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Items of Interest

I don’t have the time or energy to organize my thoughts so here we are. 

Marcus took this really good snap of me when we were at the cabin over Memorial Day weekend.

Goddess, I know. 

Last weekend I went to prenatal yoga for the first time in MONTHS. It nearly broke me, friends. I felt like every time we did an inversion all of the blood in my body was in my head, and while all of the stretching and  breathing felt good it did something terrible to my already hinky left glute (THANKS GLITTER). I could barely walk by the end of class. ANYWAY, I am going to give it another shot next week and then I think we’ll have a better idea of whether prenatal yoga is right for me. 

Unrelated: we have finally reached the TUMS Time part of pregnancy. #blessed

Greatest revelation of the weekend: ALDI now sells cold brew.  I have been keeping an eye out for this in the store for probably…six months?  At last, we are victorious!  It is $7.49 for a 32 oz jug and there is no price difference between french roast and regular (ahem Trader Joe’s).  I bought one of each so that I can try them and then decide which I prefer.  

As much as I really do love Trader Joe’s, if I could eliminate my trips for essentials there (cold brew, creamy salted peanut butter, 12 grain bread) so that we were only headed over for the odd case of two buck chuck and house liquor, I would not be mad.  It’s a 15 minute drive one way, so I just have other ways that I would rather spend my time.

Thanks to a hot tip from my mama group, I also scooped up a Step 2 brand water table (again, at ALDI) for $30.  Critter is delighted with it and we haven’t even put the water in.

Meanwhile we are continuing Critter’s transition to one nap (sob) and he continues to delight us as his proficiency in a variety of animal sounds (snake, owl, lion, butterfly, elephant) expands. He now barks when he sees dogs on walks and it is so cute that it hurts.  He says “blub” when he eats Goldfish. We are so excited to meet Glitter but also it is bittersweet that these 13 weeks are the last that it will ever just be Mama and Critter.  My tiny sidekick is getting an even tinier sidekick!


16 months!

Apparently I haven’t dedicated a post just to Critter for a while.  But he is 16 months old now.  And continues to be the most loveable human in existence. 

  • He “whistles.”  About a week ago, I was whistling to Critter and he wanted to whistle back so he pursed his lips just like mine and started hooting and it was really the cutest thing.
  • He runs everywhere now.
  • He is becoming deeply proficient at animal sounds and it is adorable.
  • I think he is on the cusp of dropping down to one nap. This week will be the decision-maker. 
  • We finished ECFE two weeks ago.  It was such a good year and so fun to watch Critter grow from the start of the school year until the end.  He is still a shy guy, but watching him come out of his shell around his little friends and his teachers was great.  I’m looking forward to class next year!
  • Last week, I pulled out a baby doll while I was reading to Critter and he was completely disgusted by it.  At first he was appalled that I was calling something other than him “baby” and then each time I picked it up and he was nearby, he touchdown spiked it to the ground.  So, I think having a baby sister is going to go over well!
  • When he wants to go somewhere he brings me MY shoes.  When we’re getting ready to go somewhere, he brings me MY shoes.  He will not even consider bringing Marcus his shoes until I have both of my shoes in-hand.  If I am already wearing shoes, if he feels that I should be wearing a different pair, he brings me those.
  • Starting this fall, he will go to daycare (they call themselves a “school” but he’s a toddler so let’s be real about this) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and a half-day on Friday.  Honestly, I feel totally fine about this.
  • Over mother’s day weekend, we bought an Osprey hiking backpack.  Critter was getting too heavy for Marcus to carry him in the Becco and he really does like being carried when we walk.  Even though we do absolutely no outdoors things (and had to repeatedly swear this to the REI staff when we were testing the backpack out in the store), it is great for our evening walks around the neighborhood, and I am sure will also be a hit at the zoo/state fair/other really busy public gatherings.  So far, when it isn’t being used for its true purpose, he really loves to read books in it which is hysterical.
  • Now that he is getting bigger (and ECFE is over for the year), I have been trying to plan some new outings for us. Last week we visited the Eastman Nature Center and this week we went to the very cool play area at the Brooklyn Park Library.  If you are in the NW metro area and have tots 11/10 recommend. 
  • I forgot to mention this/haven’t written a post about Critter in months, but we stopped cloth diapering around 14.5 months?  Basically he was peeing through all of them. Even with doublers. Even with two doublers at night. Also he was outgrowing the size two diapers because as we all know he is tall and heavy and so there wasn’t another size to do because at that point usually you are supposed to arrive at the promised land of potty traininf except HE IS 16 MONTHS OLD. Anyway, he wears the ALDI brand diapers during the day, the Huggies night diapers at night and it’s fine. 

22 Weeks!

I am…over halfway done being pregnant?  I will also say that this is the point of pregnancy that I consider to be peak-cute.  You like, finally look pretty pregnant, but not so big that you look like you’re going to imminently give birth…FOR THREE MONTHS.

