An Update on the Children

The children and I hiding during hide and seek. They are convinced we are truly invisible. Everything about this is precious and great.

I have not given a dedicated update to parenting/the children in quite some time.

Halloween approaches, at their request, they are both going to be pink sprinkles. They do all of the sprinkle shapes (ball, star, stick) and then do jumping jacks and laugh and it is all hilarious and adorable. This is probably the only year they will ever match.

Glitter is potty training (she showed us she knew when and how to change her own diaper, we immediately knew it was time), we are done with diaper pails and diapers, changing pads and diaper tables in general and it is beautiful.

Last week we kicked off the six month period of sickness spanning fall, winter, and spring with a family trip to urgent care. Critter had an inner and outer ear infection in one ear. Glitter had a fever that was mysterious and variable and seems to have finally resolved completely.

And so it begins.

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