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We’re home.  Our bags are unpacked.  There are no more vacations on the calendar.

That’s a weird thing to say, to be honest.  Even though it has been tiring darting all over the country at this point in my pregnancy, we have been so lucky to have these opportunities to travel.  We have seen some really excellent things, eaten some really incredible food and we have really enjoyed being able to spend this time together.

This also has me all nostalgic and flipping through old blog posts of vacations past.  We have had some pretty solid adventures since our honeymoon in 2011.  I know that we will go on vacations again once Little Critter is here, but I know Marcus and I are both so glad that we have gotten to see and do what we have.  I wouldn’t have traded these four years of time as Just The Two Of Us for anything.

Once we got home, I spent the afternoon on Marcus’ side of the bed watching a mini-series type show on TPT called “Queen’s Castle” about Windsor Castle.  It was interesting without being energizing.  Which is to say that it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon relaxing and sitting on the bed doing nothing.

We cooked dinner.  We watched Part 2 of Breaking Dawn (don’t judge).  We had a normal Sunday at home.


A few cozy additions.

Y’all, I started off 2015 with this really self-righteous No Shopping goal because I simply do not need anymore clothes right now.

And I’ve been doing pretty good with that.  I did buy a new pair of black pumps for work and another pair of silver pumps to party in, but other than that, my shopping has been…in control.  AKA Not Happening.

With that being said, I have been coveting the Fairbault Woolen Mill-Target collaboration for several months now.  I’ve looked, looked away, and looked again.

Anyway, it’s on sale now.  The pieces are still what I would consider to be “expensive.”  Which means that they cost more than $30.  I know that paying ~$50 for a blanket is reasonable, but I have a tiny frugal streak, you know?

I grabbed the wool shawl because the last time Kelsey was in town, she informed me that the two NYC trends that have not yet fully made it to Minnesota are blanket scarves and glass water bottles.

Wool Shawl

I’ve been on the prowl for a blanket scarf and realized that this would be the perfect traveling companion for an early March trip to Italy.  I think I’ll have to hold off on the glass water bottle until…after that.  Or you know, next week.

I also grabbed a blanket.  I think it would be a cozy and neutral addition to our living room.


I also thought that the wool would probably be a good contrast to the suede-ish couches and the faux-shearling throw that currently reside in there.  You know, fiber mixing and all that.  Or possibly the first step to 100% vegan living room (not).



This is my weekend nest.  Laptop, planner, books, blanket, I am surrounded by everything I need.

Not pictured: the snuggie I am currently using as a lap blanket.

This was a pretty low-key weekend for us.  Mind you, any weekend in which we only have one activity/day qualifies as low-key in my book.  We had a belated Hanukkah celebration with Marcus’ siblings on Friday night (Benihana!  Always the best!).  On Saturday night, we went out to a few Minneapolis restaurants with Billy that none of us had ever been to (The Mill Northeast, Betty Danger’s Country Club, The Sample Room).  Today, we celebrated an engagement.

The rest of the time?  Weekend nest time.  Obviously.

Oh, and I finally got around to researching what the best brand of hot cocoa to purchase at the store is.  Yes, that is a serious thing I did and I feel like it was a valid question, because I didn’t want to end up in a situation where I was drinking hot brown water with a calorie count disguised as hot chocolate.  Answer: Nestle Milk Chocolate.  Land ‘o Lakes was a close second, so I plan on sourcing some of that once I work my way through these packets.

Polar Vortex


Hello from the Polar Vortex.

When I was 17, my boyfriend and I went to the movies for a date afternoon (I mean, let’s be serious…this is how the kids roll) and our choices were Mean Girls and The Day After Tomorrow.  I let him choose because he was home from college for a long weekend and he went with (not shockingly), The Apocalyptic One.

It was a terrible movie and for years I rued the fact that I missed Mean Girls on The Big Screen.

But end of the world-style movies are of more use in these times than the On Wednesdays We Wear Pink-message.

The past few days have been probably The Worst Weather that you can possibly experience in Minnesota, rivaled only by That One Time When MNDoT Failed And The Freeways Were A Solid Sheet Of Ice For An Entire Week OR When We Experience Pavement Failure.

This weather, with the biting -40º windchill, is what drives me to keep an extra pair of pants, two pairs of UGGs, a spare fleece and a jacket in my car at all times.

Why two pairs of UGGs?

Because if I keep both pairs of UGGs in my car, it leaves me with more space in my closet.  One pair is all I need to fend off the cold.  It’s not as if you can layer boots after all.

Our news stations have turned into some sort of JV Weather Channel.  My Facebook feed is cluttered with people who are either (1) Screenshotting the weather screen on their phone or are (2) telling-off the people who are posting screenshots of the weather from their phones.

Everyone has been cautioned that if they spend any duration of time outdoors that is longer than the walk between their house/office and their car, they will turn into a White Walker.

Which is basically true.

Mostly, Marcus and I have been giving our biggest parkas some much-needed attention.  Staying inside.  Drinking wine.  We just barely cleared zero on the thermometer this afternoon in Minneapolis and it looks like we’ll do as well for ourselves tomorrow.  It’s basically a heatwave on the 45th parallel.  By the end of the week when we hit thirty, I’ll probably have to dig my bikini out.

Stay warm, friends!

Coming to Terms

This has been a real week of coming to terms with things.

