Some Things

Marcus was on a business trip this week so that was a fun intermission between his cousin’s wedding and his sister’s wedding. But here we all are! And truly, I will say, his trips have just gotten easier because the kids are bigger. Did Critter wake up at midnight on Tuesday because he wanted to eat four goldfish? And at 3:00 AM on Wednesday just because? Yes. But easier. I am telling you. I am still celebrating his return with a (big) glass of wine.

Netflix has blessed us with another great movie, Holiday in the Wild with Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe. It is like 80 minutes, incredibly unsatisfying and yet impossible to look away!!! Currently watching A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

I got a new iPhone because it has been a few years. Besides the part where it took almost a full day to backup my old phone, the actual setup was truly something out of a future time. Apple if you are wondering if a mom can set up an entirely new phone (1) easily and (2) in the space of a Paw Patrol episode, the answer is YES. Also I am ready to take so many photos now!!!

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