Cabin Wrap-Up

We went to the cabin three times this year. We were supposed to go a fourth time, just after Memorial Day, but with dodgy weather that weekend we ended up adding a weekend in September instead. That was nice in its own way because we got to enjoy the start of fall colors Up North!

Since I was on my blogging break when the first two trips happened, consider this a summer recap with a lot of photos. Mostly for my benefit when winter comes and I need to remember what summer feels like.

This year the children did 100% better on the drive than they ever have. On the third trip we had them share a room for the first time ever to very middling success. They went down well, at 3 AM on Saturday, Critter informed us his body wanted to be reading and that was just not going to happen at that hour but he also refused to return to sleep and that was in a word, awful. The second night, they slept great and meowed at each other as they fell asleep. Kids are adorable and weird.

The rest of our time was spent eating ice cream, pizza, pontoon riding, park playing, and swimming. Critter and Glitter’s enthusiasm for water grew 110% over the course of the summer. I attribute this to LOTS of trips to Auntie Michelle’s pool and Wednesday summer swim lessons at school for Critter’s age group.

I went fishing twice, this was not my biggest summer ever for catching fish, but I am thankful for the time I had on the water. Billy replaced the reel on my fishing pole with one of his old ones because he snapped a rod this summer. We both upgraded to 14 lb test line and apparently now we will be able to catch anything!!! Cousin Chris has been of the opinion for some time now that the strength of the line and lessened chance of snapping it outweighs the increased visibility of it in the water.

Now, for photos.


June II


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