Daily Archives: 08.27.2019


Second annual family vacation with my in-laws! Tradition alert!!!

Duluth is great for little kids. The drive from Minneapolis is 2.5 hours and as long as you have the right clothes, there is lots to do outside. We love being outside! Once again we were very literally blessed to be able to stay in our cousins’ beach home on Lake Superior. With littles this age, being able to put everyone to bed in their own bedroom on vacation makes vacation SO MUCH NICER. Someday they (or we) will all be able to share room(s) but that time is not now.

We spent about two weeks preparing for the trip – watching ship videos, talking about what we would do and what we would see. By the time departure day came, Critter was so excited when he came downstairs that he brought his pillow and blanket with him to be sure that they got packed in the car.

Sunday was sunny, Monday was rainy and the kids soaked through three (!!!) pairs of shoes. We had a lot of fun outside running, splashing, and just hanging out. The kids got to feed seagulls for the first time and naturally one of them tried to eat the bread before giving it to the bird. They were also delighted by throwing rocks into Lake Superior.

We made it a point to watch the ships. We saw the American Courage, Roger Blough, James R. Barker, and American Century (unpictured).

We took a harbor tour on the Vista boat which kids enjoyed to varying degrees. It was rainy. We were not deterred. There were only 20 people on the boat that afternoon so it was sort of like a semi-private tour.

We visited the aquarium and the kids’ favorite part was the water table. That was fully one hour of our visit.

When we left, both of them needed completely new (read: DRY) outfits. I will remember this for next time.

I went paddle boarding for the third time ever.

We brought this pile of delight from Northern Waters Smokehaus to Vikre Distillery for an early birthday dinner care of my in-laws.

And then it was time to go home! We had such a wonderful time but it is time to sleep in our own beds again.

P.S. If you want to track the boat schedule so you can catch them arriving and departing like we do, click here.