A Not Friday Food Round-Up

  • No dinner photos, just an assortment of thoughts.
    • I made this kale slaw and like probably tripled the dressing, skipped the seeds. Three of four family members loved it the first time I made it, have made it many times since.
      The Thai Yellow Curry Sauce from Trader Joe’s is 11/10. You can use it to make this slow cooker meal (that we love!!!) OR you can marinate chicken or salmon with half a bottle and then grill it and it is happiness!
      Also from Trader Joe’s, their Jalapeno Sauce. Good on tacos, good as salad dressing. Probably good for a crockpot full of chicken but I have not tried that one yet.
      I love RX Bars, they are also $$$. I have been making these no-bake energy bites for the last few weeks to see if they are a good replacement. Not nutritionally the same, but I am eating far fewer bars. I use half the honey and half the chocolate chips. They are tasty.
      To simplify meal planning (now that we are eating with the kids!!!), I added a post-it to the fridge that has a list of dishes we can make variations of. So right now we have tacos, pizza, pasta, marinated chicken, soup, beans. So many variations!!!

    2 responses to “A Not Friday Food Round-Up

    1. I’m going to try that recipe! Bars are not nearly as big here as they are in the US, and if you find them, they are CRAZY expensive. If you like peanut butter, this is the one I have been using:
      I also use less honey and just put a little water in to make it come together.

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