Daily Archives: 08.20.2019

On Family Dinner

All of our friends and family know that at dinner time, the kids have eaten at 5:00/5:15, while we have made a separate meal of adult food for us to enjoy at 7:30 when they are asleep.

This has been a source of marital happiness and sanity for the last 3.5 years, one last normal holdover from our pre-kid life.

We always swore we would start eating dinner with our kids, sort of around this age but here we were, still eating dinner together. In peace.

Last Wednesday, being the cool mom that I am, I was delighted to introduce mini corndogs to the children.

What actually happened: Critter ate one bite, chewed it for five minutes, cried. Glitter peeled the batter off of all of her corndogs, ate two tiny bites of two hot dogs, cried.

Me: If everyone is going to cry about what they are eating, we may as well eat as a family and try new things!!!

So without further adieu, we started family dinner on Thursday evening.

The children can eat what is served or a peanut butter sandwich. Of the things I have served so far, they have enjoyed variations on gyros, feta cheese (calling that out specifically because they were both eating it directly from the container!!!), grilled curry chicken, coconut rice, kale slaw, elote, peanut noodles. Of four meals eaten together we have made a total of three peanut butter sandwiches.

We also learned that Glitter knows how to use toddler chopsticks.

Logistically, cooking for the family and eating by 5:15- 5:30 each night is a new challenge we are all learning our way through. For me, how to actually cook to that timing, for the children, how to entertain themselves while I am cooking!

If you have any favorite kid-friendly/family favorite recipes, please share in the comments!