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The new year has started. Critter was insistent that we buy more honey for a sweet new year, Glitter is singing very sweetly about Rosh Hashanana.

Last night we learned Glitter knew how to call the shofar blasts, we learned Critter could blow the shofar and he did so very exuberantly.

First a PSA/invite to join 10Q this year. It is an annual reflection/day series that runs through the high holidays. You do not need to be Jewish to do it, the questions are not at all faith based.

I got my answers from last year back this week. I predicted that this year we would bring in the harvest. When I wrote that I don’t even think I knew what that would really mean.

We brought in the harvest. Like an actual harvest of food from our garden but also a metaphorical harvest.

Without getting so far into that, an incomplete list of things I am bringing into 5780:

  • Normal deodorant. It was fine, then I was stinky again (or I felt stinky!!!). One swipe of regular deodorant, no feelings of stinkiness.
  • A recommitment to retinols. I took a break before Florida because of my eye and because my antibiotics also made me sun-sensitive. I need the retinols.
  • This stye/eye thing that is never going away. Or as my friend Caitlin said, you are bringing Staph into the new year. I am weary of wearing glasses daily and no eye makeup. It all feels too casual, I do not love it, yet here we are.
  • All of the nitro cold brew, less caffeine overall, generally speaking.
  • Being gentle to myself and others.

It’s a work in progress. Shana tova.



Tiny Queen, you are two.

When I ask you to show me two with your hands you put up both of your index fingers and hold out both hands. Two! It is correct and extremely funny to see.

A friend once described you as being “spunky.” I have described you as being “ferocious.” There is a little ember of pride in your eyes that is always glowing. You are strong.

You love your brother, gymnastics, “hoops” (basketball), “hoo hoos” (owls), all meat, “bike so fast”, snugs, blankies and your loveys.

Every day is an adventure with you.

You are my favorite only daughter, the nicest girl, the best creation. Every day I spend with you is my best day.

Happy Birthday.

Some Things

Back home, arrived to a clean house and a hot dinner, Marcus really distinguished himself there, I felt like a queen.

  • Last week I got a stye (first ever!) that got infected (gross) and in the course of 24 hours went from nothing to puffed up to this. It is much better right now, but still, how horrific, right? I finished my antibiotics today. Posting this so that I never forget it, FYI.
  • Our schedule. I feel like we have been somewhat adrift since late August. The kids had a week off of school, we had trips every other weekend, we added more daycare and that upended our routine. We are getting closer to being in one but honestly I don’t think we will be there until after Yom Kippur for a whole host of reasons.
  • Glitter’s second birthday is on Wednesday. Her party is this Saturday. I still need to decide on what we are serving, I still need to order balloons.
  • We have family photos on Thursday afternoon, I have spent no time planning our outfits.

Cheers and happy Monday!


Beach vacation for Lindsey’s bachelorette party.

It has been like six years since I’ve gotten to go to Florida and as I walked on the beach yesterday, I was like Why don’t I do this more often?

What I’ve Been Reading

A brief recap since the last post of this kind.

Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

Getting Things Done by David Allen

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Give and Take by Adam Grant

Good to Great by Jim Collins

The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer

Death by Meeting by Patick Lencioni

The House Updates…Continued

On Sunday, we managed to install another light fixture while keeping our marriage alive!



This allowed us to shift the table over a bit, which will allow us to put some chairs at our island and also add some sort of credenza/buffet type arrangement on the wall opposite the sliding door. In time!

What we now know (even though we “knew” it before) is that our casual eating area was very poorly lit. We first attempted to use 60 watt bulbs and the fixture was…blinding. Now we are using 40 watt bulbs and we’ll probably install a dimmer switch.

A Not Friday Food Round-Up

  • No dinner photos, just an assortment of thoughts.
    • I made this kale slaw and like probably tripled the dressing, skipped the seeds. Three of four family members loved it the first time I made it, have made it many times since.
      The Thai Yellow Curry Sauce from Trader Joe’s is 11/10. You can use it to make this slow cooker meal (that we love!!!) OR you can marinate chicken or salmon with half a bottle and then grill it and it is happiness!
      Also from Trader Joe’s, their Jalapeno Sauce. Good on tacos, good as salad dressing. Probably good for a crockpot full of chicken but I have not tried that one yet.
      I love RX Bars, they are also $$$. I have been making these no-bake energy bites for the last few weeks to see if they are a good replacement. Not nutritionally the same, but I am eating far fewer bars. I use half the honey and half the chocolate chips. They are tasty.
      To simplify meal planning (now that we are eating with the kids!!!), I added a post-it to the fridge that has a list of dishes we can make variations of. So right now we have tacos, pizza, pasta, marinated chicken, soup, beans. So many variations!!!