Daily Archives: 09.07.2019

Back to School!

Yes, I managed to get them outside for a picture. No, we don’t have a sign, it is like 1991 here.

After a LONG week off, these two headed back to school, new age groups, and new teachers!

During summer “camp” they wore swimsuits/sandals in the AM and we had to send an extra set of dry clothes/shoes for the afternoon. Now that fall and the school year are here, no more of that! I am so glad they have that opportunity in the summer but it is a relief it is over. Our mornings and prep are easier, our laundry is less.

This year, they’ll both be at school full-time, four full days and then one morning. The one morning is because there wasn’t a four day option. The one morning also marks the first time since Critter was born that I have three hours to myself each week to do everything! Nothing! Something! It’s literally amazing, no one is more surprised this has happened than me. My goal for the time each week is to do one thing for me, one thing that is productive and if time allows, a workout too.

Happy Fall, Y’all!