Daily Archives: 09.02.2019

Labor Day.

Summer is gone.

In all seriousness, Lis and I went for a walk around Lake Nokomis and to Sandcastle and when we saw a tree whose leaves had already changed, she observed it was on the Starbucks schedule.

Except a ton of trees are already changing and it is already crisp! I think it is an early fall.

What else to report about this LONG weekend?

Ate ice cream twice.

Went to one BBQ with our neighbors and hosted another with my sorority sisters and their littles.

Spent three hours at the State Fair.

Played outside.

Battled a sneak attack double ear infection (Critter) and some latent pink eye (also Critter).

Tested out a new weekend breakfast tradition and wheeled out the waffle maker. It seemed popular. Will try again.