Some Things

Back home, arrived to a clean house and a hot dinner, Marcus really distinguished himself there, I felt like a queen.

  • Last week I got a stye (first ever!) that got infected (gross) and in the course of 24 hours went from nothing to puffed up to this. It is much better right now, but still, how horrific, right? I finished my antibiotics today. Posting this so that I never forget it, FYI.
  • Our schedule. I feel like we have been somewhat adrift since late August. The kids had a week off of school, we had trips every other weekend, we added more daycare and that upended our routine. We are getting closer to being in one but honestly I don’t think we will be there until after Yom Kippur for a whole host of reasons.
  • Glitter’s second birthday is on Wednesday. Her party is this Saturday. I still need to decide on what we are serving, I still need to order balloons.
  • We have family photos on Thursday afternoon, I have spent no time planning our outfits.

Cheers and happy Monday!

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