Thanksgiving Weekend: A Recap

Glitter and I shared a plague closely resembling the flu. She had the fever/snot/sneeze/cough. I had the body aches/chills/exhaustion. Hers ended up turning into a double ear infection, our family made its third trip in as many weeks to urgent care. ‘Tis the season!!!

I explained the “front tuck” to my mother and aunts at Thanksgiving dinner. As my mother said, after she saw four people wearing their shirt this way she realized it might be a trend. The group still does not understand why anyone would do something like that with their shirt. Having not embraced this style, I was not helpful.

We finally pulled out the gross old pint glasses from our cabinets and replaced them with nice glasses we got as wedding gifts 8.5 years ago.

Black Friday Shopping. I ordered another super-soft open front cardigan from the J. Crew Factory. This is where I am at this winter. Soft things only. I also sourced a new pair of running shoes.

We baked challah for the first time in this house and as a family.

Since Critter has started outgrowing his shirts, I did a whole closet rotation for him. It was cathartic.

I started the process of doing holiday cards for 2019, and have gotten as far as requesting more addresses. And now I am pretty sure I am going to have to pause on that project until later this week!

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