Some Things

Happy Monday!

Lindsey and Mike’s wedding was yesterday, today my body hurt from a day of heels and dancing and I am seriously wondering why I did not take the day off from work! There is not enough coffee in the world!!!

Related: Today I learned that the Caribou closest to me finally added nitro cold brew taps. This is a joy.

Back to yesterday. It was the most wonderful best day ever. I wore full eye makeup this weekend for the first time in a month and felt like a real beauty queen. My heart is filled with happiness to see my best friend’s ever after!

It is time for us to get into a routine now. The kids have some weird daycare closures in the next few weeks but otherwise our lives are going to start to look very normal/typical effective immediately. I have been waiting for this. Based on the children’s reaction to packing up for Auntie Lisa’s house this morning (they thought it was going to be a sleepover) they have been waiting for this too. I think I can also (safely) say at this point that I am just tired.

One response to “Some Things

  1. Oh that feeling of doing a full make-up after a long time! Makes you feel like a bad-ass!! xx

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