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22 Days

I am a ninja. 

Glitter rolled back to front during tummy time. In the spirit of opposite siblings, since it took Critter FOUR MONTHS to do the same, I was expecting an early roller.  She has not repeated the feat but we know she has it in her!

I lost two more pounds. (yay)

Over the weekend Marcus and I managed to tag-team clean our entire house.  And we took joy in running the Terminator. It never gets old!  I am never less amazed!  It cleans and we do nothing besides remove large obstacles from the floor!

I went to the lunch portion of the American Brain Tumor Association walk. It was 40 degrees that morning and after walking six blocks and feeling it, it was the best “fit” for Glitter and I. Y’all helped me to raise $172.00 which from the bottom of my heart I appreciate it. I know M appreciates your support too. 

We also did some normal stuff. Like playing at Wayzata Beach.

And going to the Wayzata Brew Works, which we haven’t done since I found out I was pregnant.  

It is a great Sunday afternoon place with kids because it is not crowded and they don’t mind if the little pups frisk about.  Will go again soon. 

It was nice. 


Bits and Pieces of an Update

I got mastitis a full seven days after giving birth. A personal record!  It also means once again I am drinking No Beers because I am on heavy antibiotics.  But I just wrapped up 41 weeks of sobriety so what is 10 more days in the scheme of things?

Glitter now weighs nine pounds because she is a growing lady.  I’ll be interested to see how her growth tracks over time, relative to Critter’s. 

I have seen Moana. The coconut pirates are possibly one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.  They are So Cute!  I’m also halfway through Last Chance U on Netflix. When I am not watching TV I am making the most of the Kindle app on my iPhone. 

I can wear my moccasins again and between that and my non-maternity yoga pants, I feel like such a goddess. 

I lost 27 pounds in 10 days and now my weight loss has stalled out and WHAT IS THE POINT OF BREASTFEEDING EVEN IF THE REST OF THE WEIGHT DOESN’T JUST FLY OFF TOO. I jest. It took me a month to lose 30 pounds with Critter so I have no complaints. 

Glitter continues to distinguish herself in the area of sleep. Most nights we’ll get at least one four hour stretch in, sometimes two. Even on the nights she is a “bad” sleeper she is still doing better than Critter did for probably six months. This makes everything (having two children), caring for a newborn, etc. worlds easier.

Critter also goes to “school” three days a week which gives me a “maternity leave” and makes everything simpler because I am not home with two tots full time. He is otherwise working on being a Really Good Big Brother. He is generally indifferent to Glitter though he loves the animal feet (which he calls “shoes”) on her pjs. He is testing some boundaries but not to the point of headache.  He “helps” put her in her car seat, push her stroller and change her diapers.  Honestly he is most upsetted when Marcus is holding Glitter only because he sees me do it all the time, but when Marcus is home, he is generally Critter’s designated parent.  It will be interesting to see how/what else changes in the next few months. 

Dispatch From The Other Side

It is Sunday. Critter was a naptime fighter. We have kids. 

After exactly three days in newborn clothing, Glitter graduated to size 3 months because she is a tall lady.  She also gained four ounces on her hospital discharge weight because she knows how to eat, which is a real blessing. 

I have lost 18 pounds. All through the third trimester Mom was telling me, Katherine you are going to feel so much better. You are going to get your body back. 

And I do.  I was suspicious. She was right.  It helps that my labor was only nine hours (once again formally started by lunch at Bacio with Mom). Glitter seems to like her sleep. Same same.  I can wear my yoga pants again. My pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel is gone. 

Did I mention my bed?  After all of the support pillows and wrist braces it is a pillowy nest. I love it. 

I have managed to catch up on the Real Housewives of Dallas.  I still need to get caught up on The Crown. If anyone else has TV suggestions (because I have a lot of it in my future!) please share them in the comments. 

Marcus goes back to work on Tuesday. I an terrified to be home with two children. But it will be okay!  Because everyone else survives this!

She is here!

At 8:51 PM on Monday night, Glitter arrived. We have a daughter and she is  8 pounds 9 ounces and 22 inches long.

Our world is forever changed again. 

