Some Things

This week skipping the bulleted list because we all know that formatting is not working right now.

Maple coffee note. Starbucks and Caribou are slacking heavily on maple flavored seasonal drinks, much to my disappointment. BUT. Trader Joe’s and ALDI are both selling maple flavored coffee so that is a WIN.

I feel borderline ashamed but after a year I finally ordered Bombas socks because my second set of Target socks started to fall apart and I was going to have to buy set three. They are amazing, I don’t know why I didn’t buy them sooner. Referral link HERE if you are interested. You get 25% off your order, I get $20, we all get socks.

I watched the documentary Love Them First: Lessons from Lucy Laney Elementary, which is about an elementary school in North Minneapolis produced by our local news station KARE 11. They put it on YouTube, I would tell anyone to watch it. To watch, click HERE.

ThredUp update. It took about 6-8 weeks to get a clean out kit, and to have it processed once I shipped it. So, not super fast, but still very easy for what it is. Some of my items have sold, I have made about $11, so worth the effort? The rest of my items have about two months left to sell before they’ll get removed from the listing. If you haven’t used ThredUp before to buy secondhand clothes online, click HERE. It’s a referral link, we both get $10 to spend if you use it.

Happy Monday.

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