Some Things

This AM’s treats from Honey & Rye AKA my new post-daycare drop-off spot on Thursday AMs.

What else is new?

  • Over the holiday I did some organizing/decluttering/purging of our basement storage room. As a part of this process, I also took a trunk full of things to be donated to the local thrift shop.
  • I also realized we need to purge a lot of toys. Tons, even. My goal for the next week or two is to go through all of the toys (main floor, basement playroom, toy closet) and really be honest about what the children like to play with and also what they have outgrown. I expect to be appalled by the results.
  • When I was at Target to buy berries and bandaids, I saw their 20th anniversary collaboration area and found a pile of Lilly scarves and dresses. I had thought them to be sold out! I bought the scarves on the spot. The dresses motivated me to get online to see what I could order for Glitter to stash away for later. Now she has a few frocks for the future!
  • We survived family photos and got some great snaps. Whether or not we will get organized enough to send a holiday card this year remains to be seen.
  • Glitter’s baby monitor died which was just very inopportune. They don’t sell the one she was using anymore so we ended up testing out three before choosing a new one.
  • Our waffle maker also died (I did not realize there was a theme here until this instant! There is!) and now we own Marcus’ grandparents’ waffle iron that they used one time.

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