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Life with Two

Three years/16 months edition.

Now that we have ruled out ear infection and teething (the molars are through!) I can say definitively that Glitter is in the midst of a sleep regression. Every night there is an hour and a half of yelling coming from her crib. Please let it end.

Glitter started school! Basically all of her school days have been weird so far – cancelled, early release, late start. But she is out of the nest! This week is the first time she cried when I dropped her off. I know it will get better but it is still hard.

On the school note, can I also say that strapping two kids into carseats in the carpool line is just a nightmare? It takes forever and I can feel everyone staring at me.

We moved Critter to a big boy bed on Sunday. He is three now and he never tried to climb out of the crib or do any other shenanigans. He helped Marcus to take the rail off and he was so so so proud. My mama heart broke a little bit because really he is so big. There is absolutely no baby left in him whatsoever. I will also say I am glad that I no longer need to lift a 40 lb person into a crib.

We took the kids outside to play in the snow and they loved it. After about 15 minutes, Critter declared “I don’t feel cold anymore!” which gave Marcus and I a laugh. I brought Glitter in before him since she is smaller and she was so mad. She wanted to be back out there so she insisted that I continue to put her little parka back on.

Finally, we are continuing to work on a new morning routine. Critter can dress himself now, he wants to get Glitter when he wakes up, everyone needs to go potty or have a diaper change before we can eat breakfast.

About a month ago (and a few weeks before Glitter started school), I was ready to throw in the towel with breakfast battling. Critter was eating at a sloth-like pace, Glitter only wanted two bites of oatmeal it was a nightmare. So I started making breakfast bars. I tried a few recipes before I made and remade one into my own. It tastes like a very bland, very dense baked oatmeal. But Critter eats it without complaint (and loves to help make them) and Glitter eats some too before her yogurt. Would recommend giving them a try!


Dispatch from the Tundra

A brief summary of how things are going in Minnesota.

I am wearing all manner of Patagonia pullover and hibernating. The only time I have left the house is to shuttle the children (alternately) to Baube’s so that they could get out of the house and get some one on one time with each of us.

They cancelled school again tomorrow, this means that this week we have had one late start and three full days off. In my entire lifetime as a Minnesotan, I cannot remember something like this happening in terms of duration. If someone else does please share in the comments.

This was the thermometer in Marcus’ car yesterday at 6:00 AM.

Feels like -50°!!! But on Sunday it should be 43° and rainy?!

Meanwhile, our blinds have been drawn since Sunday with good reason. The windows and hardware have frosted over.

There’s a first time for everything.

I added a degree to the thermostat. Our furnace runs constantly.

Critter has been wearing his birthday crown for three days straight and will be starting the fourth today. He is also starting his third full day of pajamas.

Glitter, meanwhile, has learned she has a “pack pack” and is obsessed. She was supposed to start school on Wednesday but since it was cancelled, we are hoping for Friday. She was diagnosed with a double ear infection on Monday and is still cutting those molars so it has been a real fun fest around here.

I still have a few surprises up my sleeve that I can use with the kids, but the reserves are getting low. To all the other Minnesota mamas out there looking at another day of being inside your house only, sending you strength!!!


Today, you are three. Someone at school told you that you were three in November so you are less impressed with this than we are.

This week, the weather has been so cold that your school schedule has been all mixed up. We were supposed to come celebrate your birthday with your class but when it became apparent that this was not going to work out, we delegated the honors impromptu to Pam who is the Greeter. You just think she is the best ever and were delighted to announce that she read “a new book” to you.

You are smart. It is so fun to see the way your mind works, how focused you are, how interesting you find the world to be.

You are Glitter’s favorite person. Every morning she shouts for you when she hears you coming down stairs.

Every day you continue to amaze me and Dad. We are so proud of you in a way we didn’t know we could be until we became parents.

You are my favorite only son, the nicest boy, the best creation. Every day I spend with you is my best day.

Happy birthday.

Some Things

Another scene from the Lacuna Artist Lofts, Chicago, IL.

I did not write a hashtag #blessed or hashtag #thankful post for Thanksgiving so we will forever be left to wonder, did the holiday even happen?

What I can tell you.

On Tuesday morning, Critter woke up and told me that he wanted to wear underwear so I pulled out a pull-up and we started potty training. I always said we’d start when he could ask since he is a very highly verbal kid. He did so here we are. The experience is so far going about how I thought it would. Because we aren’t doing that method where your kid pees around your house for three days, I have none of the fear and none of the horror stories.

Marcus had his surgery on Wednesday. He is recovering reasonably well which is to say that he has been recuperating and I have been full-time mom-ing.

I watched Netflix’s The Princess Switch on Thanksgiving and after posting it to my Instagram stories, I discovered A LOT OF MY FRIENDS have already watched it (some of them more than once!!!). If you are NOT one of those friends, consider this your notice that you should probably give it a watch. The entire plot is preposterous and the movie is impossible to turn off.

