Some Things

  • PSA: If you bake Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in a cast iron skillet, it really elevates the experience.
  • Other PSA: There is some issue with formatting in the WordPress app which is why there are lots of odd bulleted lists and things in list format that are not lists at all. I cannot figure out how to resolve it but like all things it should pass.
  • Hello, all. (Yes, seriously this is in a list too)
  • Thus concludes a three day business trip by my husband, we are all looking forward to seeing him this evening.
  • The weekend went better than expected, I was less anxious about Marcus leaving than I have been in the past, things are getting easier simply because the kids are getting older. I cooked real dinners, did not meal prep, we did all of our grocery shopping for the week together. I drank all (ALL) of the nitro cold brew.
  • There was a point on Sunday morning where the children had assembled a literal MOUNTAIN of diapers, wipes (ripped from the package of course) and Cabbage Patch Dolls and instructed me to leave them to play by themselves. I was like BY ALL MEANS. I do not want to interrupt this, whatever this is.
  • Also, a Toy Purge update: We did it, we purged four bags of toys/books. It was…a lot.
  • I would say we are looking forward to getting into a normal routine again, but not this week. It is Yom Kippur on Tuesday/Wednesday, my best friend is getting married on Sunday and we have a weekend full of festivities ahead.
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    1. They look so yummy!!

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