Some Things

Right now we’re on our annual family vacay in Duluth so let’s catch-up, shall we?

  • After cleaning more clothes out of my closet, I ordered a clean-out bag from ThredUp (yes that is a referral code – we each get $10 if you use it and you are a first time shopper!!!) to send some things in to them. I have purchased three things from them before (a new with tags Calvin Klein dress, a Lilly Pulitzer scarf, and a pencil skirt) and been really happy with the quality so I would recommend it to anyone.
  • I had my annual physical last week and completed my HPV vaccine series. I got the first two when I was ~19 and failed to get the third shot. Since the CDC now provides guidance for adults up to age 45 to receive the vaccine, it was important to me to do that. PSA everyone.
  • I have been on a hunt to get some new yoga pants and lounge shorts. After ordering a lot of yoga pants and a lot of shorts and returning a number of both because of a series of fit issues, I settled on these 90 Degree by Reflex yoga pants (spoiler alert they use the same material as Lulu) and these Under Armour shorts (neither are affiliate links!!!).
  • About a month ago I started using natural deodorant. Not because I think regular deodorant is hurting us but because I felt like my Secret wasn’t working well anymore and I love a trend!!! Also Target had minis in their little sample sized beauty boutique! I tried Native first – it gave me a terrible rash. I switched to Schmidt’s Sensitive Jasmine Tea and no rash. The first two weeks were very stinky, I even tried a recommended clay mask (mostly to address the rash) which is a whole different story. Now I am not stinky!!! Would tell others to try if they’re interested.
  • Functionally speaking, I have taken the summer off of TV to make sure I am outside as much as possible. It has been a great choice, would recommend to anyone, will repeat next year. That said, I just watched my first episode of Southern Charm for the season and !!!!

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