Daily Archives: 09.12.2019

House Updates

We have been doing some things to spiff up our house a bit more.

I bought a wreath for our front door so people know we are nice neighbors!!!

Marcus did a DIY and repainted our fireplace doors black they are 100% better looking. Look at before and after.

We had the rest of our main floor and the stairwell/upstairs hall painted in Behr’s Bleached Linen. Hallways unpictured. We had painters do this as it was a two day project even for them!

We installed a new light fixture in the dining room. Again, better.

Upcoming: Installing a new light fixture in our casual eating area, adding new/different/more lamps to our family room and living room. Sourcing a new light fixture for the entryway. Creating a wood mantle to add to our fireplace! Each thing in its own time.