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Miss Universe 2009

Oh, Miss Universe pageant. You are so festive.

I just love watching the national costume portion at the very beginning of the show. Some girls adopt the theory that if no one knows what your national costume is, you can just wear an awesome dress. Others adopt the theory that one’s adherence to the national costume theme should be rigid.

This year Kristen Dalton opted to represent us with a skanky-NASCAR outfit. Which was actually, totally perfect and far more realistic than last year’s interpretation of what makes America tick. To read more about Miss Universe 2008, click here.

To her credit, when we got to learn a little bit more about the finalists, as we narrowed them down to the top 10, we discovered that Kristin Dalton enjoys online shopping. I love people who love so I’m down with that girl for sure.

Oh, and Heidi Montag’s performance? Do not even get me started. Girl wore a pair of flesh-toned pants and a black top, which then she took off to reveal a flesh-toned bra that was equally as unflattering and unattractive. It was definitely a step back. Not that she had that far to fall. But, seriously?


5:30 a.m. Wake-Up Call

I am exhausted.

Homecoming week was a blast. But for the last seven days, I have been totally unable to focus on any one thing for more than 40 seconds and have only been able to talk about homecoming.

I gave blood for the first time, tried to turn myself into a Kat-sicle and, romped with the Alpha Chis. I got to know some pretty ridiculously fantastic people that were on the court with me that I would have never run into otherwise.

I also had Sharon come over at 6:00 this morning to do my hair for the parade and game. Seeing as attire was formal, this seemed like a logical idea. Frankly, this morning was a circus. Sharon and Missy came to do my hair, Auntie Kim came to watch with Jill, my godmother, Mom, Dad, David and Sue and a host of other family friends came to the parade and the football game in varying combinations.

Last night everyone was asking me if I was nervous about coronation. And honestly? My biggest goal was to make it to halftime of the football game. Because I knew on Monday that by that point I would be happily ensconced in my chair with a beer and some nachos.

I would definitely do it again. Way more people talk to you when you have a sash on and frankly, its pretty awesome to say that I’m on the Homecoming Court for a Big Ten school.

Sashes and Stuff

I picked up my sash today and the “cookie cake” that is to be the medium for my visual essay.

I’m pretty pumped about the sash and I’ve finally got some ideas for the visual essay – I’m going home tomorrow to work on it because god knows that if I work on it at Theta, someone will feel the need to take a large chomp out of it.

Which is totally logical, given the fact that I have a 15″ cookie, which at this point is totally edible. Though by the end of the visual essay process, it doesn’t have to be.

I finally have my schedule for the week and it still reads…busy-busy-busy. But at least I know where I’m going now.

Homecoming Royalty

SO I made it onto the homecoming court!

Which is pretty much the best.

It also means that I will have the busiest week ever next week and never ever sleep.


Miss Universe 2008

Tonight we watched the Miss Universe 2008 pageant.

Miss USA tripped again this year. I don’t understand how it could happen two years in a row. Apparently we are a nation of trippers.

Dominican Republic wore a flesh-toned body suit sort of dress and then it looked like someone shattered a mirror and attached fragments here and there…but mostly, it was just flesh-toned fabric.

For national dress, Miss USA wore a snowflake-type of contraption completely identical to the lingerie that Heidi Klum wore for the final walk of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last winter. So American. Just to let you know, we will all be expected to wear these sorts of outfits from this day forward.

Miss Venezuela won.