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Not-So Friday Food Round-Up!

  • None of this will help you for Thanksgiving, but it might help you to do some meal planning for next week.
  • Since we started eating family dinner, we have eaten tacos every single week because they are Critter’s favorite food.
  • We loved these marinated maple dijon chicken thighs.
  • Pizza rolls were a hit.
  • Will try these Dragon Noodles again. We used turkey instead of pork.
  • French Toast Challah Waffles. Batter slices of challah as though you are going to make french toast. Stick them into your waffle iron. Cook. Eat. This is loved by my entire family.
  • These Chicken Meatballs with Peppers and Orzo were good. That said, I deglazed the pan with red wine, added some thyme, oregano, and red pepper flakes to the sauce. Note: this is an Even Better As Leftovers Meal.
  • 46 Months Later…

    …and we finally managed to make it through a happy hour/early dinner for the kids in a restaurant where no toys or crayons were needed.

    Just needed to commemorate that.

    Some Things

    Happy Monday!

    My sister-in-law got married, the weekend was beautiful, the children performed their roles as flower girl and ring bearer beautifully, we are all extremely tired. Future Kat is appreciative of Past Kat who went on a cleaning spree on Thursday, it is so nice to be unwinding in a clean house.

    As the grand finale to the weekend, yesterday we hosted some out of town friends for a play date/pizza feast and it was the best way to wrap things up. When I was telling someone about this plan, they were like seriously you are hosting a party? I was like No no, you don’t understand we are just eating pizza and being ourselves!!!

    Now I need to get serious about hitting the reset button – between the carbs, wine, and caffeine, my body is just confused and I get it! I have also contracted my first cold of the season – as Glitter would say, Not!!!

    Winter has set in quite quickly here. I ordered some Calcium+Vitamin D supplements last night because I think I need to get intentional about making that a part of my routine again. Things that finally are a part of my regular routine again? Retinols. It is good to be back. Related/unrelated, now that it is dark all the time, we are really appreciating how well lit our house is. It only took two years to get here but we did it.

    I ordered a few staples from the J.Crew Factory outlet – a leopard cardigan, a forest green cardigan, a velvet bow and a chambray shirt. I have been looking for a replacement for the chambray shirt that disintegrated 1.5 years ago and still have not found one. I am hoping this is it! The amount of leopard print I have in my closet is probably another line of discussion but we will save that for another day.

    Go forth, everybody.

    Some Things

    Marcus was on a business trip this week so that was a fun intermission between his cousin’s wedding and his sister’s wedding. But here we all are! And truly, I will say, his trips have just gotten easier because the kids are bigger. Did Critter wake up at midnight on Tuesday because he wanted to eat four goldfish? And at 3:00 AM on Wednesday just because? Yes. But easier. I am telling you. I am still celebrating his return with a (big) glass of wine.

    Netflix has blessed us with another great movie, Holiday in the Wild with Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe. It is like 80 minutes, incredibly unsatisfying and yet impossible to look away!!! Currently watching A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

    I got a new iPhone because it has been a few years. Besides the part where it took almost a full day to backup my old phone, the actual setup was truly something out of a future time. Apple if you are wondering if a mom can set up an entirely new phone (1) easily and (2) in the space of a Paw Patrol episode, the answer is YES. Also I am ready to take so many photos now!!!

    Some Things

    Back at it with Honey & Rye’s Maple Latte.

    Most importantly…



    PSA: Mercury Retrograde started yesterday. It ends on the 20th.

    American Girls Podcast. It is great. Listen.

    I got allergy tested for penicillin and amoxicillin and I passed! No more medication allergies for me! I probably should have done this a long time ago but didn’t even know it was an option until two years ago.

    Halloween was a hoot. Our neighborhood is one with tons of driveway bonfires and even the adults dress up in costumes. The kids had a blast, Glitter was amazed I was a bunny. We came home, declared things to be “spooky” and ate our candy.