in the cold like that all day, you had better believe that I would be in a bad place too.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Today, I made myself a salad for lunch that I was TRES excited about.  The rundown: Romaine, Grape Tomatoes, Onions, Feta, Walnuts, Cranberries and Bleu Cheese dressing.  But usually, I am WAY not a salad person for lunch.  It takes more time to assemble, and I lack an excellent containter to carry dressing in.  Yes, I realize the obvious answer to this problem would be to buy some salad dressing to keep at work.  But that would be akin to expecting me to know what I’m going to wear tomorrow.  Reality dictates that I absolutely will not.  And thus, the salad dressing would sit and fester in the work refrigerator because I would feel limited by having to create a salad around a certain type of dressing.

I have been SO MUCH BETTER at getting my act together for lunch this week.  I mean, I didn’t have to prep one for Tuesday, but the Baked Potato Soup was a fantastic choice this week (especially for Wednesday!?) and I played it smart and chopped the romaine for my salad last night because salad always sounds good at normal salad-eating times (lunch, dinner, you know, the usual) but never in the morning.  So if I have to start a salad from scratch at 7 am, it just isn’t going to happen.  And then I end up at work with a yogurt parfait.  This is how it happens people.

Conversely, despite my award-winning efforts at eating real lunches, I’ve been so busy this week that I’ve only been able to cook dinner for myself once.  It’s not as if I’ve been nutritionally lacking because of this, but since I won’t have a clear shot to cook again until Monday (that sounds like forever-away in my book) I feel a little bit…caged (for lack of a better word).  Cooking is such a fantastic outlet to counteract the monotony of my workdays that on nights when I do not, it’s kind of like a “now what?” situation.  I love the holidays and all of the social activity they invite, but I will be quite pleased come January when I’m able to go on a proper kitchen crusade again.

Oil Change?!

I know friends, I’m finally a real adult who does real adult things (weird).   So right now I am sitting in the Honda Dealership waiting for my oil to be changed.  I know that similarly to the fact that I managed to avoid filling a car with gas until the age of 19, it is incredibly bizarre that I have made it to 22 and have only taken  in a car for an oil change now.  What can I say?  I lead a demanding life.

I mean, they have a nice coffee bar (so necessary as it’s 8 am), some cookies/mini-muffins (they didn’t look very appetizing so it’s not like I had one but you know, they’re on offer) and wireless internet, so this girl has no complaints.

Plus, it’s probably good that I took it to the Hopkins Honda because if I went somewhere else, I would likely get totally had, given that I don’t even know what my license plate number is, much less anything else relevant or important about my car.  I know this blatant and willful ignorance towards my car doesn’t really help women break free of stereotypes, but frankly, there are more important things to worry about.