Daily Archives: 09.13.2019

A Not Friday Food Round-Up

  • No dinner photos, just an assortment of thoughts.
    • I made this kale slaw and like probably tripled the dressing, skipped the seeds. Three of four family members loved it the first time I made it, have made it many times since.
      The Thai Yellow Curry Sauce from Trader Joe’s is 11/10. You can use it to make this slow cooker meal (that we love!!!) OR you can marinate chicken or salmon with half a bottle and then grill it and it is happiness!
      Also from Trader Joe’s, their Jalapeno Sauce. Good on tacos, good as salad dressing. Probably good for a crockpot full of chicken but I have not tried that one yet.
      I love RX Bars, they are also $$$. I have been making these no-bake energy bites for the last few weeks to see if they are a good replacement. Not nutritionally the same, but I am eating far fewer bars. I use half the honey and half the chocolate chips. They are tasty.
      To simplify meal planning (now that we are eating with the kids!!!), I added a post-it to the fridge that has a list of dishes we can make variations of. So right now we have tacos, pizza, pasta, marinated chicken, soup, beans. So many variations!!!