Not-So Friday Food Round-Up!

  • None of this will help you for Thanksgiving, but it might help you to do some meal planning for next week.
  • Since we started eating family dinner, we have eaten tacos every single week because they are Critter’s favorite food.
  • We loved these marinated maple dijon chicken thighs.
  • Pizza rolls were a hit.
  • Will try these Dragon Noodles again. We used turkey instead of pork.
  • French Toast Challah Waffles. Batter slices of challah as though you are going to make french toast. Stick them into your waffle iron. Cook. Eat. This is loved by my entire family.
  • These Chicken Meatballs with Peppers and Orzo were good. That said, I deglazed the pan with red wine, added some thyme, oregano, and red pepper flakes to the sauce. Note: this is an Even Better As Leftovers Meal.
  • One response to “Not-So Friday Food Round-Up!

    1. I love BudgetBytes’ recipes! Sometimes I forget about it and then am pleasantly surprised when I return again…

      On another, unrelated note… I meant to comment when you upgraded your iphone. I, too, spent an entire day trying to backup my iphone to my laptop before getting a new one. It is agonizing!

      Until I learned you can update to cloud for only 99 cents per month. And it backs it up *every night* or any time you request it be done in just a matter of minutes.

      Now it’s the best $12 I spend every year. It’s nice to have if your phone is ever lost, damaged or stolen. When I last upgrade my iphone it was during the height of the forest fires in Cali. I told the apple rep that I was so glad I discovered I could just backup to the cloud so cheaply. He said that so many people in the fires had lost all of their precious photos on laptops they left behind upon evacuation. 😦

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