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It’s getting a little ridiculous.

On the 10th day of Critter’s first round of antibiotics ever, his fever returned.  And, after another trip to the doctor’s office (on advice of the nurse line) it was revealed the ear infection was going strong in addition to a possible vaccine reaction and also (OMG WILL IT EVER END) very apparent teething.

As the good doctor said, he’s got a lot going on.

We are now going to observe the end of the traditional completely healthy first year by going on a 20 day antibiotics bender.

When I told my family that this was the ear infection without end, my darling brother was quick to respond with the following instruction: Make sure to post on facebook at least twice today, here, just copy and paste this: “UGHHH, another fever on the last day of antibiotics, really?  Any other moms out there with advice for how to bring the fever down??” 

This is only hysterical because if you know me, 100% the time my fever battle plan is to give Tylenol/Ibuprofen and call the nurse line if it seems hinky.  100% of the time this is what I tell other people to do when they leave similar status updates on Facebook.  None of this should be surprising.

Someday we’ll all be healthy again.


Big Boy Alert!

I am pretty sure that Critter just made it through another one of those growth spurt/leap-things because the Crankypotomus has gone away and we have a very charming toddler in our house.  He gives hugs (or his version of them, anyway) and is starting to cuddle a bit and it is really quite lovely to be around.

  • Critter took three steps today!
  • Critter and I tried out tots yoga at Blooma for the first time two weeks ago.  I would say even though it is for 9 mos – 4 yrs, we probably won’t be back again until he can walk somewhat competently, just because there wasn’t much he could do as a crawler/sitter.  It was more of a song and playtime than actual yoga but still…in a few months, it will be better.
  • I keep forgetting to write this down, but it needs to be captured for eternity: the kid loves spinning wheels.  If it has wheels, my tiny engineer is getting on their level and spinning them to see if they are good wheels or bad wheels and constantly re-arranging the object to determine if there is a better way to get them spinning.  This can go on for 15 minutes if there are a variety of wheels to choose from.
  • He had his first public/real temper tantrum at our Tuesday playdate a few weeks ago.  It occurred because I would NOT let him touch the glass on the gas fireplace that was running and it involved back arching, foot kicking, diving at the ground and many, many tears.  What a time to be a one year old, right?
  • We survived cloth diapering for a year!  At this point, any additional diapering we do saves us money and if we just stop entirely, we break even.
  • Critter’s 12 month appointment was last Thursday.  He is 26 lbs 4.5 oz (97%!), 2’8″ (98%!).  So, still our adult baby!  Less interesting but his head is 19.29″ (98%!).  His 12 month molars are also coming in on top.  It’s a hoot.
  • In the last week we introduced him to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and let me tell you He Is A Big Fan.  He’s also getting much better at eating three meals a day, and I am oddly proud of this.  Probably because I felt like it took him a little bit to “get” food and now he is a tot-expert!

Critter is 1!

What a year it has been. 

Happy birthday to the nicest boy. Our favorite only son. My best creation. 

Also, have you ever eaten a piece of cake that was so good you just had to roar about it?

51 Weeks

You guys!  In one week, we will have a one year old baby.  It is amazing!  I am telling you!  Also, I have all of these new hidden talents now.  Like stacking things on my head!

  • Our ECFE class agreed that we’ll all sign up together for the same class with our littles next fall.  I am pretty jazzed about this because even though our class is small (4!) and Katie and I already knew one another, it has been so much fun to grow new friendships with Also Katie and Ingrid.  I’m glad that we all like one another enough to continue on the adventure next year!
  • In that vein, while Critter is still a shy guy, he has finally seemed to overcome his shyness in ECFE!  He is now comfortable playing with the other tots/without me/is happy to crawl back to check on me and then crawl away again.  I am pleased with this development and proud of him for trying to be brave.
  • We are working to transition Critter from formula to whole milk and once again he is not super-thrilled about this.  Hoping he decides to get on board soon.
  • Critter got his first haircut, which was just super necessary.  I was trimming his bangs here and there to keep them out of his eyes which meant that the back just kept growing longer and he was getting a Baby Mullet.  He lasted through getting his hair sprayed down and the first three snips and then he just got super ticked.  As a result, the hair cut/style looks different around each ear (lol) but now my little baby really does look like a big boy!
  • First birthday party planning.  Um, not really any of that going on TBH.  My mom ordered a Costco cake and is making a pan of macaroni and cheese.  My MIL is getting balloons because I think Critter will get a kick out of them.  I’m not ordering a smash cake, Critter will just get his own slice of cake, the same way we all did back in The Old Times.  The attendees are everyone who came to the hospital and then Baby G because Critter is turning one year old so he can invite one friend.  It will be a merry, low-key time.
  • Related/unrelated: I really need to order his birthday gifts.  And some socks that fit him.  And some shoes.  Because the closest thing he has that qualifies are some shark slippers.

Month 11 Check-In

Critter is 11 months old you guys.  It is crazy to think that in the next month he’ll have his first birthday party, first haircut, 12 month checkup and maybe even start to walk!  What else is new?