Getting into bed has started to be a massive pain.  Which is only hilarious because right now our box spring and mattress are on the ground and not in a bed frame so I don’t even have to climb.  True story: Marcus and I have discussed the possibility that when we move, maybe we won’t set-up our bed frame right away because the thought of having to start climbing into bed after all of this not-climbing is horrifying in the context of third trimester pregnancy.

In the last week or so, I’ve finally been in the mood to eat actual “real” food instead of all-carbs, all the time so that has been…an interesting change?  The french fry life was not a bad one, but it is nice to want to eat vegetables again.

I will also say we had the anatomy ultrasound last week.  The little one looks perfectly healthy and…it’s a GIRL!  We weren’t going to find out the sex and then finally I just needed to know.  We didn’t do any sort of flashy gender-reveal.  We just told our parents, and then, our siblings, and then finally Marcus’ grandparents on Mother’s Day.  No cake.  No balloons popping out of a box.  No confetti out of balloons.  I think we all know I’m just not that person.  It was still lovely without those trappings.  Allison /Beka/Jeanne/Kirsten/Madelyn/Megan have been calling her “Glitter” since I told them that I was pregnant.  Best name, right?  I think that’s probably what we’ll call her on the blog from here on out.

Critter still has no idea that he’s getting a little sister.  Even though we should be getting ready to welcome her, I’m just trying to soak up the last 18 weeks of it being just me and my best little partner in crime.

19 Week Update

This photo is actually from Friday so, 18 weeks 5 days but it’s my second baby so it’s all really the same now. 

This weekend I woke up and was like You Are Pregnant.

I had to add ANOTHER pillow to our bed, which was dire.

I still feel fine, the baby has started to kick, the anatomy scan is next week, and I am still at a place where I cannot REALLY envision that in five months we will have a newborn.  But apparently this is what is going to happen so I am getting on board.

We’ve planned our babymoon.

JW Marriot Desert Ridge

In June, over our anniversary weekend, we are headed down to the JW Marriot Desert Ridge in Phoenix for a LONG weekend sitting by the (salt water) pool with (virgin) Pina Coladas.  I really wanted nothing more than a vacation where we did nothing at all, because we haven’t been on one of those since…2008?  Since Zika rules out most tropical areas and we are very obviously not at a point where we have the time to get to/from Hawaii, Phoenix was a great choice.  I cannot wait.

Otherwise, right now I am just living the dream chasing a toddler who can never seem to decide whether he wants to be running around or carried.  There’s really not a lot of time to overthink this one.


14 Month Update

I guess it has been a while since we talked about my #1 best bud. He has finally adjusted to living at Nana and Esteemed Grandfather’s house and is no longer terrified that every time I go to the bathroom he is being abandoned so, that is great!

  • About three weeks ago Critter decided he could walk for real so now he just tots around everywhere except for when crawling is faster. 
  • He got his first pair of big boy shoes!  At $42 a pop this is highway robbery.  Also he is a size 6!  
  • He started saying “boo!”  He also says, ish, mama, da, and very very sparingly nana.  The whole ish-thing is hysterical. 
  • Yesterday he tried to feed Nana and me puffs. Sharing is caring. 
  • The molars are finally (FINALLY!) coming all the way in.  I’d day that we’re…70% complete?  It only took two months to get to this point. 
  • The little guy is finally fully into the 3T clothes – jams, shirts, tops, socks, all of it. 

The Deets.

Oh man, you guys.  So much to say.

I am pregnant.  We found out pretty much at the same time that we were preparing to list our house.  So I haven’t really been focusing on selling our house or being pregnant because there is just way too much going on right now.  But we close on the 24th and then I can just be a pregnant lady who lives in her parents’ basement and that will be a nice change of pace.

With that in mind, can I just say that everyone who is pregnant (especially if they have a toddler) should live with their parents?  I am just not kidding when I tell you MOM COOKS DINNER FOR US AND IT IS HEAVEN.  It is!  Heaven!  And I don’t have a whole house to clean.  Miracles.  All of it.

Pregnancy so far has been a total party.  Basically, I felt super nauseous for eight weeks and that was just a holly jolly time.  Hip pain set in at 6 wks so I have been sleeping on my memory foam mattress topper like a real life princess and the pea.  My doctor was pretty much like well since it has really only been a year since you were last pregnant, everything is going to hurt sooner, more and longer.  Me: Ish.

I am somewhat of a blogging fraud – I did cook all of the meals I shared in the Friday Food Round-Up over the last month and a half, but I’d say at least 1/3 of the pictures are of Marcus’ plate and not mine since I have had a fraught relationship with chicken and food in general.  I am sure you can understand

This week I caught a cold that I thought was on its way out for a few days and then it turned into full-on plague because I have the immune system of a newborn at the current moment.  I just want to do a shout-out to Marcus, my Mom and my mother-in-law for caring for Critter so I could just be…sick.  And sleep.  And watch some Real Housewives.


It is true.  Baby #2 is on the way!  We were so happy to share the news with Marcus’ grandparents at Critter’s first birthday party.  I am 13 weeks into this adventure, the Little Critter is due September 18th.