Sunday evening, 6:00 PM – We turned on the heat.

Monday morning, 7:30 AM – I realize I can’t leave the house without a scarf anymore.

Tuesday morning, 6:00 AM – I acknowledge the fact that hot coffee in the morning is the only thing that will get me out of the house until the trees have leaves again.

Wednesday afternoon, 4:00 PM – I notice that none of my sweatshirts really feel Warm Enough.

Thursday evening, 5:50 PM – The big guns come out.

Legwarmers strike.

I don’t know how I blacked out this Essential Apparel from my memories of fall/winter/early spring, but truly, I did.

And the moment I put them on, just like the last time I had this revelation, the shivers disappeared.

It’s going to be a long five months.

Legwarmers: Are you a believer?

Hit by a Truck

The fact that the only appointment on my calendar today was 3:00 PM – Do Mani + Pedi! should tell you a lot about what my day has been like.

I mean, my mitts + paws are always a priority, but sometimes I even shock myself.

So what was a day in the life of Kat like today?

Remember The Napping?

After my long run (9 miles – outside!), it was all I could do to take a hot shower, snarf a bowl of oatmeal, slam a couple of cups of coffee and blow-out my hair before I had to pour myself into bed.

There’s probably something really wrong with the fact that I prioritized a pot of coffee over sleep, but I figured that it would all balance out in the end.

I thought about taking a post-run snap of myself after my shower, but mostly I just looked like I had been run over by a truck.   Not adorable, not necessary.

Did I mention that all of this happened by 11 AM?

Because there was that too.

Moral of the story: Get a full eight hours of sleep, kittens.  It’s a game-changer.

Second Moral of the Story: Avoid going to bed with Bad Hair at all costs.  You’ll pay for it later.

This afternoon (read: as soon as I rolled out of bed…again), I ventured out for a burrito bowl-type salad from Chipotle (lots of lettuce on the bottom, a little bit of rice on top).  Not so much because I was craving it (I was in more of a burger-mood), but because it would refrigerate well if Naptime struck again.

Constant Vigilance.

On the bright side, since all of the Chipotle employees were kind of shell-shocked by the stampede of hockey moms (there’s a youth tournament going on practically on-top of us), I got the nicest, happiest service ever.

We all took our pulse together at the cash register.  No kidding.

Since outright exhaustion didn’t rear its ugly head again, I decided to continue my Afternoon Of Meaning by streaming 2012 via Netflix On-Demand.

You know, nothing too mentally taxing.

I was explaining to Marcus that insofar as mindless movie-watching is concerned, 2012 beats Independence Day any day, because it doesn’t actually require you to follow a plot.

Those apocalyptic, sci-fi, thriller-type films can be so tricky sometimes.  Because then you have oddballs like Cloverfield that mostly just make you extremely nauseous.

We don’t love that.

What are your weekend plans?

Tonight we’re going out for a pre-wedding celebratory dinner with some of Marcus’ grandparents’ friends, catching up with Mads and a few others at the VFW (can’t get enough, really) and tomorrow is another wedding shower!

What’s your favorite movie to zone out to?

I’d have to say that The Proposal is another favorite of mine.  Not because it’s mindless and awful, but because it’s pretty easy to zone out with all of the Alaskan scenery.

Napping and News-ing

Story of my life: This weekend has been Nap Central.

Fact: Today I realized that over the past five months, I had completely forgotten how exhausting long runs are.

When I’m actually making them happen?  I’m the picture of perkiness and energy.  They feel great!  I’m in the zone!

But afterward?  I’m ready to curl up into a ball, channel a hibernating grizzly and sleep for an entire day.  To the point where I actually have to schedule a naptime for myself in order to make sure that I can survive the evening hours.

If you’re looking for a comparison, it’s like being…mono tired.  I literally have to fling my body into bed.

Yesterday?  There was napping.  Today?  There was napping.

Tomorrow?  No napping.  You have to get over it and move on at some point.

But in the here and the now, it is just rough.

Let’s play a fun game, shall we?

It’s called, WTF is wrong with this picture?


Before snapping this picture, Marcus made sure to find out whether or not I wanted my feet to be included.

No, it’s not the fact that I STILL haven’t gotten my hair did.

At this point, I like to think that I’m rocking the ombre-hair trend…in reverse.

So classy, I know.

But not really the point.

If your answer was: Kat, why do you have an actual print-copy of the newspaper? then you win.

The New York Times’ paywall went up on March 28th, right?  And I made it a whole two days reading section fronts and Playing By The Rules until I was informed that I had to pay up or give up.

At which point I sucked it up, paid for my Sunday-only subscription, and chuckled to myself about the fact that in order to enjoy unlimited online usage I was actually helping their circulation numbers.

So today, I dedicated a portion of my afternoon to enjoying a good old-fashioned flip through the paper.  Yes, perusing it with my morning coffee would have made more sense, but I completely forgot that it was coming until we were pulling away from the house to go grocery shopping.

Timing aside, it was actually quite lovely, and a Sunday activity I’d be more than happy to make a habit.  Especially since newspapers aren’t as good for hoarding as magazines are. 😉

When is the last time that you picked up an honest-to-goodness newspaper?

Honestly, before this, I think that the last time would have been when I was in college working at The Minnesota Daily.

Are you a napper-by-nature?