  • WEANING. IT IS OVER.  After I got mastitis, my milk supply tanked 50%.  Between pumping and the remaining freezer stash, we were able to make it to Christmas Eve at which point Critter got his first taste of formula, determined it was poison water and screamed his head off and arched his back every time we got near him with the bottle.   After three days, we got better at mixing formula and breastmilk, he ended his peaceful protest and he is almost nearly on 100% formula now.  He’s on the Enfamil comparison brand from ALDI and thinks it is just fine.  I pumped for the last time on New Year’s Day and now it is over.  I think the biggest hormonal shift for me hit straight after the mastitis resolved because my supply tanked so much so fast.  I was having night sweats, a terrible headache, and was completely exhausted.  Right now I feel…pleasantly normal in comparison.
  • Breastfeeding in review: I am glad I gave it a try.  My plan was always to do it while it worked and to stop when it didn’t and that got Critter nearly 11 months of straight breastmilk.  Between gestation and nursing, I put 25 pounds on that child and that 25 pounds was a labor of love.  I cannot even begin to imagine what nursing a child looks like when you have a toddler at home and a newborn but I will not even be thinking about that until Littler Critter comes on the scene.  Someday. (and not now!)
  • Formula.  I’m just gonna say it you guys.  It is easier.  You throw some powder and water in bottle and poof it is done!  Nutrition for your child!  Plus, since I’m not pumping anymore, the amount of things we have to clean each day has been cut in half.
  • We took Critter to the zoo last week and even though we were only there for about 45 minutes, it was a great adventure for all of us.  The lion even came straight up to the window (I feel like that never happens) so we got a great look at him and now Critter has seen all of these animals in real life!

  • We have really been milking the free and/or cheap activities that are available to us through our community.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the sports dome has a tot playtime from like 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM.  It’s like $4 for the tots unless they cannot walk in which case they are free.  Critter crawls around on the field and usually swats a ball about and that’s really the extent of it.  As he gets bigger, there are more toys and things to rumpus with and there are four (!) bounce house-type things that they set up for the kids to hop in.  We’ve also been going to the library quite a bit too.  They’ve got a free story time two times a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and they also have a really superb wooden playset over in the kids area that Critter is enthralled by.  It has become a great place for us to burn 30 minutes of energy or so at the end of the day.
  • If Critter could tell you what his favorite food is, he would be proud to let you know it is greek yogurt.  He can eat a full, adult-sized container of it even after he is done with the other foods and he is so sad when it is done.
  • Clothes.  In the last year we have purchased seven sets of them and in the next month or so I am pretty sure we’ll be moving right into the 3T pjs.  If anyone ever tells you that when the tots start moving around they slow down their growth, just know they have never met my son.  Related: I need to start sourcing those clothes now so that we can get some deals.

Reverb 16 | Prompt 26 | Boxing Day

Sarah and Kim have been sharing Reverb prompts and  Meredith and I are back in the saddle.  Because writing can be fun.  And we all have a lot to say.  Join us.

Boxing Day.  What does this holiday even mean?  I think Harry Potter does it.  But how do we unwind after the holiday?

Hey, happy Boxing Day.  How’s it going?

Once upon a time I would have told you that we spent the day watching movies, possibly making some time-intensive meal and fiddling with the presents that we received.  Maybe even some internet shopping just for the hell of it.  I hope that you enjoyed yours.  I really hope you did.

For us, that’s never happening ever again.

Last week, Marcus’ car decided that it was actually done with its time on this Earth.  We knew it would happen at some point but apparently mid-December was a bridge too far and so with the transmission repair worth more than the 10 year old sedan it was time to get a new (used) one.  Today he and Billy went off to observe their very first-ever Happy Honda Days and sourced the vehicle that they tentatively identified as The One last week.

We are of course so thankful to be able to get a car when we need it but that doesn’t make it any less of a fantastic hemorrhage of cash.

Meanwhile, on the home front we had to switch Critter to formula because mastitis completely killed my supply and there was no more milk in the freezer.  Seems pretty logical IMO.

After his first taste of formula, the little lad determined it was actually poison water and now he is terrified of his bottle, no matter what blend of formula or breast milk-formula or whole milk is contained therein.  So for the last 48 or so hours he has been on a quasi-hunger strike.  In an impressive feat he did manage to down 3/4 of an adult-sized bowl of chicken wild rice soup and an entire greek yogurt in one sitting but we are still BEGGING him to take literally any bottle. This is obviously very energizing because his patience level for anything is at zero and his righteous indignation about this life change is at 100%.

So this is me.  Unwinding.  We’ll give it another shot next year.

Critter Crawls!

No really, at last.  Just a week before turning 10 months old he woke up after second nap and when I set him down he looked at me and crawled as if he had been crawling the entire time.  We now have the cutest little ball of fleece zipping around our house.  Thus far, he only uses his powers to: rip all of the books off of the lowest book shelf, empty his toy boxes, and to crawl to you to be picked up (we ignore this at our own peril).

  • Weaning.  We are doing it.  There was a weeklong period of biting that culminated in me holding true to my breastfeeding ethos, which is that if it ever became excessively painful, I would quit. That was that. We made it 10 months so it was a good run.  I’ll keep pumping (if I can) until he’s a year old and we’ll supplement with formula if needed.
  • Critter LOVED Thanksgiving food.  As in, he was eating whole salad plates full of it.  I would say on the whole his enthusiasm for “people” food has been growing but even still we were taken aback.
  • Critter had his second ever cold (God only knows where he got it) and promptly passed it to the rest of us.  It finally seems to be fading away but it has been a LONG week.
  • I’m pretty sure another tooth is rolling in.  Yay.
  • In addition to crawling, Critter has now figured out how to stand up and that is horrifying.  This is going to (eventually) open so many new possibilities for playing.  I’m excited for the little guy but oh man.
  • Critter still just loves to read books more than anything else.  If I had to guess, I’d say that we spend at least an hour every day reading.  He refuses to read any of the “big boy” picture books but he loves reading the board books and could go on forever.  I think I just about have Where’s Spot? memorized.