Last but not least, my most obnoxious Cyber Monday purchase? Four large bags of bath salts from Target dot com that were 15% off. I’m living a wild life.


Parenthood: A November Update

I haven’t written one of these in a while. Every day I see the kids do things that I hope I’ll remember in 30 years because they are so funny or interesting or bizarre but at the same time part of parenthood is that everything becomes a bit of a happy haze.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how, if he has not made it already, soon Critter will have his first true “memory.” The kind that he will look back on in 25 years as that flimsy little scrap of childhood that is the first time color came out of the void.

Meanwhile, he is deeply invested in the belief that when he wears sunglasses he is invisible. I cannot bring myself to shatter this illusion, so for now it is a Very Dramatic Playalong. When they’re on We Can’t See Him.

Glitter meanwhile has dedicated herself to a life of walking everywhere and has a deep interest in her shoes. She always wants to be wearing them or carrying them around. She can tell if she is wearing her pajamas and thus not shoes and this is disappointing to her. But she also realizes she cannot wear her shoes with footie jams on so hats off to her for being a smarty pants.

If we are having a pajama morning, she will locate her shirt and drape it over her neck like a cloak and to her this is the same as fully getting dressed. She is very proud of this accomplishment.

Critter seems to see Glitter as an actual human being now that she is upright and walking everywhere. He still gets frustrated with her (and oh God now she really can get into everything) but it seems to be different/better than when she was just crawling.

Generally I am not concerned by gendered toys but the other day I noticed Glitter (age: 14 mos) in the last two months has received several toys that involve dressing a doll. Critter (age: 2.5 years) has received zero. Isn’t getting dressed something that everyone needs to learn? Also I had literally no idea this was a thing until these toys finally arrived in our life?

Now that we are here in this new place: a big toddler and very small toddler, things finally feel easier. I am sure this feeling of relief will disappear no later than the end of January when Glitter will be down to one nap a day if she is not already there. But every milestone (sleeping through the night, weaning, turning one) makes life with two simpler.


Our sweetest girl, my teensy pea, the bumblebee (according to Auntie Lisa) is 1!

She is wild. As you can see from the snap above, though she refuses to walk (she has taken two steps for us a few times!) she plays hard enough to tear holes in her socks. Wants to climb on and up everything. Does climb on and up everything she can.

Is a full-on carnivore.

Loves to cuddle.

Tolerates me putting a ponytail into her hair but then pulls it out as soon as is practicable.

Waited until two weeks ago to start teething but one finally popped through and then two nights ago the second fang emerged!

According to Critter, she is a “big grirl.”

Happy birthday, little one.

Having my body back.

(Preface: This is a post about breastfeeding so if that is not your speed feel free to step out and rejoin the group next time I post).

I weaned Glitter three weeks ago when I got back from my girls’ trip and I stopped pumping two weeks ago.

Long story short, I had a feeling that the trip would be a logical break for us, and when I got back she took a bottle from me for the first time ever without batting an eyelash and downed the whole thing so I knew it was the right time.

Things that are true:

  • I did not get mastitis while weaning this time thank you GOD.
  • This is the longest that I have not been pregnant or nursing since April 2015.  Wrap your head around that.  When I finally stopped pumping after weaning Critter, I found out I was pregnant like two or three days later.  Which was of course, great, but that gives you an idea of how much time I have ever had to feel truly myself.  Answer: Zero time.

I am truly so thankful that nursing a baby has been effortless for me.  My children have been good eaters, I have not had supply issues.  With the exception of three rounds of mastitis (my favorite was probably the episode a week after Glitter was born, mostly because I was in sheer disbelief that it could be happening again SO SOON), I have not had problems.

My supply while I was feeding Glitter far outpaced her demand, and so over the course of nine months, I was able to donate 850.95 ounces (6.64 gallons) of breast milk to six babies to support them and their mamas in their feeding plans.  This is something I was so proud and honored to be able to do.

And now, here we are. I have always believed that fed is best, Glitter loves the formula we’re giving her (from ALDI) and I am for the first time sustaining me only.

The hormones cycling out of my body are just a hoot and have provided me with the following blessings: full body aches, headaches, bloating, cramping, nausea, exhaustion.

On the other hand, what I remember from that ever-so-brief post-weaning period last time is that you don’t know how much energy your body is exerting to produce milk until you’re not doing it anymore.  That aching weariness that has followed me for over three years is gone.  I am not growing anyone or anything.

Before I got pregnant with Critter, I had never considered what, exactly it would look like for me to give my body in its entirety over to my children.  Nor did I consider how that would look or feel for any extended period of time.  On the other hand, had anyone tried to tell me, I would not have had the experience to understand what they were trying to explain.

I would do it all again in a heartbeat for these sweet littles of mine.