The (Longest) Weekend

So.  My last day of work before Glitter arrives was last Wednesday.  That is because Rosh Hashanah started that evening and ended on Friday.  I was obviously hoping to have a baby by now, but I don’t and realistically where we are at right now she is coming this week.  What would have been an ordinarily long four-day weekend is now part of a longer lead-up into my maternity leave.

By Friday, we felt like it was Sunday and now that it is actual Sunday night, I am sort of in disbelief that tomorrow is actually Monday.

Like the last two weekends, we didn’t make any formal plans for this one because we didn’t know what our life was going to look like.  Unlike the other two weekends, we knew that this one would be the last as a family of three.  So we did our favorite weekend things.  Sprinkled throughout with one toddler who had his first daycare cold (which happened two weeks later than we thought it would!) and was on some sort of hunger strike that resulted in one trip to urgent care five minutes before closing.  This is real life!

On Saturday morning, we went to Bellecour’s bakery to pick up some treats and then walked down to Wayzata Beach where Critter played on the playground, spied on the people walking their dogs, and ran back and forth over the marina bridge.

And, on Sunday morning, we took him to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market, where I got flowers, Marcus got his Tollefson breakfast brat, and Critter and I split an order of egg rolls (his fave).

Baube took Critter for a good chunk of the day on Sunday, so we got to go on a lunch date and nap.

We formally introduced Critter to TV and his delight in the Netflix show Spirit (it’s about a horse) was so beyond what I could have imagined, that my only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner.  He spent half of the episode cuddling, wide-eyed and in awe of the fact that horses were galloping in our family room and the other half loudly neighing at the TV.  I know that this is a phase that will pass, but it was too cute for words, really.

It was A Nice Weekend.

This is 40 (weeks). 


In all seriousness last week at my OB appointment my doctor was like Yeah you’re gonna be pregnant for another week.  So!  Here we are!

This is me, 40 weeks pregnant with Glitter.

And this is me, 40 weeks pregnant with Critter.

40 Weeks Critter

Honestly, since we wrapped up everything we needed to do last weekend and made no actual plans for this weekend we got to have a weekend of excellent adventures (and sleep!). Both sets of grandparents took Critter for a night so we could sleep in. I went to dinner at my parents’. We took Critter to Bellecour and the Beach (aka our usual weekend morning adventure) and to the orchard for the first time. We went to my sorority sister’s wedding and saw all of our friends.

It was great.

Tomorrow Critter starts ECFE and we have a playdate with friends and I have an OB appointment and Marcus and I are going on a date.

If she does not arrive by Wednesday, that will be my last day of work, because then it is Rosh Hashanah and at some point thereafter if I have not had her I will be induced.

Today I discovered a tear in one pair of my maternity leggings so I am officially down to a single (wearable) pair of “pants.”  My feet officially fit into one pair of flip flops comfortably.  After 7 PM I cannot bear to stand upright any longer.

Realistically these are all minor things.  I’ve just been enjoying these last few days of it being Critter and Mama and trying to soak all of it up.


(Almost) 39 Weeks

I should probably write a pregnancy update because this is, in true second-child tradition, the least well-documented pregnancy in the history of pregnancies.

Glitter is still living life on the inside.  I simultaneously want her to arrive ASAP and to stay in until 41 weeks.

At least 50% of the time, my hands are now defeating their carpal tunnel braces and are still falling asleep when I am asleep.

I have no cravings. I am down to about three or four styles of outfit I can still wear somewhat comfortably, and the only shoes I can really wear are flip flops.

It is very cool to be me, let me tell you.

I packed my hospital bag about two weeks ago and this week, I ordered some books for Critter for Glitter to “give” to him at the hospital.  The books have wheels that spin on the front and back covers so they should be a big hit.

Her nursery is (mostly) done.  We still need a nightstand to arrive so we can build it.  I need to put a few more things away.  Take another bag of things to the Goodwill.  Re-home some other things downstairs.  But functionally speaking, if we had to start using it tomorrow, we totally could.  That probably means that I should just get to work tomorrow night and finish all of the sorting out that I can.

As I think about what we could possibly be doing next week (having a baby or still…not) it’s continually bizarre to think that at the most, that is the farthest I can possibly plan anything and then we’ll just be living off of the land with a newborn.