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He Strikes Again

I write you today with another guest post regarding two very interesting topics. The first is the brand new MTV show The Buried Life I will also be commenting on “Non-Traditional” students.

I first saw the commercials for The Buried Life on MTV about a month ago and every time I saw it my disgust for the program grew. They highlighted a few of the “stunts” they wanted to complete before they died, they included sneaking into the Playboy Mansion and lighting a massive pile of shit on fire on a beach. Mostly what it looked like these 100 things they wanted to do before they died was to create a huge pain in the ass for as many people as they could. One of the redeeming qualities they thought would help out the show was that for each one of these 100 screw ups they completed they CHOSE to do something nice for someone random. This probably should be a requirement because all they did was make problems and messes for as many people as they could. Not to mention that MTV was fronting all of theses “nice” things they were doing for people.

Example: in the first episode (which I watched to make sure I hated it) they were going to buy a computer for a classroom without one, they decided to raise the money by break dancing. They end up giving the teacher a brand new Mac, WTF!?!?! There is no way in hell they raised $2000 in one night by break dancing.

Next topic, Non-Traditional students. WHY ARE YOU IN COLLEGE?!?!?!?!?!?! I understand you may have had some reason you didn’t go to college in the first place but please do me a favor, DONT SCREW UP MY EXPERIENCE! I am from the household of a non-traditional student, my Dad who is getting his MBA.  I have no doubt (no offense Dad) that he is “that old guy” in a lot of his classes who interjects his sage advice very often relating experience to examples and so on driving the rest of the traditional class insane.  I draw from an example in one of my current classes, Writing with Digital Technology, that I have have a variety of “characters” in. One is probably a late thrities, early graying types that I think thinks he is “Prince” he has a big gaudy earing and a SWEET “Faux Hawk” and is a self proclaimed “movie snob” I really think that we are going to have a great relationship through the class and that his life experiences ar really going to change my college career. Next is a graduate student who I really cant bag on yet because he hasn’t chosen to share his life with us yet. Finally we have an older woman who I think came back because she is an empty nester and got bored, since she has/had kids she is obviously the most prepared person in class for writing with digital technology and must have a lot of experience. Her advice and findings from having kids will help us all be better parents, kids, and citizens…Thank you old Mom.

Now that I have let you all in on great things that are happening right now I will remind you it is the first Friday night back on campus, a treasured experience that should prove to be lots of fun.



P.S. “The Buried Life” kids that are traveling across the US to complete their 100 item bucket list are Canadian. Really guys, talk about selling out on your country.


omfg, glee.

When I wake up every morning, I roll over and  review the text messages/e-mails I got after I fell asleep.

Usually Billy and I do a beat-down on Saturday-ish regarding that week’s episode of Glee.  This week, I didn’t have to wait so long.

From Billy (mobile), November 12, 2009 1:38:29 AM: Glee blew my mind call me when you are on lunch to talk about it

A foxtrot above my head…


I’m sorry if you love Owl City, but fact: Billy and I do not.  To the point that when we hear it on the radio, we send each other mocking text messages with choice lyrics and leave one another voicemails with horrible renditions of it.

But our hatred of crappy emo music doesn’t end with Fireflies.  Amongst the other songs we despise are Wake Me Up When September Ends and Fall for You.  We’ve actually got a pretty rockin’ drum solo to Fall for You that carried us through most of last winter.

I swear to god, if there is ever a sock hop beneath my bed, I will be pissed.

My brother is better than yours. Period.

Up until today, Mom’s biggest fear was that Billy would get arrested this weekend at the Gopher-Badger game.

No more. Because I don’t scuffle with the law.

You see, Billy is the most awesome little brother ever (though little he is not) and called me today to offer me a ticket to the Gopher-Badger game AT FACE VALUE. Um, hello, awesome? This was not even something I thought could happen.

The sad part is, I actually had to check my schedule first. Of this, I am ashamed. But a $15 ticket, a game in the new stadium and a statewide drinking holiday? You had better believe that I am so.ready to wake up at some ungodly hour, put on bizarre layers of clothing, fest with Billy and see all of the girls.

Billy says Yes

I did not miss going back to school this fall. That is for-sure something that I am not disappointed about at all. But what’s been weird is not seeing Billy CONSTANTLY. See, I was used to seeing him irregularly in the summer but on campus, I usually saw him every day. By last spring, we walked to class together on Mondays and Wednesdays, which was actually pretty cool.

So, I’ve started calling him once or twice a week so that we can catch-up and he shares his colorful stories of campus. Most often, related to the inappropriate apparel choices that others have made. I told him to start snapping photos with his cell phone so that I can share these little treasures with you all.

As we don’t have any of those as of yet, he found a colorful site that he thought I would dig and I definitely think you will all get a laugh out of. So

People of Walmart

EDIT: I wasn’t aware I mis-keyed the link in. It should work now!